10 Best Horse Grooming Kits: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Grooming is considered one of the most important parts of owning a horse. That’s why it’s recommended to buy a good Horse Grooming Kit that includes all the essential tools required to perform this often-overlooked task.

Grooming one’s horse does not only relate to improving the horse’s appearance; it is equally essential for the overall health of the horse. Grooming stimulates proper blood circulation which conditions the skin. It also reveals any skin conditions or wounds the horse may have. Most importantly, it helps you create a bond with your horse. You can find loads of tools and kits for grooming horses in the market. 

What Are Horse Grooming Kits?

A horse grooming kit is a collection of all the tools required to clean and spruce up your equine friend in maintaining its health and wellbeing. You can either custom-create your own grooming kit or buy it off the shelf. 

Horse grooming supplies can be stored in boxes or bags; you need to find out what suits your needs the best. 

Ever heard that there should be, “a place for everything and everything in its place”? You may have many horse grooming supplies all around the barn, but it is always convenient to have all your grooming essentials organized neatly in one place. I always speak favourably of owning a good grooming kit for your horse since it goes a long way in improving your horse’s general health and your mutual bond.

A good horse grooming kit generally consists of different kinds of brushes; each brush has its own function with hard or soft bristles. 

For example, there is a brush for the mane and tail and one for the whole body. Then there are scrapers and sponges too.

Grooming a horse can be cumbersome, but the process can be eased by having a proper grooming kit where all your tools and equipment are in one place and are always close at hand.  

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What do you Need in a Horse Grooming Kit?

The market is flooded with a range of grooming supplies and choosing them can be quite overwhelming. Typically, a grooming kit consists of five to ten items, most common of which are listed below:

  • Curry Comb
    The prime tool for beginning the grooming process, the curry has small rubber bristles on one side. This comb helps to surface dirt and debris from the hair. It also aids in stimulating the skin to release natural oils from the horse’s skin.
  • Dandy Brush
    Also known as the ‘hard brush’, a dandy brush helps remove the surface dust and debris from the horse’s coat.
  • Mane and Tail Brush or Comb
    These plastic or metal combs are used to detangle long mane and tail hair.
  • Hoof Pick
    As the name suggests, this tool is used to clean your horse’s hooves. This ritual is usually performed before and after riding a horse as an accumulation of dirt in the hooves can lead to infections. This tool has a flat metallic surface while some designs also have brushes for deep cleaning.
  • Soft Body Brush
    Used for clearing finer dust particles and shining, this brush has soft bristles to brush sensitive areas of the horse, i.e. the head and inner legs. Horse owners often pull this brush out in the end of the grooming session.

How to Choose the Right Horse Grooming Kit?

Grooming Kits for Horses are packaged in either a bag or a box. The aim is to offer an organized vessel where the equipment can be arranged in a proper manner to prevent any damage. Moreover, all your grooming supplies are all in one place, so you don’t need to waste time finding and assembling them.

If you carry your supplies more often, a horse grooming tote is the right option for you (these are our favorite). The boxes, on the other hand, are the right fit when you have product lifespan in mind. 

If you plan to purchase a grooming kit, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Items Included

Depending on the brand, horse grooming kits have a variety of items. Most common of these include a hoof pick, curry comb, dandy brush, mane and tail comb and a soft brush. Some basic grooming kits also come with a sweat scraper, shedding blade and a bot knife. Many others also come with a bucket, sponges and towels. While choosing a grooming kit, you should look for one that meets the needs of your horse.

Grooming kits and boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In case you carry your grooming supplies around with you, it is proposed to go for a robust, high-quality bag or tote with a good handle and zippers that can withstand daily use. Try getting one that has extra space for you to house future purchases. 


The grooming supplies in these kits are made of metal, synthetic material (rubber) or natural components (mainly horse, goat or boar hair). 

Supplies that consist of natural elements are softer and denser and therefore great when it comes to eradicating dirt. 

On the other hand, tools that use synthetic material in their making are a bit stiffer and a good option if you are in search of a cheaper alternative to natural ingredients. Metallic brushes have little balls in the ends to prevent damage to the horse’s skin.


