10 Best Horse Clippers: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Horse owners are always taking care of their cherished one’s diet, nutrition and physical activities. These aspects are all vital but so is the routine grooming of your pets. Just like human beings and pretty much any other animal, horses too need an occasional shave to trim the manes of mares. And that’s exactly why buying the best horse clippers is important.

To help groom your horse, you would want to use specially designed instruments known as horse clippers.

Just like we’re very careful before we chose the right diet for our horse, it is also vital to know which product will serve as the best horse clipper for your pet.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the ten best clippers for horses that we found along with a buying guide for you guys.

Why do You Need a Horse Clipper?

Obviously, the primary question at hand is that weather horse trimming is an essential activity to be performed and even if it is, why do you need a horse clipper for it? As far as the first question goes, trimming is not just essential for grooming your pet’s look but also vital for its health.

Yes, clipping your horse’s coat helps him adjust his body temperature and can avoid excessive sweat in summers and winters. In fact, it also helps identify the wounds that your horse gets which would otherwise be hidden from your sight. 

Now, that it is clear why trimming is so important for your pet, we compare clippers for horses with trimmers. Firstly, while horse trimmers only help grooming your horse, clippers will help you fill up their wounds.

Moreover, clippers will not only help trim the coat of your horse in different styles but can also run through its mane and help you groom its tail and legs. Therefore, it is important to choose the best horse clippers when it comes to your pet because who doesn’t like a neat and tidy horse?

And if you’re really set on improving your horse’s appearance, then we’d recommend buying a grooming kit to go with your horse clipper. Here are our top picks for the best horse grooming kits.

How to Choose the Best Horse Clipper?

When it comes to buying clippers, choosing the right product is as important as learning the right technique of trimming. Hence, we want to lay down the basic things to look out for in a horse clipper before we get to reviewing various products.

Blade Size

Each clipper comes with two blades. The lower blade, also called the comb feeds the hair through so that it’s all set for cutting while the upper moving blade, also known as the cutter, then cuts the hair through each pass.

The type and length of cut is determined by the thickness of the comb. Now, the right type of horse clipper blade can only be determined after the purpose of the cut is clear. For instance, in hotter climates, a closer cut and hence a thicker blade will be required whereas in a colder climate, a medium-sized blade will work better.

The most advanced clippers come with an option of detachable blades, hence giving you an option to change according to the required cut. Also, in an adjustable-blade model, a lever on the side moves the cutting blade closer to or further from the outer edge of the comb, hence providing the option of obtaining different cuts using the same clipper. 

Motor Type

Clippers are different from simple horse hoof nippers and their performance is determined by the type of motor installed within. There are three types of motors and each serves its own purpose,

  • Rotary motors are the most commonly used ones. An electric part and a rotating disc help the motor function. By using electricity, the disc will rotate and offer power to the blades. The speed of the motor can be controlled via a switch hence making it easy to use. However, if you require a quiet horse clipper, this might not be the best option for you.
  • Pivoting motors have a basic design and consist of a single hand and a magnet. Since the magnet is fixed, you have the blades and hands moving. Since this motor has only one arm, it pulls the blade in one direction, then a spring pulls it back the other way. This motor might not be the best option if you’re looking for a shorter trim as it risks pulling off fur during the cut.
  • Magnet motors make the most adjustable clippers as they come with a magnetic field and a direct drive shaft. Unlike the pivoting motor, the magnet field here can regulate the blades back and forth. So, they prove to be useful during both light and heavy-duty clipping. Unlike the rotary motors, they also generate lesser noise and heat.

Motor RPM

The revolutions that a motor makes determines the speed and intensity of the cut a clipper gives. For instance, a standard rotary motor spins at 10,000 RPM which is stepped down by gears. However, a higher RPM usually generates higher noise and heat which has to be cancelled out by a fan to cool the motor.

As a general rule of thumb, you will require a motor with higher speed for heavy-duty clipping and a lower-speed motor for light-duty clipping. When going for heavy-duty clipping, a magnetic motor should be preferred as it has a higher speed and also generates lesser heat and causes lesser noise.

Size of the Clipper

The size of a clipper becomes very essential when you’re clipping hair of your horse’s sensitive regions such as its neck and face. Usually a bigger clipper is uncorded and hard to handle whereas a smaller clipper is corded.

When trimming a horse’s neck, you have to be very careful as to not scare your cherished one and therefore a small trimmer should be used so that the main focus can be emphasised upon the horse’s movements. 

Noise and Heat

As mentioned above, a horse might already be scared of the process of trimming. A clipper that generates greater sound and heat might completely panic your pet, Hence, when opting for a light-duty task, a clipper with a pivot or magnetic motor should be used. Moreover, if you are buying a rotary model then make sure it comes with a fan so that the heat produced is minimised.

