7 Best Horse Hoof Boots: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Compared to a wild horse, your domestic horse’s hooves need protection. Horse hoof boots are a revolutionary invention to protect horse hooves while riding. In the past several years, they have become the perfect alternative to shoeing. Read along to know how they help.

Low exercise, high sugar intake, and many other reasons are responsible for weakening the hoof’s internal structures. The best hoof boots will absorb shock while protecting the hoof against aggressive terrain. They provide the ultimate comfort and support to your horse because, unlike the wild horse, domesticated horses aren’t used to roughing it. And contrary to the myth, these horse boots do not obstruct blood circulation.

What are Horse Hoof Boots?

Stop for a minute and think, can a metal shoe absorb the concussion and shock of 1000 pounds while the horse freely gallops and jumps hoops? Does it, in any way, help the hoof to function naturally? What about blood circulation?

We will answer these for you; there is no way a metal shoe does all that or helps the horse in any way. So what’s the alternative? Horse boots; these easy boots for horses are a simple yet effective alternative to metal shoeing.

Let’s face it; no one likes to pound nails into the hoof every 6 to 8 weeks, it’s both uncomfortable and expensive. Apart from that, it’s also tough to find a trustworthy and expert farrier. All in all, when there are so many drawbacks to shoeing, why not opt for horse boots? Here are a few benefits of horse hoof boots:

  • They are non-invasive
  • You have the full control of putting them on or taking them off, no expert farrier needed
  • Compared to time and lifespan, they are very cost-effective
  • They restrict the natural growth of the hoof
  • Encourage hoof’s movement, expansion, contraction
  • Horse boots are also shock absorbent
  • They also allow a comfortable transition to barefoot
  • Ideal for when you are transporting your horse

How To Choose Horse Hoof Boots?

Just like horse saddles and helmets, a few factors need to be considered when buying hoof boots. Thus, keep the following in mind while buying hoof boots for horses.


Just like the saddle and the helmet needs sizing, hoof boots are no different. The following are the key points that you will need to keep in mind to determine the size of the hoof boots for your horse.

  • Since the hooves aren’t symmetrical, always measure your horse’s hoof right after a trim. Use metal tape to measure inch growth.
  • While measuring the width, measure from the widest part, that’s normally the middle of the hoof.

  • To measure the length, start from the toe and go till the buttress line of the heel

  • Once measured, you can now compare your numbers with the manufacturer’s size chart. Find the size that fits your horse’s hoof width and the length, if not, select one size up instead of down.
  • The Best hoof boot is one that fits snugly. It will be a bit difficult to put on, but this is an indication that you have ordered the right size.

Shape and Style

Not all hoofs are the same; the shape varies from horse to horse and hoof to hoof. Many have to buy two same pairs in different sizes to create their ideal pair. The following are some common hoof shapes and suggestions of shoes that may fit them well.

Round Hoof Or Nearly Round-Shaped Hoof

This is the most common type of hoof, and it is approximately 5mm longer than it is wide. The front pair is rounded and slightly larger than the hind pair, which is more concave. This is done so because around 60 to 70% of the horses’ weight is on its hind legs.

The Wider Than Long Hoof

This shaped hoof is approximately 5mm wider than it is long, and its the most common boot shape used for Thoroughbreds as well as Draught horses. Unfortunately, not a lot of options are available for this type of hoof boot in the market. Your best bet is to buy a boot that can be cut and resized if you want a hoof boot that’s wider than it is long.

The Longer Than Wide Hoof

You might be surprised, but this shape is relatively easy to cater to. There are many models as well as styles that are available for this shape of the hoof. The hoof is approximately 6mm to 15mm longer than its width measurement.


The comfort of your horse matters the most, if your horse is in a transitional phase, don’t force it to wear boots. If your horse seems nervous or uncomfortable, try building the momentum, gradually introduce him to the hoof boots and gain his confidence. Horses are fast learners; he will soon love his new boots. The boots should fit snug and come off only when you take them off, and not while riding.

Moreover, the best horse heels shoes aren’t for healing previous injuries, that’s what ice boots are for. Regular hoof boots are used for protecting the hooves on the trail and avoiding future injuries. That’s why comfort is a high priority while selecting them.

