3 Best Horse Grooming Totes: The ONLY 3 That Are Worth Your Time

If you are an avid horseman, you are probably already aware of how important a horse grooming kit is. As a matter of fact, horse grooming bags and boxes enable you to safely store everything you need for a horse’s care. This includes products like a hoof pick, fly spray, brushes, detangler, and a shedding blade. Not only will a grooming tote for horses help you organize the grooming tools, but it will also provide you with ease in carrying the supplies wherever you go.

Besides, showering excellent care on your horse with the best horse grooming kit is also bound to serve as a great bonding session.

Best Horse Grooming Totes Out There

A horse grooming tote basically provides you with the convenience of ample storage space along with several compartments to keep the horse grooming tools tidy and sorted. Since the totes are available in a variety of materials like tough mesh, durable plastic, and waterproof nylon, it can get pretty daunting to select the best horse grooming bag from the lot.

To help you find the best horse grooming storage, here are the three most efficient horse grooming totes that are worth your investment:

1. Leather Horse Grooming Kit

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The Weave Leather Grooming Kit comes with an amazing selection of 7 assorted horse grooming tools to suit all the beautifying needs of the animal. You’ll find a soft-bristle face brush, a coarse curry brush, sweat scraper, another brush for the tail and mane, a dandy brush, hoof pick, and a handy plastic comb, all in one place.

Most of the tools come with contoured or rubber handles that are designed for superior comfort during an extended grooming session.

The kit comes in beautiful styles and colors: black and beige, gray and pink, Aztec, purple and black, and even blue glitter. In addition, the durable nylon tote bag has a spacious interior to store all of the tools in a tidy manner. It also features six exterior pockets as additional storage space, which means that it can hold more stuff than it comes with.

It’s also appreciable how, to keep everything intact and provide ease in carrying, this horse grooming tote bag comes with a top drawstring closure. It also has comfortable webbing handles and a padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted accordingly.

It’s hands down the best option to keep the tools neat and clean while traveling and comes with plastic feet to keep the base protected.

2. Oster Equine Care Series Grooming Kit

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Available in two colors – blue and pink, the Oster horse grooming box comes in handy especially if you and your equine are always on the go. The grooming kit contains 7 essential horse grooming tools: a stiff grooming brush, coarse curry comb, tail brush, soft finishing brush, mane & tail comb, and a hoof pick.

All of the tools have an ergonomic design. The rubber control-touch handles ensure a secure grip and enhanced comfort. You won’t tire out even if you have to groom your horse for a longer time period.

To sum up, this comprehensive equine beautifying set will conveniently help your horse look its best. The durable storage case will also help you in keeping the tools in one place, neatly sorted and safe.

The only drawback of this kit, especially if you have a horse with a thick winter coat, is the hard brush bristles being too far apart. This makes it difficult to dig deep into the coat to remove dirt. Other than this, the portable Oster Equine kit is definitely one of the best horse grooming products for quick and convenient horse care.

3. Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Package (8-Piece)

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Just like its name suggests, the Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming package is a sturdy, well-stitched nylon tote bag. It contains all the necessary horse grooming tools. Whether you need a sweat scraper, a tail and mane brush, a sturdy comb, an efficient hoof pick, a stiff-bristled brush, or a soft finishing one, you’ll get it all in one place once you bring this horse grooming tote bag home.

Its durable construction also features pockets lining the inside wall of the bag to complement the spacious compartment. The tote also provides you generous extra storage space with presentable pockets on the outside. You no longer have to take along bottles of conditioners or other items in separate bags, once you have this baby by your side.

All the horse grooming tools that come in the durable tote are ergonomically designed. Preventing discomfort, even if you have to use them for longer periods to groom your horse. This grooming kit also features a zippered lid, well-stitched handles, and a clip strap, that enables it to be hung on the trailer, and an adjustable carry strap. These further enhance the portability of this noble outfitters grooming tote.

Overall, this one is certainly a must buy to keep your horse looking good, healthy, and well-groomed. You’ll simply fall in love with the fun, vibrant colors it’s available in.

Considerations Before Making the Purchase

With such great options of horse grooming kits available, you’ll possibly be tempted to make an immediate purchase. However, it is crucial to ponder over a few important factors before doing so. This is because grooming a horse is generally tougher than grooming any other animal. Not only is their mane comparatively thicker and larger, their hooves to need some care.