10 Best Horse Clippers

We’ve searched far and wide to find the best options out there. So without further ado, here are the best horse clippers:

1. Andis Ultra Edge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

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The Andis product comes with a two-speed rotary model and an option of a detachable blade. Its 14-inch heavy-duty cord makes it very easy to handle. The two motors spin at different speeds; 3400 and 4400 RPM respectively, making the product suitable for both light-duty and heavy-duty clipping.

In our opinion, the option of a detachable blade makes it very easy to clean and maintain the clipper and in turn makes it a longer lasting product. However, although the product promises a cool experience, during heavy-duty clipping it may heat up quickly.

2. Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

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The Andis ProClip 2 is an electric magnetic clipper. It stands out due to its ability of trimming the most matted and tangled coats (for which you should try one of our recommended horse coat supplements). Just like the previous product this too functions on a two-speed rotary motor. However, this clipper causes much lesser noise making it more convenient to use.

With the Andis clipper comes the option of a detachable blade that the company gives away with an extra Ultra Edge Size T-84 blade. This amazing clipper also comes with a heavy-duty 14-inch cord that lets you cut and move about without restriction.

Its detachable head design also makes it easy to charge without using any tools. In our opinion, the Andis ProClip2 also stands out due to its vast compatibility with 30 blades in the United States alone. It also comes with a unique hard case that prevents shattering.

3. Wahl Professional Chromado Horse Clipper

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The Wahl product is a light-weight cordless clipper (and it’s actually one of our favorite cordless horse clippers) which is usually used for light-duty trimming and clipping. The clipper has a rotary motor and is the perfect tool if you want to trim the hair of your horse’s neck or face.

Its lithium ion battery provides a battery life of almost 90 minutes. Also, its rotary motor helps adjust the speed for different kinds of trims. In our opinion, its most fascinating aspect is the 5-in-1 adjustable blade.

The feature makes the clipper useful for all kinds of short and heavy trims. We also found Wahl’s customer service to stand out when compared to all other companies in the market.

4. WAHL Bravura Lithium Ion Clipper

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This clipper too combines the innovative technology of lithium ion battery with that of a 5-in-1 adjustable blade.  Its long-lasting battery life and low-charging time makes it quite popular among horse owners.

The Bravura is mainly useful in light-duty shaving and can be used for trimming horse’s bridle path, ears, muzzle, and fetlocks. The adjustable blade ranges through sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40, offering a convenient variety of cutting lengths. 

Its speed switch also has the option of automatically adjusting the RPM while trimming the hair from different parts of your horse’s body.

5. Wahl Professional Animal Show Pro Plus Equine Clipper

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A light-weight product that comes with an 8-inch cord, the clipper is another piece of art made by Wahl. The horse shaver can be used for light to medium duty clipping and in fact, I found it to be perfect for trimming the bridle path, fetlocks, face, and ears on horses. Moreover, it can even handle light body clipping.

This product too comes with an adjustable lever that helps choose the optimal blade size between 30, 15 and 10. The most fascinating aspect for us was this clipper’s extreme ability to make 7200 strokes per minute and that too without its metal heating up! This feature makes the clipper one of a kind.

6. Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipping Machine

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The Oster Clipmaster is another great clipper that comes with an attached cord. As the name suggests, it is capable of running at variable speeds. The speed of the clipper varies from 700 to 3000 RPM making it suitable for almost all kinds of light and medium-duty trimming. Just like the previously mentioned products, this too comes with adjustable blades.

In our opinion the best part of this clipper is how Oster has actively responded to customer reviews and have come up with a much more balanced clipper. It is also shatterproof and about 30% lighter than its predecessor. The clipper also houses an adjustable tension knob for precise adjustments, and it has an impressive ventilation system which is backed by a sound and cool motor.

The kit that Oster provides contains a cleaning brush, a grease and intake screen, one top and one bottom blade, and a single clipping machine.

7. Oster Golden A5 Two-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers

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As the name suggests, this clipper comes with a switch to adjust between two extreme speeds. This masterpiece from Oster comes with a 12-inch cord and is one of the heavier clippers you will find in the market.

It can be used for light duty trimming that requires precision by adjusting the switch to set up a speed of 2100 rPM and similarly could be used to trim rough coats by adjusting the speed to a high of 2700 RPM. The clipper also comes with a detachable blade and is compatible with all Oster A5 blades.

We personally found its chew proof motor as the most impressive aspect introduced by Oster. However, the product is a little heavy and hence can be difficult to manage. It can also heat up at times and prove to be irritating for your horse.

