10 Best Gifts For Horse Lovers (Male and Female)

Do you have a horse-loving person in your life for whom it seems impossible to shop? Well, we can help! We know equine lovers are an uncommon breed, and choosing gifts for them is tiresome, especially when you are not a horse person yourself. 

Should you give the horse owner tried-and-true goodies? Or, should you give your fellow rider treats for his favorite horse? Or maybe find out something unique that will speak straight to his horse-heart? Well, to make your job easier, in this article, we’re listing the ten best gifts for horse lovers (male and female).

Let’s get going!

Quick Picks

In a hurry? Read our top two picks for best gifts for horse lovers. 

Best overall: Our winner for best gifts for horse lovers is NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie Waterproof Hi-Calf Rain Boots. These fashionable pairs of horse-patterned rain boots are durable, waterproof, rubber-soled and perfect for go-to-equestrians. 

Best on a budget: Herbal Gro Shampoo kit is the best gift to give your horse-loving friend on budget. Herbal Gro Shampoo is a 4pcs shampoo kit that includes Cream Therapy, Herbal Gro Conditioner, Herbal Gro, Herbal Gro Spray Therapy, Herbal Gro Shampoo. Surely, a great mane and tail care product on a budget.

Best Gifts for Horse Lovers 

These ten equestrian-approved items are undoubtedly the best gift for any horse lover or owner. Let’s go into details. 

1. NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie Waterproof Hi-Calf Rain Boots

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Looking for a precious present for the horse lover in your life? Consider giving your horse rider these wonderful pairs of horse-patterned rain boots. The NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie Waterproof Hi-Calf Rain Boots come in fourteen different prints and solid colors. 

So, you can get the one that matches the taste of your horsewoman. It is available in all sizes. Your cowgirl can wear these super comfy boots with a dress to sweats or while at barn or horseback riding. Also, she can wear it both in summers and winters from rain to snow. 

These fashionable boots have a cotton lining, glossy finish, rubber sole, and are waterproof. We all know that a horse rider needs a boot that can take a mess. These feminine styling slip-resistant boots have a glossy texture that makes them easy to clean and a must-have for a horse lover. Its timeless design will last as long as the boots themselves.

2. Horse Lover Tumbler

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Is your horse lover also a coffee snob? If yes, then your horse-loving fellow will like sipping hot coffee in a personalized horse Tumblr. This really cute Tumblr comes in three beautiful colors; skinny, rose gold, and white. 

Also, if your horse rider travels a lot, then this double-walled stainless steel mug will keep their drink hot for 8 hours and cold for up to 22 hours. Moreover, this quality mug is straw-friendly, shatterproof, spill-resistant, and comes with a vacuum-sealed lid. 

 Another amazing feature this attractive mug has ﹘ it is easy to clean and reusable.

3. Herbal Gro Shampoo Kit

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It’s a dream of every horse owner to see their equine mane and tail sparkle and shine instead of dry and dull. This mane and tail hair care set is an amazing product to give your horse lover friend who wants to grow out a bad haircut of his horse and prevent hair loss or repair split ends. 

Even your fellow rider can use this set for himself as the Herbal Gro Shampoo kit works great for both equestrian and equine hairs. Its conditioner contains coconut oil, soybean oil that holds certain proteins and fatty acids. These ingredients nourish the hair, promote hair growth, strengthen hair strands, and make the hair shinier.

This hair care kit comes at an incredible price, and it smells good too. All in all, this grooming horse product is a useful gift for beginners learning how to groom a horse. Also, it’s a great gift for old fellow riders who already have one and need replacing.

4. Horse Country Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

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Check out this super soft and comfy throw blanket for lovers of horses. This extra-thick throw blanket has yellow, red stripes and adorable multi-colored horses on it. Horse Country Sherpa Fleece is 100% polyester, light in weight, and its durable design will last for years. 

Its ultra-soft feature makes it a perfect throw for snuggling and is compact enough to take this elegant throw on a riding trip. Also, the horseman can drape it over his shoulder and take it outdoors when camping and cold wind bites. 

Additionally, your horse-crazy friend can drape this blanket over the bed or couch to add a horsey touch to his bedroom, living room, or office. 

5. Rustic Custom Name Horseshoe Boot Rack  

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This Rustic Custom Name Horseshoe Boot Rack is a perfect gift for western riders or horse lovers who appreciate the cowboy-themed decor. An awesome boot organizer—this boot rack will make the horse lover’s life way easier by keeping all the boots in one place. 

And if you want to boost up the level of your gift, then consider adding a new pair of boots along with a boot rack. 