Let’s have a look at what all you should consider when buying a grooming tote for horses:

Tools Included

What’s the use of a horse grooming tools kit if it doesn’t contain the right tools, right?

Whether or not a certain kit will have the tools you require varies from one brand to another. So, you first need to decide which horse grooming tools you actually need. The most essential ones are curry combs, dandy brush, sweat scraper, mane & tail brush, hoof pick, shedding blade, and hard as well as soft brushes. However, most of the time, horse grooming kits contain less than ten tools. so you have to buy the additional ones separately if needed.


Whichever horse grooming kit you opt to purchase, it is sure to come in a box, or perhaps a bag. This in fact is a blessing, because it will help you keep all the horse grooming tools safe and neatly organized in one place.

Bags are typically lightweight and easier to carry anywhere. Most bags even come with pockets to provide a tidier look, and straps to make carrying easier. On the other hand, boxes are more longer-lasting in terms of durability and preventing damage to tools.

Nonetheless, both are great options, provided they have ample storage space.

Material of Tools

Since brushes play an important role in horse grooming, it is crucial to choose the material of their bristles wisely. There are several options: natural, metal, and synthetic fibers. Not only do they feel different, but they also impact the cost and performance of the tool.

Natural fiber bristles are more effective in removing dirt, while synthetic fibers cost less and are stiffer. Furthermore, metal bristles mainly help in detangling the horse’s tail and mane. They usually come attached with tiny balls at the end to protect the horse from getting poked.

User Convenience

With animals as big as horses, it is understandable how grooming them can take a lot of time and effort. So, it is best to make sure that the tools that you select provide a comfortable grip. This way, you will be able to hold it stress-freely for a longer time span. You’ll find various tools with plastic or wood handles.

It is preferable to get only those that have rubber padding. This will prevent pain and reduce any discomfort if it arises when you are caring for your horse.

FAQs Related to Horse Grooming Totes

Horse grooming is seemingly a cumbersome process. Despite this, if you have the right tools, you’ll be able to do it efficiently in no time. Here are some FAQs that might help you in your purchase:

What are the best horse grooming brushes?

Some of the best grooming brushes for horses are those which have natural fiber bristles. They are soft, with the ability to dig deeper into the coat and remove dirt efficiently in lesser time comparatively. Moreover, both a dandy brush and a soft brush are equally important during the grooming process, and so is the tail & mane comb.

How do you fully groom a horse?

First of all, secure it so that it doesn’t trot off before you even begin the process. Next, loosen the dirt using a curry comb, followed by a dandy brush to remove all shedding hair, sweat, and hardened mud. Once done, clean out the remaining dirt using a soft body brush. Wipe your equine’s face and move on to picking out dirt from its hooves. Lastly, comb through the tail and mane, and your good-looking companion is ready to go.

Should you groom your horse every day?

Yes, at least once a day. However, you can sometimes skip things like hoof picking yet still maintain the horse’s overall health and appearance.

Grooming is essential to a horse’s well-being. Otherwise, it is likely to feel irritated due to excess hair and dirt caught on its coat. Furthermore, consistent grooming minimizes the risk of hoof and skin problems.

Do horses like being groomed?

Most horses resent body brushing, hooves picking, and mane combing. It tends to feel uncomfortable and at times painful to them. Due to this, many of them become aggressive and anxious just by anticipating that the grooming session is about to begin.

On the contrary, a few horses might enjoy the session with their owner and take it as a bonding-session.

How often do you need to brush a horse?

If not once a day, then at least make sure to brush your horse before and after you ride it. This will clean off any sweat or debris that might have accumulated on its body and leave it feeling fresher. Failing to do so will eventually deteriorate the animal’s health. In short, it is best to brush your horse daily.


It won’t be wrong to say that a happy horse is one that is clean and well-groomed. Therefore, in order to maintain proper care of your large pet, you will need a good horse grooming kit. Gone are the days when buying all essential tools separately and keeping them together was a task on its own. Now, you can simply find a huge variety of horse grooming bags and boxes to make storage a lot easier.

To sum up, a horse grooming kit usually contains all important tools. For instance, different brushes, a comb to detangle the mane and tail, a hoof pick, a sweat scraper, etc. However, before finalizing your purchase, it is vital to check the type of tools, materials used, comfortable grip, and the storage case it comes in.

All in all, a resilient, budget-friendly grooming box for horse is what you need.  It is definite to keep each and every tool neatly organized, and easily accessible at all times.

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