7 Best Horse Hoof Boots

Whether you’re looking for hoof boots for turnout, jumping or trail riding, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best horse hoof boots:

1. Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot for Horses

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Quite honestly, the Cavallo Horse heels shoes are simply the most well-made hoof boots in the market and there’s no doubt about that. Whether your horse gallops on hard, rough terrain or cobbled streets, Cavallo is the ultimate pair to protect your barefoot horse.

Moreover, Cavallo hoof boots for horses aren’t only comfortable but are also great for chronic pain as well as hoof sensitivity. These easy boots for horses are perfect for the following rehabilitation issues:

  • Injuries
  • Abscesses
  • Navicular disease
  • Laminitis/founder
  • Punctures
  • Sole bruising
  • Contracted heels

These are the ideal horse hoof boots for trail riding as well as breeding. Think of adding these protective boots as spare tires when you go out on a trail or hunt. In case your horse loses a shoe, you can keep your horses foot protected with the help of these boots. There is also an added bonus to Cavallo horse hoof boots; they are easy to size.

2. Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot

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Trekking or hunting may feel like time well spent for you… but think about the big guy and what he goes through. There’s no doubt that trekking does take a toll on your horse’s feet. And the Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boots are specially designed for this ordeal.

These regular trek shoes are flexible, more durable, and extremely breathable. They are best for hooves that are round shaped; this is both a plus point as well as a drawback of the design. The potential of the hoof boots is heightened by the honeycomb design that is added to increase the strength of the boots.

These boots are a cut above the rest as they are lightweight and comfortable, ideal for maximizing your horse’s performance during trekking or hunting adventures. There is no accumulated mud or sand while trekking as these hoof boots keep all kinds of debris from accumulating.

3. Weaver Leather No-Turn Bell Horse Boots

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Barefoot domesticated horses have a history of hoof cracking and foot-soreness. Weaver Leather No-Turn Bell horse boots are the most professional and easy boots for horses, especially when faced with prolonged contact with the hard ground.

Among the many designs available in the market, Weaver Leather Heavy-Duty Xtended Life Bell Boots are designed with a replaceable and repairable closure system. The technology ensures that the pair is a snug fit. They are the best in the market as they are fitted with shock-absorbing EVA foam that is conveniently covered in 2520D ballistic nylon as well as microfiber with Kevlar (R). The Kevlar (R) is the ideal feature for extended lifespan and durability.

Microfiber also adds extra protection from overreaching; this makes them perfect horse boots for jumping. These horse heel shoes have neoprene lining that is best for absorbing shock and protecting the hoof against the cobbled ground. If you are looking for strength as well as water and dirt resilience in horse boots, the No-Turn Boots from Weaver Leather are the perfect pair for your horse.

4. Intrepid International Penn Equine Natural Hoof Shoe

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If you’re in for a quick verdict:

These boots are the choice to go with if your horse has to cross creeks or streams since they are designed to withstand water.

They mimic the natural hoof of the horse, so there is no change in your horse’s gait. With these, you can trek, hunt, gallop, and jump as much as you want without hurting your horses’ feet.

These shoes fit nicely as well as naturally; they offer great traction along with a reduced concussion. These shoes are ideal for trail riding both on smooth and slippery surfaces. The side vents on these make them perfect for a stroll in the stream. These shoes fit snug and are hard to come off as they have industrial-grade touch tape that secures the shoe to the hoof tightly. The mesh inserts drain water in quick succession so that your horse doesn’t feel uncomfortable after crossing a creek or stream.

5. Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot

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What makes tough 1 hoof saver boot different from all the others from the market? Well, it’s the best medicinal boot that money can buy. That means that the Tough 1 Hoof Boot is designed to hold hoof medication in place. These are sold individually as well, so you can buy as many or as few as you may need. The many added benefits of Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot are as follows.