Grooming is an essential part of your horse’s daily routine and since horses are large pets, the act of grooming should entail comfort, both for the owner and the horse, so it doesn’t become a nuisance in the long run. 

In this respect, the grooming tools should be comfortable to use when held for larger periods of time. Grooming supplies are manufactured in wooden and plastic forms. For maintenance of wooden brushes, it is required to sand them so hand splinters can be avoided. In case of plastic tools, handles with rubber padding should be selected for an anti-slip effect as the brushes may get wet. It is advisable to purchase horse brushes with ergonomic handles so it’s easier for you to use them for extended periods. 

Product Lifespan

A horse grooming kit is something that will be used daily and investing in a quality kit is a great idea. In case of a limited budget, you can get a simple kit with necessary tools and accommodate it later according to your needs.

Expensive grooming kits do not necessarily mean better quality. Furthermore, it is recommended to increase the longevity of your kit by occasionally cleaning your grooming tools.  

The 10 Best Horse Grooming Kits

To keep your horse well-groomed, an adequate grooming kit is a must. Here are several luxury horse grooming kits that you can consider for your horse’s maintenance. 

1. Oster Equine Care 7-Piece Grooming Kit



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Oster Equine’s grooming kit is all you need to keep your horse well maintained. This kit has seven pieces that are enough to keep your horse thoroughly clean and groomed. You get one Stiff Grooming Brush, one Fine Curry Comb, one Mane & Tail Brush, Mane & Tail Comb, one Hoof Pick, and one Medium Face Brush packed in a convenient bag

The premium quality of these this pack is what makes it stand out the most. Designed with rubber handles, all brushes have a firm and comfortable grip. The storage bag is easy to carry with a comfortable shoulder strap. 

All equipment of your Oster grooming kit comes with easy hooks to hang all brushes with convenience. The bristles are set at enough distance to pick all mud particles, leaving your horse’s coat gleaming and the mane sleek and shiny. The bag does need a bit of practice to pack perfectly, but all in all, it’s a great starter kit for horse grooming. 

2. Desert Equestrian Grooming Set




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Don’t you think your smart horse needs a smart grooming kit? Well, that’s precisely why we suggest you get the Desert Equestrian Grooming Set. From the colour contrast in the kit to the high-quality materials used in it making, this kit is all you will ever need for horse grooming. The set has one body brush, dandy brush, face brush, mane and tail brush, hoof pick, sweat scraper, as well as a mane comb. 

All these brushes come in a circular tote that is easy to carry and has six extra pouches for ample storage. This circular tote has an elastic retaining strap, sturdy plastic feet to keep it stiff, and all brushes have web carry handles for a firm and comfortable grip. The adjustable shoulder strap is both comfortable and helps you carry your grooming kit in style. 

All brushes are designed with eco-friendly and durable materials. The brushes are manufactured with reclaimed, synthetic fibres so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint. 

3. Weaver Leather Grooming Kit



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The Weaver Leather grooming kit is one of the best for keeping your horse’s coat well-maintained and shiny. All brushes are designed with comfortable webbing grips that are easy to handle. What’s more, they help to avoid fatigue during longer grooming sessions. 

This seven-piece brush assortment drawstring bag is not only sturdy but also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is easy to carry. You can also keep all your equipment in one place with six conveniently added pouches. With a wire-reinforced top, your bag will stay stable and erect. The drawstring mechanism will stop anything from falling out, keeping all your equipment safe and secure in one place. 

The kit includes a fine-tooth comb, hoof pick, palm held face brush, palm held curry comb, tail and mane brush, dandy brush as well as a sweat scraper or coarse curry combo. These horse grooming supplies are all you need to keep your horse in top-shape.

4. Roma Ultimate Grooming Kit



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The most comfortable and convenient way to groom your horse is to have a handy grooming kit that has all equipment neatly stacked for easy access. The Roma box kit is that and much more. The kit is packed with horse grooming equipment including sturdy and comfortable plastic brushes. 

