5 Best Horse Shedding Tools: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Stating that your horse can come by as a nuisance once shedding season starts, wouldn’t be a false statement. Obviously, there is hardly anyone who is fond of horsehair making its way onto their clothes, hair, and mouth! This is why getting your hand on the best horse shedding tool is essential. You’ll find a huge variety of horse grooming tools, such as combs, blocks, shedding blades, scribbled gloves, and many more.

Now, the question is, how do you decide which shedding tool for horses will be an ideal pick for your equine buddy’s coat? As a matter of fact, you may be wondering which one is the best, both in terms of budget and performance. Not to worry! This article will reveal to you the top 5 horse shedding tools for grooming.

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Quick Picks

Listed below are the top picks based on quality, performance, and budget, just in case you are in a hurry. Take a look!

Best Overall:  SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool is the winner when it comes to performance. It is a very handy and comfortable horse grooming tool with a sturdy grip and smooth brushing. Moreover, it is available in a variable size range and contains small teeth as well as plain brushing that leaves no cuts and spots on your horse skin.

Runner Up:  Another amazing horse grooming tool we decided to place at runner-up position is FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool. Indeed, a sharp harmless terminator with an ergonomic unique design and a money-back guarantee. With this horse shedding tool, no need to clean removed hair manually. Its sleek design allows the removal of hair with a little jerk of the hand.

Best Budget Option: If you are looking for an affordable option with no compromise on quality then Wahl Double-Sided Shedding Blade is a good pick to go with. It is a unique and simple tool consisting of courses of blades. The presence of two blades allows you to use it for medium as well as heavier coats.

Best Horse Shedding Tools

These new shedding tools help you shed out your horse easier and even maybe a little fun. But using them is the quickest way to get beautiful, glossy thinner coats. This is why we have put together a list of the 5 best horse shedding tools with a detailed review by keeping all the key features in consideration.

1. SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool

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The first and the foremost product on our list with the highest recommendations is SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool. It is designed for all sizes of hairs of horses, cats, and dogs. Almost all the dirt, loose hair, and fur of the horse can easily be removed with the help of this horse shedding tool.

In addition to the above-mentioned specifications, this horse shedding tool is available in an affordable variety of price ranges. All price ranges are fixed according to the pack of shedding tools you have selected. Mainly, this shedding tool consists of a small tooth and wave configuration that moves smoothly through the hair and fur of the horse.

Also, with this tool in use, there is no need to collect the removed hair by hand. Instead, this grooming tool has space to drop down the removed hair into smaller ground piles.

Furthermore, the grooming tool is easy to use and has a pretty sturdy grip which enhances comfort. As a whole, this shedding grooming pack is a comfortable and smooth brushing tool for your horse.


  • Multiple designs
  • Protected use
  • Tool to discard removed hair
  • Gentle but strong


  • Sheer fur left in the brush

2. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

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Another hot pick for our readers is the FURminator undercoat de-shedding tool. As obvious by the name, this tool is designed for removing the hair and fur of horses. And the cherry on top is that the price of this FURminator shedding tool is also within a normal range along with multiple varieties of sizes.

Furthermore, the main aim of this shedding tool is to reach the top coat of the tool and remove the hair undercoat. In this way, there would be fewer chances of cut or any other injury. In addition, there is a fur ejector that will release the removed hair just with a touch of push. So, you do not need to clean or discard the removed hair manually.

Next, the handle of this FURminator shedding coat is ergonomic enough to use and adjust properly. No hard work or energy is needed to control this handle. The packaging of the product is simple and unique. Also, the teeth of this horse shedding tool are sharp enough to pick all the hair undercoat without damaging the topcoat of the horse.

Not only this, but the money-back guarantee is another advantage this horse shedding tool is providing to their customers. In short, the FURminator shedding tool is a good option for keeping our horse well-groomed and beautiful.