6. Wrangler Women’s Ladies Horse Crew Socks 

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The horse socks look extra adorable on women and teens who love horses and are essential for every horse rider. Get your horse girl a pair of Wrangler Women Horse Crew Socks to give them extra comfort and support in their boots. 

It has a half cushion foot that provides comfort and protection while wearing the boots. On top of all, these socks are made of moisture-wicking technology, which makes them great at managing sweat.

Perfect for outdoors, boots, work, hiking, horseback riding, and daily use. One pack contains three pairs of socks. So, If you have more than one horse lover friend, then these ankle socks are stylish yet an inexpensive present to give them. 

7. Horse Book

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Ask your rider friend if he has any favorite horse books? If not, then consider giving him The Faraway Horses— a favorite horse book of equestrians of all ages! 

Buck Brannaman is the author of this book and also a renowned horseman. He writes about his true adventures, horse training methods, and tips on how you can develop a good relationship between a horse and a rider. 

This book is an affordable and informative way of understanding these beautiful creatures. And your horse lover friend will definitely love putting this book on the table next to his bed and staying up all night reading. A horse book is a sure way to make a horse lover happy. 

8. Horse Lover T-Shirt Gift for Girls & Women 

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This lightweight Horse lover T-shirt is a perfect gift for a horse girl and a humble wardrobe essential for a horse-loving woman. These cute horse print t-shirts are available in some really fun colors pink, purple, navy blue, and black. 

Additionally, features like ultra-soft, made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, make these shirts super comfy. These light wear tees have short sleeves and a round neckline. And your horse girl can wear this t-shirt with jeans, leather belt, and boots to create a cowgirl effect. 

9. KATYDID Barn Hair Baseball Cap 

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KATYDID Barn Hair Baseball Cap is one of its kind and a cool gift for a horse lover. This great-looking cap fits almost every size because its features include an adjustable strap that is easy to loosen and tighten to ensure a secure fit.  

Your horse lover will feel comfortable wearing this cap at the barn, during horse riding, or at work. The cap is light in weight and has a breathable mesh back that allows maximum comfort all day long. 

This baseball cap is made of breathable linen and washable cotton and is appropriate for every season. KATYDID Barn Hair Baseball Cap will surely become a staple of every horseman’s wardrobe.  

10. Infinity Collection Horse Hair Accessories

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Deep down inside, any horse girl will love a set of accessories with different colors and horse pattern options. This Infinity Collection Horse Hair Accessories set is made of elastic material and does not pull the hair like traditional hair ponies and clips. 

The fabric of this set of horsehair ties is soft, comfortable, durable, and will not fade after washing. And women of all ages, including teenage and baby girls, will love wearing these horsehair elastic rings.

Horse-themed hair ties are fun that every horse-obsessed girl will like and a perfect gift to give a horse girl. 

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Horse Lovers 

How to pick one from so many different horse gift items? It is hard to choose one present for the horse enthusiast that matches his style and personality. 

Below are some tips on buying the best gift for a horse lover. 

Horse Lover Type

Remember, all horse lovers or riders are not the same. What you get for one horse person may not be the “thing” for another horse lover.

Look what type of horse lover or horse-related activities the person prefers for whom you are shopping. For instance, for a casual rider, horse gifts like a bridle or a saddle would be greatly appreciated. 

Whereas a horse jumper might appreciate more extravagant horse equipment like leather horse saddles or engraved stirrups. However, if you do not know what type of horse lover they are, then it is best to buy a horse care package. 

The one includes all sorts of supplies both for equestrian and equine such as grooming horse brushes and shampoos, horse-themed cap, t-shirt, or boots. So, there is something in the basket for everyone!

And if your horsey friend does not own a horse or ride by themselves, then consider giving them horse-inspired gifts like cowboy leather belts so they can at least enjoy wearing horse-themed items that remind them of their love for horses.

Give Your Horse Lover a Personalized Gift

Another thing to consider while buying a gift for a horse lover: Does your horse-loving friend have a favorite color or hobby? If yes, then get a personalized horse gift and add his favorite color or hobby to the present. 

For example, if the horse owner loves red, consider giving him red glossy boots, a horse-themed red t-shirt, or a red-colored horse clip. Similarly, if the horse person enjoys baking, then make some home-baked horse treats for his horse. 

But if you do not know their favorite color or hobbies, then give them some gift options and let them pick out the gift for themselves. 

Look if the Horse Lover Needs Any Particular Type of Riding Gear 

The most useful gift you can ever buy for a horse rider is riding gears. Gift the horse lover any equipment or riding gear that needs replacement. Or any gear that the horse rider does not own. Here are some options;

  • Getting a personalized brown leather saddle for a horse person is a great gift idea. For example, two different horses need different saddles. So, this makes the gift much more special.