The kit also has a hoof oil brush and can that will improve your horse’s hoof health. Not just that, but the vibrant colours of your Roma kit will also make it stand out from all others. 

The plastic container that comes with this  kit is ideal for keeping everything neatly stacked and easy-to-find when you are in a hurry. The kit also includes a handy scraper, plastic sweat scraper, rubber curry comb to clean mud and all loose hair, synthetic dandy brush, plastic body brush, plastic mane comb to detangle and keep the mane sleek. 

What’s more, this horse grooming kit also has a packet of 500 braiding bands to style the mane!

5. Derby Originals Premium Horse Grooming Kit



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The Derby Originals Premium Horse grooming kit offers eight different pieces to groom your horse in style. Whether you’re thinking to buy it for yourself or gift it to a horse lover, this is the ideal kit for you. With this kit, you’ll get all the necessary brushes and tools to groom your horse and maintain its coat. 

This all in one grooming set comes with a plastic tote container that is easy to pack and unpack. You get all the necessary tools including, a bathing sponge, sweat scraper, a hoof pick to keep the feet healthy, a mane/tail comb and brush, a dandy brush to keep the hair silky smooth and a soft brush to groom your horse’s coat and keep it shiny. 

This kit is available in eight different colours and is perfect for kids as well as adults.

6. Tough 1 Grooming Package



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It’s essential to care for your horse’s health and appearance as well as keep its mane and tail detangled. The Tough 1 Grooming Package will keep the horse’s mane, tail and hooves well maintained. You will not need anything other than this kit for grooming your horse. The brushes are all designed with ergonomic handles that provide a firm grip as well as naturally-bristled brushes for gentle grooming. 

The kit is packed in a convenient carry tote bag that gives you easy access to all your tools. The bag is also designed with an additional six pockets that give you extra storage to keep your other knick-knacks. The kit contains a stiff bristle brush, tail and mane brush, a flex finishing brush, a sweat scraper and a hoof pick. 

This kit is ideal for simple as well as trouble-free grooming. Whether you are a novice or a professional horse handler, this kit will be perfect for you. 

7. Tough 1 6-Piece Brush Set



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Groom your horse with only the best of the best. The Tough 1 6-piece brush set comes in a circular tote bag and is very spacious. With multiple exterior pockets, you have ample space to store tools apart from your brushes. What’s more, you can get the kit in a range of vibrant colours. 

Coming to the brushes, the bag contains all the necessary brushes required to groom your horse. These include six ergonomically-designed brushes, finished with excellent grips for comfort and firm handling. You get a stiff bristle brush, a flex finishing brush, a detangling tail and mane brush, a sturdy hoof pick, detangling comb as well as a sweat scraper to keep your horse’s coat, mane and tail gleaming. 

The tool bag is spacious to keep everything neatly stored. But the only catch is that the bag is not too deep. Regardless, it does seem to store everything neatly, and you don’t have to rummage through the whole pack to get one brush out. 

8. Weaver Leather Youth Grooming Kit



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Encouraging your kids to take care of their charges is a great way to teach them empathy. If your kids love riding and have a keen interest in horses, then you need to teach them how to take care and groom the horses as well. The Weaver Leather Youth Grooming Kit is the best way to start your kid on this fun activity. 

Grooming routinely will strengthen the bond between your kids and the horse. This small kit contains glittered and bejewelled tools that will surely attract your kids to participate while you groom the horse. This affordable kit includes a body brush, a face brush, a cool hoof pick, a curry comb as well as mane comb and sponge to bathe the horse

All tools can be neatly stored in a clear plastic bag that is easy to open and close with a drawstring mouth. This is the best horse grooming starter kit that you can buy for your kids. 

9. Roma Pony Grooming Kit



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Looking for ways to bond with your kid while grooming your horse? If so, then you should invest in Roma pony grooming kit. 

This cute little kit is economical, designed for kids, and it comes in three fun colours. Additionally, it includes a horse-shaped bathing sponge. This smart little kit has all the necessary tools that your kid will need to groom his little pony. 