  • Zip-lock bag for removed hair
  • Keeps the horse well-groomed
  • No damage to the topcoat


  • No protective cover for the tool-teeth

3. Wahl Double-Sided Shedding Blade

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If you are looking for an amazingly affordable shedding tool for your horse, you have come to the correct option. Here, we are providing you with the best-budgeted product that is Wahl Double-Sided Shedding Blade. It is one of the highly affordable products with so many positive reviews and recommendations.

First, the design of this horse shedding blade is so unique yet simple that it will surely get our attention. Another great fact of this tool is that it does not contain any coat for the removal of hair. Instead, it is made up of courses and blades that will easily remove the unwanted hair and fur from the horse.

Coming to the next fact, this horse shedding tool has two different blades; one for thicker and heavier coats, while the other for smooth and medium coats. Also, the grip of this shedding tool is so sturdy and ergonomic that it will gently and comfortably fit in your hands, even for longer durations.

The brush is used not only for combing the hair but, also for providing relaxation to the horse. Last but not the least, this horse shedding tool comes with blades, coarse and fine, which gives a healthy and shiny coat to your horse, at a remarkably lowest price.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple sizes of teeth
  • Efficient removal of undercoat


  • Handle keeps separating after sometime

4. EquiGroomer Cedar Deshedding Brush for Horses

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Moving towards the next, we have EquiGroomer Cedar de-shedding brush for horses that is another masterpiece product. According to the reviewers, it is considered as one of the professional de-shedding brushes, for removing all the loose hair and fur from the lower coat of the horse. Not only that but, it is available in six different options in different price ranges.

Undoubtedly, this de-shedding brush removes all the hair in just one use only. Thus, it saves our time and energy in shedding season. The pet-safe barbs of this shedding tool are used for massaging the horse while removing the hair. Also, the comb blade has sharp and protected ends that will last longer but in a safer way.

One of the most unanticipated facts of this horse shedding tool is that it provides the ultimate tools to keep the horse in its natural look. It helps extract the natural oils of the coat, to get a shinier look. All in all, this horse shedding tool is a must-have for our horse.


  • Lower down the shedding
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Durable product


  • Get rust quickly

5. Web Handled Rubber Curry Comb for Horses

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Last on the list, but in no way inferior to other products, is the Web Handled Rubber Curry Comb for horses. This hair removing tool is made of rubber.

Moreover, the handle of this horse shedding tool is soft yet strong enough to keep in your hand’s grip for a longer time. As it is made up of rubber, you can move it flexibly around your hand. In addition, you can use this brush for brushing the hair of your horse. For sensitive horses, the pressure applied on the horses can be controlled.

For some users, it is their daily go-to comb to brush their horses effectively. The horses are also happy to be brushed using this tool, as its soft but strong touch gives a soothing massage to their bodies. If you are worried about the price, don’t panic as it is one of the cheapest shedding tools for horses.


  • Cheap price
  • Smooth use
  • Relaxing ability

How to Choose the Best Horse Shedding Tool

You’d be shocked at how much hair one horse can shed! Horses normally start to shed their long and thick outer coat of protective hair as the days become longer and warmer. 

During the shedding season, a horse’s winter coat will ultimately shed off on its own; utilizing a shedding gadget on your horse can help speed up the procedure. We have compiled this list of buying tips, to help you choose the best shedding tool for your horse.

Horse Coat Thickness

When it relates to picking a shedding tool, the very first thing to keep in mind is the thickness and length of your horse’s hair coat. If you have a horse with a thin hair coat, use a gentle tool like a rubber curry and grooming block. Use firmer, stronger equipment, like a blade, for horses having thick hairy coats.

It will be possible to shed your horse faster if a shedding tool can eliminate more horsehair with every stroke.

Ease of Use

When it relates to horse grooming equipment, you should also think of your own convenience. It might take hours and days to shed a single horse. Whatever tool you select, be certain it is simple to use.

A shedding tool must be comfortable in your hands because you will be using it frequently. Search for shedding tools that have characteristics like hand straps or ergonomic handles for ease of use and convenience.