Want unique horse gifts while staying on a budget? We have some inexpensive gift ideas for you.

  • Homemade horse treats are easier to make and inexpensive. You can make a personalized horse treat basket and put different treats in it and give it to the horse lover in your life. 
  • You can also give a horse-themed tote bag. There is also an option to get a personalized tote bag by adding your message or horse lover’s favorite quote on it. 
  • If budget is not a constraint, go for horse-themed boots or jewelry. 

How Long Do You Want Your Horse Present to Last?

Consider these questions before making any purchase. Do you want your present to last for years or use once only? Or do you want to buy something that can be used for a long time but needs maintenance, such as a bridle and saddle?

If you want your gift to last, then consider these items:

  • A horse headstall
  • Saddle blanket 
  • A horse tack storage kits

And if you are looking for a gift that is once used and done, then buy a horse grooming set or supplies like shampoos, conditioners, creams, etc. 

FAQs About Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Below are some most asked questions regarding the best gift ideas for horse lovers (male and female).

What is the best gift for a horse trainer?

It will help if you give a horse trainer something that they can actually use. It could be anything that makes their training sessions easier, gives them comfort while they are outdoors for long hours, or gives them an opportunity to relax when they get those rare times. 
Some useful gift options would be:
– A good-quality barn jacket
– Chair massager
– Voice amplifier to get through long training sessions
– Travel mug 

What are some DIY gift ideas for horse lovers? 

DIY gifts are a great way to show a horse lover that you have actually put extra thought and effort to make them happy. Here are some unique and easy DIY gift ideas for your horseman and his favorite horse. 
Gift a box of homemade horse treats: This is a really cute gift for a horse lover. Making horse treats at home shows how much you care for your fellow rider and his favorite equine. 
Make A Lead Rope For Your Friends Horse: Try making a horse tack like lead ropes with his favorite colors for your horse lover. How? 
– Take four different colors, lighter, scissor, and a swivel bolt snap. 
– First, attach the strands of paracord to the swivel bolt snap. 
– Start braiding the rope. 
– Once done braiding, tie a knot and burn the ends to prevent them from fraying. 
– Your lead rope is ready to give to your horse rider. 

What is the best gift for a horse girl?

It is quite challenging to find a gift for a girl in general. And you may find it more difficult to find a gift for a horse girl. Below are some gift ideas for a horse-mad woman.
– Horse-themed clothing is a perfect gift to give any horse-obsessed girl. It could be stylish t-shirts, shoes or jeans.  
– Boot socks are another gift option for a horse girl. Boot socks are available in fun to solid colors, different prints, sizes, and lengths. 
– Horse-themed accessories are the most fashionable gift for any horse-loving girl. Pick any equine-inspired bling belts, smartwatch, caps, tote bags, or purses.  

What are some unusual gifts for horse owners?

Want to buy a unique present for your horse friend, something that not every horse owner gets from their loved ones? Here are some uncommon horse gift ideas to treat a horse fanatic in your life.
Get the horse lover enrolled in an online course: Many online platforms offer self-study horseback riding (free and paid courses). Go and research which course your horse-crazy friend would like to take and get your busy horse lover to access an online riding course. 
Undoubtedly, your horseman or woman will really cherish and appreciate this unique yet fun way of tackling tough rider issues. Also, they can make real progress in their horsemanship skills, and old riders can get the chance to polish their skills.  
Buy Soft Brushes: No matter how many sets of horse grooming kits an equestrian has. It would always be fun to unwrap a horse grooming kit containing super soft, luxurious brushes because only a horse owner knows the worth of high-quality soft brushes.
And honestly, it is hard to find good-quality soft brushes. To make your gift more special, get a customized brush with paint or a monogram.

What’s the most practical gift for an equestrian?

Honestly, the most practical gifts for horse lovers are grooming kits, horse care products, horse treats, and horse rider gears. Supplies such as leather cleaner, shampoo, hoof oil, fly spray, or coat conditioner are great gifts to make a start. 
You can also make a gift box containing all the supplies for a more practical present.


It’s quite challenging to find the best gift for a person who loves horses. You have to keep in mind a few things before swiping your card on a horse lover present. Choose a horse gift based on horse lover style, color, hobby, personality, or, most importantly, on your budget. 

All in all, find a gift that touches the heart of your horse-loving man. It could be any horse-themed gift, comfy riding boots, or barn-scented candles. 

The above-listed gift ideas and buying guide for horse lovers will help you make informed purchase decisions and avoid any mistakes resulting in returned gifts.