Designed with a clear zip-up pouch, the kit contains a horse head hoof pick and mane comb to keep the hooves healthy and the mane shiny, a plastic curry, a dandy brush, and a body brush with handle. The smooth zip-up plastic lid is secure for kids to pack and unpack their horse grooming supplies. Designed with high-quality plastic handles, the tools have comfortable grips.

10. Southwestern Equine Tack Box



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Southwestern Equine Tack Box is one way to stay organized and on top of your horse grooming game. The kit has all the necessary tools to keep your horse well-groomed and shining. The tack box is designed to keep all the tools neat and organized. With the removable tray, you can really make a difference to your grooming style. 

All essential tools are included in this easy access kit, such as hard plastic curry comb, detangling mane comb, sturdy bristle brush, hoof pick with a brush for healthy hooves, essential soft face brush with easy grip strap, square sponge for bathing the horse and a removable shelf for easy access. 

All the tools are constructed with high-quality and durable materials. The only catch is that the box will need extra cleaning as it’s transparent and will get cloudy if not cleaned properly. 

FAQs about Grooming Kits for Horses 

Although we’ve tried to cover everything on the topic, we still get a lot of questions from our readers about horse grooming that haven’t been covered in this piece. 

So, we have picked out several frequently asked questions to help you understand how and when to use your horse grooming kit. 

What is a curry comb used for on a horse?

Curry combs are used to remove dirt, loose and broken hair as well as debris from a horse. When using a curry comb on your horse, you should use it in a circular motion on your horse’s body. Be careful around the sensitive areas like the back of the knees as well as the face. 

Curry combs are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. However, the most popular of the curry comb types is rubber combs as they are more gentler on the horses’ skin. Some also prefer plastic and metal combs, but it’s necessary to be gentle while using them. Moreover, it’s suggested not to use the metal or plastic comb on your horse’s face or at the back of its knees. 

Why do you brush a horse before riding?

A horse should be groomed and brushed before and after riding. This is done to make sure there is nothing stuck in places where the tack is going to sit. Mud, dirt, stones and debris stuck in places where the tack sits can make the horse very uncomfortable. It’s important to groom your horse after riding it as well. This will remove all the sweat as well as debris that accumulates during the ride. 

How do you fully groom a horse?

Here are the basic tools and steps to groom your horse before and after riding:

1. Hoof Pick 

The first step is to clean the hooves of your horse; hoof picking helps you check for anything that may keep you from riding, such as a loose or missing shoe. Carefully check for any lumps, scrapes or heat and tend to it using your hoof pick. 

Here’s a good video on how to use a horse hoof pick:

2. Curry Comb

Your curry comb is going to be your horse’s best friend. A curry comb will get rid of all the loose dirt, hair as well as debris. 

Use this brush with circular strokes on your horse’s body. 

3. Dandy Brush

The next step is using the dandy brush; it’s also referred to as a hard brush. 

This is a short and straight brush that is used to clear off the loose hair and dirt that the curry comb got out. 

Use flicking motions to whisk all the dirt and loose hair out from the coat with the help of your dandy brush. Make sure that you don’t use the dandy brush on sensitive areas like the horse’s ears, face, mane, tail, legs, or any clipped area. 

4. Soft or Body Brush

After the dandy brush, use a soft brush to clean up. A soft brush is specially designed for your horse’s sensitive areas.

With this brush, gently clean the horse’s eyes, ears, and muzzle. Short and gentle strokes will do the trick. 

5. Sponge

A damp cloth or a sponge, if included in your horse grooming kit, are great way to cool off your horse and clean their face and muzzle as well. 

Keep your face-area and dock-area sponges separate as the dock area is dirtied with mud, moisture and mucus. 

6. Mane and Tail Bush

Your last step is to brush out the mane and the tail to make it sleek and smooth. These are all the necessary steps to groom and clean your horse daily. 

How long does it take to groom a horse?

It can take around 15 to 30 minutes to groom a horse. But it all depends on how deeply you want to groom. If you’re just looking to quickly use a curry comb, then it would certainly take less time. 

Thorough grooming will take around 30 or more minutes, but it’s really important that you clean and groom your horse properly after every ride.

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