  • Ideal for continuous soaking of the hoof that’s needed in case of abscesses thrush puncture wounds as well as many other aggravated foot conditions
  • Relieves pressure and eases the pain in case of bruises, corns, and cankers
  • Made with tough polyvinyl compound for durable triple-layered bottom

This boot is known as the only soaking boot available in the market; it keeps away the wrappings and promotes healing. Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot is a game-changer technology when it comes to healing horse hoofs.

6. Cashel Company Rubber Horse Bell Boots

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Cashel Company Rubber Horse Bell Boots is a perfect match for all kinds of riders, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The Rubber Horse Bell Boots are easy to wear and take off and that’s what makes these boots perfect. The low-key design may not look like much, but it has the perfect element to prolong the boot’s lifespan.

These boots are a modern invention that is the perfect alternative for mental shoeing. The Snug Strap of these Rubber Horse Bell Boots is designed with tough stick-on material that keeps the shoe securely in place while jumping and galloping.

7. Tubbease Hoof Sock

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The Tubbease hoof sock is another good option for owners who are looking to protect their horse’s hooves from damage. Usually, this damage is caused by rocky, uneven, as well as the unpredictable and rough forest floor.

Tubbease is known as the ultimate as well as a short-term treatment for a number of hoof problems such as Laminitis, Seedy Toe, Thin Soles, Thrush, and damaged Hooves. These hoof socks are also ideal for keeping the bandages, wrapping as well as dressings in place.

FAQs About Horse Hoof Boots

So, that was our rundown on the top hoof boots for horses. Although we tried covering each and every aspect in detail, we know that there still are some questions that you might have in your mind.

Here are some common questions that we get asked by our readers.

What are the best hoof boots for horses?

The Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot is the best one available in the market. However, it’s closely followed by the Cavallo Trek Boot. Other options like the Renegade Hoof Boot and the Intrepid International Hoof Shoe are also worth looking at.

According to experts, hoof boots for horses should have the following qualities:


Ensure that whichever brand you put your trust in manufactures from the best quality materials. Hoof boots should be lightweight and highly comfortable. The material used should be top grade so that the horse may experience an all-natural and comfortable fit. Moreover, the shoe should be sturdy enough to endure the force of galloping and the blows of trekking.

Should Prevent Slippage

The second thing you need to check is it should have sturdy and tight lock straps. With this, you can be assured that the shoe will stay in place and will avoid slipping.

What are horse hoof boots for?

Horse hoof boots are used for protecting a horse’s hooves and are often a great substitute for metal shoeing. Most riders who don’t want to shoe their horse use hoof boots for protection while riding. These boots are sometimes also used for holding hoof medicine in place.

Before buying any hoof boots, you should be aware of the main purpose of the hoof boots. Know that your horses’ hooves are like snowflakes. They may not look like it, but they can be quite delicate; hence they need protection. The traditional way of protecting the hooves is by metal shoeing, but a new invention is changing the game.

With the help of horseshoes or easy horse hoof boots, you can make life easier for your horse. Now, you don’t need to call a farrier or put your horse through the whole ordeal of metal shoeing. These boots are ideal for protecting your horse’s hoofs. However, you need to make sure that the boots fit to perfection as ill-fitted shoes can rub and cause added problems to the already sore hoofs.

Are hoof boots any good?

Hoof boots are good for protecting hooves. However, you need to make sure that your horse needs them. Hoof boots are the alternative for metal shoeing as they offer both protection as well as comfort to your horse. They are useful if your horse is suffering from chronic lameness or chronic hoof-capsule distortion. These shoes also help with diseases like sheared and contracted heels as well as chronic thrush. Once these are corrected, these boots help with the rehabilitation of the hooves.

A word of caution, if your horse is reluctant to wear boots, you shouldn’t force him. Instead, gradually introduce your horse to the boots and also increase the wear time slowly till they are comfortable wearing them for an extended period.

How long can you leave hoof boots on?

You should leave hoof boots on daily for 15 to 20 minutes only when your horse is still getting used to them. Gradually, you’d want to increase this time period and extend it to a complete riding session. If the boots are medicated, then your vet will let you know how long your horse needs to wear them.

So, that’s all from our side on the best horse hoof boots. See you next time with another in-depth piece for you horse lovers!

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