Ease of Cleaning

A shedding tool for horses must remove a significant amount of shedding hair with every stroke. You wouldn’t like a horse shedding tool that clogs up after every swipe over the coat since it has to cope with a lot of hair. It will start taking up twice the time you require for grooming.

Check to see if the shedding tool you pick has a suitable way of coping with excess hair. To speed up shedding, that hair must simply remove from the blade so that we may take another stroke. Get one that immediately removes the gathered hair to save maximum time.


Several horse shedding tools are made to be used comfortably over the horse’s big, muscular body. Consider your horse’s comfort level when shedding out delicate parts such as the face and legs. Other animal shedding equipment can be too unpleasant for horses. For instance, a grooming blade is not appropriate to be used on your horse’s head, face, or legs.

So, that is why you should select equipment that is particularly made for horses. Look into getting two or three distinct shedding tools to use on different parts of your horse’s body. If your horse has extremely delicate or “thin” skin, a rubber or plastic shedding tool can be better than a metal one.


The tool must be worthwhile in terms of its price. What is the relationship between the price of the item and the value it offers? Its purchasing price has to match the value it offers.  It should be cost-effective in terms of price.

What about function? It should work well. It should be simple to use. The main thing to consider is the ease of cleaning. The tool should be able to remove the hair with each stroke easily.

FAQs Regarding Horse Shedding Tools

There are several questions that people ask about horse shedding tools. the most common among these are answered below.

What are the different kinds of horse shedding tools?

Daily grooming can make your horse feel more at ease during the shedding seasons. There are a handful of tools that you can use as an owner to assist your horse’s shedding process. Different kinds of shedding tools that you’ll use are as follow:
– Curry Comb
– Horse shedding block
– Vacuum
– Furminators
– Grooming oil
– Clippers
– Grooming gloves
– Mane & Tail Brush
– Coat Conditioners & Detanglers
– Shedding Blade

What does a horse shedding tool do?

A horse shedding tool goes beyond the longer outer hairs to take out the inner coat hairs before they shed. It preserves the hair coat for future growth, while also keeping the surface of the skin clean and aired.

How do you groom a shedding horse?

To reach deep, make a flicking motion. Begin from the neck and make your way down to the horse’s back. Ordinary curry combs, mud brushes, and dandy brushes should not be used on the face of your horse since they are too abrasive for these parts. After that, use a body brush to make long strokes throughout the body of the horse.

How is a shedding blade used for horses?

The shedding blade is the most efficient shedding tool for the hair coat of your horse. It is a thin strip of stainless steel that is 1-2 inches long and has handles on both ends. On one side, the steel strip comprises strong teeth, while on the other, it usually has a smooth surface. The metal teeth remove thick and long, dead hair out of the hair coat of your horse with ease, while the flat side may be utilized as a sweat scraper.

What is the best horse shedding tool?

SleekEZ de-shedding grooming tool is a popular choice for horse owners. It easily takes out the loose hair with its unique tooth-and-wave stainless steel teeth. Loose hairs do not gather on this horse shedding brush but rather fall to the ground unassisted. When it relates to spring grooming, it will save you time. It is a high-quality shedding tool manufactured in the United States, and it offers a 30-day money-back warranty.


With multiple options prevailing in the marketing, all claiming to be one of the best horse shedding tools, identifying one that fits your requirement can be quite a task. The trick is to compare the ones you like against the thickness of your equine’s coat, comfort and ease of use, ease of cleaning, overall durability, and the material of the horse shedding tool.

To make the process easier for you, we have carefully handpicked the best 5 horse shedding tools that you can invest in without a second thought, still, it is advisable to make sure you chose the one which suits your budget as well as functionality. Nonetheless, SleekEZ Deshedding horse grooming tool is hands down a top choice when it comes to a comfortable grip, smooth brushing, and cut-free grooming of your shedding horse.