8. Wahl Professional Iron Horse Equine Horse Clipper

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The name of this clipper suggests that its stand-out feature is its aluminum exterior that makes it almost unbreakable. It is mainly a medium-duty clipper and can be used for trimming the bridle path, fetlocks and ears of your horse. 

If your horse has a softer coat, then this clipper can also manage light-body trimming. Like the other Wahl products, this clipper also comes with an adjustable lever that helps change blade size during trimming.

Its 2-year warranty and Wahl’s customer service combined make this clipper a good choice. However, it is good if you’re looking to trim your horse’s coat in cooler temperatures. 

9. TAKEKIT Electric Animal Grooming Kit

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It can be argued that the TAKEKIT Clipper isn’t the best when it comes to noise. It isn’t exactly quiet since it runs at 75db under heavy use. However, The TAKEIT is multifaceted as what it lacks in stealth and comfort, it more than makes up for in speed, efficiency, and versatility.

This compact clipper is a powerhouse capable of shearing the roughest coats. The challenge of high-noise can also be tackled as the clipper comes with a six-speed performance motor. This makes it suitable for slower quieter trims and faster louder trims. When it comes to heat, the TAKEIT motor remains cool at all speeds.

The body of the clipper is coated in polymer. Also, it has an ergonomic handle for better control and reduced vibration interference. The clipper runs at 2400 RPM and comes with a power of 110V.

The TAKEIT clipper comes as part of a kit that comes with a cleaning brush, a bottle, two carbon brushes, and a carry case.  Although this clipper can be used for multiple purposes, we still think that its universal motor does not make it a feasible option for longer usage.

10. MTP UCONTRO Electric Shearing Clipper

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This heavy-duty clipper might come as a shock in this list as it wasn’t originally designed to shear horses. But, its distinctive features such as speed, versatility, and raw power make it capable of trimming your horse’s hair with ease. However, bear in mind that you’ll have to change its shearing head if you want to use it on horses.

This 350W clipper has a power of 110V. That’s powerful enough to breeze through the toughest coats. This clipper, like many others, comes with an attached cord. MTP also provides an extra detachable blade with the box. It is also compatible with Oster, Heiniger, Oster, GTS blades, and Shear magic blades. 

This clipper is practically noiseless and cool enough to be used on virtually any farm animal and that’s why it’s popular with many farmers who own horses as well as sheeps and goats and would like something that could clip all of them. For us, this clipper stands out due to its ability to serve for longer use without over-heating. As a matter of fact, we found this MTP product to be the best clipper for miniature horses.

FAQs About Horse Clippers

You may still have various questions regarding Horse Clippers, here are a few answers to your concerns:

What are the best clippers for horses?

The Andis Ultra-Edge and the Andis Proclip certainly stand out as the best horse clippers available in the market due to the versatility that they offer in their clipping experience. However, the Wahl Professioal Cromado Horse Clipper isn’t that far behind.

Horse clippers come in different brands and varieties. Therefore, it is important to set a criterion as to what one requires in a clipper. For instance, if you’re looking to trim your horse’s mane in hotter climates, you might require a different clipper than that which you’ll require in lower temperatures.

What are the best cordless horse clippers?

The Wahl Bravura and the Wahl Professional Chromado Horse Clipper are two of the best cordless horse clippers on the market. Clippers can come with both cords and cordless. The best clipper for you can be identified only after you’ve sorted out why you need a clipper in the first place. While some clippers are better for deep-trimming the entire coats, others might be better for trimming specific parts such as ears, fetlocks and the bridle path.

What are the quietest horse clippers?

The Andis Pro Clip is one of the quietest horse clippers available in the market. The Oster Clipmaster is also a viable option if you’re willing to invest more money.

Noise is one of the main factors that buyers consider before buying a horse clipper. A noisy clipper is not just irritating for you but can also panic your horse. Specially if the mane has recently been introduced to trimming.

What is horse clipping?

Horses grow thick coats and their skin produces more grease in winter to help protect them against wet and cold weather. This hair helps the horse stay warm but can also prove to be irritating and even unhealthy if the horse is worked regularly to the point of excessive perspiration.

When the sweat mixes with the grease in the coat, it creates a film that mats the thick hair. The thick coat is slow to dry, and it can’t keep a horse warm in this matted state, leaving the horse vulnerable to chills this can lead to illness.

Therefore, hair is clipped along the underside and sides of the neck, shoulders and belly and is left intact on the legs and body. The trace clip is a popular one because it removes hair from the areas where horses perspire most. Some people clip a narrow swath of hair, while others prefer to clip hair about halfway up the horse.

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