7 Best Cordless Horse Clippers: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Horse clipping is one of the most vital aspects of investing in and keeping a horse. Courtesy of horse clippers, this aspect is covered with much ease and comfort. Be it dressage, racing, or taking out your horse for trailing purposes, your horse needs the perfect trim to look presentable. 

If you are newly introduced to the concept of horse clipping, choosing the right clipper can be a nuisance. Looking at the bright side, we have done the hard work and compiled a shortlist of the best cordless horse clippers on the market shelves. 

Quick Picks

Best Choice: Oster Lithium+Ion Pro3000iTM Cordless Horse Clipper.

This clipper also gives the best quality and durability without sacrificing battery timing and power. Truly worth the dollar. 

Budget-friendly Choice: Wahl Professional Bravura Cordless Clipper

This comes with a whole kit and a bunch of colorful add-ons and add-offs. The grooming kit is one of its kind and contains all the high-quality instruments to give your steed the noble haircut it deserves. 

A subtle compromise should be made while choosing the best clippers for your horse. Opting for high-quality clippers can shell out a lot of money which can be quite frustrating. However, it is imperative to have a sound knowledge of how to choose between top-quality and budget-friendly options.

7 Best Cordless Horse Clippers

Now we move on to have an in-depth review of the 7 best cordless horse clippers latest in the stores. We find out below;

1. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Clippers

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Verdict: Durable and least expensive cordless horse clipper.

  • Source: Lithium ion charged battery
  • Run-time: Up to 2 hours
  • RPM: 2500 to 3500 per minute
  • Motor: Rotary

The world’s #1 clipper brand features 15 minutes quick charge and 2 hours runtime. The kit comes with a color guide comb to make selection easier. The self-sharpening precision ground blades of this Wahl product is the most attractive feature. The high carbon steel blades stay sharp longer. It can easily cut through coarse and heavy coats. Wahl’s PowerDrive cutting system easily cuts the thickest coats with 1.5 times more power. This kit comes with everything that is needed for grooming your horse.

2. Oster Lithium+Ion Pro3000iTM Cordless Horse Clipper

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Verdict: Heavy-duty lithium-ion battery with turbocharging.

  • Source: Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Run-time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • RPM: 3000 per minute
  • Motor: Rotatory 

As its name suggests, this heavy-duty lithium-ion battery clipper is rechargeable and has a run-time of 2.5 hours (higher run-time than the average of 2 hours). Apart from that, it loses only 4% of its charge when on idle or standby mode. Contrary to the usual clippers found in the market, the Oster cordless clipper comes with universal detachable blades that are easy to come by and thus provide ease of changing blade lengths rapidly. 

In addition, you can trim your horse without worrying about plugging the clipper into the mains. The trimmer also comes with a spare battery pack which means you can work with one while charging the other. In this way, you can keep trimming all the horses in your barn, without interruption, by just replacing the uncharged battery with the charged one. 

By the looks of it, the clipper is fairly light to carry while also being heavy-duty at the same time. One year warranty comes along with it.

3. Wahl Professional Bravura Clipper Kit

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Verdict: Less expensive, heavy-duty with quick charge.

  • Source: Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Run-time: 2 hours
  • RPM: 5000 per minute
  • Motor: Rotatory

This cordless horse clipper is nothing but a powerful and gentle trimmer. With its super silent motor and less heat emission, Wahl Professional clipper is the name of comfort and smooth trim.

Although comparatively heavier than others, Wahl’s clipper comes with a built-in adjustable blade and a 15-minutes quick charge feature. Along with that 5000 rpm motor, speeds up the job of trimming while still being smooth in the hands. 

The clipper comes with a whole kit comprising guide combs, storage kit, scissors, blade oil, brush, and most importantly, a DVD guide of ‘how to’. The manufacturers do know well how to maintain their customers by attracting them with user’s guide info.

This clipper also comes with a year’s warranty.

4. Wahl Professional Animal Bravura Clipper Kit (Corded)

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Verdict: Most efficient light-duty and lightweight clipper.

  • Source: Dual (Battery/Mains)
  • Run-time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • RPM: 4500 per minute
  • Motor: Rotatory

This is the sister variant of Wahl Professional Bravura clipper. Being one of the most popular clippers in the stores, Wahl’s Professional Animal Bravura clipper kit comes with a multitude of trimmer and clipper attachments. This makes it an ultimate choice to give a professional equine trim. The package includes a 5-in-1 blade set, plastic combs, blade oil, an instruction manual, and an attractive case to handle. 

Staying loyal to the classification of light-duty, the clipper weighs 9 ounces and is best for trimming bridle patches, ears, hooves and getting the feathers neated. Easy to hold and maneuver, the grip is designed so as to offer comfort while trimming and the added lightweight effect further reduces the stress on hands to lift up the clippers and do them bushes. 

An hour-long charge results in 90 minutes of absolute trimming. If the hour of clipping passes by unnoticed and the battery light turns red, you can simply plug in a cord from mains as the trimmer can run on a dual power supply as well. 

The kit also comes in various different colors and of course, with one year warranty.

5. Heiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper

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Verdict: Good medium-duty clipper with a smart charger.

  • Source: Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Run-time: 2 hours
  • RPM: 4000 per minute
  • Motor: Rotatory

An extravagant-looking cordless clipper that comes with an in-built 2 hours long runtime lithium-ion battery. An intelligent fast charger that shows how much battery is charged and the time remaining for a full charge is also included with the clipper.

Talking about the looks, the clipper has a unique handlebar look which defines versatility and simpler use. One major advantage this clipper has over the others is that it is way more silent and less noise emitting, making it easier for the nervous horses to get a hair trim. In addition, the clipper comprises an insulated sealed handset, which lowers the chances of dirt and hair getting trapped within the blades. One slight disadvantage of this horse clipper is that it is slightly overrated as regards its retail cost, however, a long-lasting guarantee is offered. 

The clipper comes with a 3-year warranty which is way more than the usual ones.

6. Andis Pulse Zr II 5-Speed Detachable Cordless Clipper

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Verdict: Best heavy-duty cordless horse clipper.

  • Source: Battery operated (Lithium ion)
  • Run-time: 3 hours
  • RPM: 2500-4500 per minute
  • Motor: Rotary

This horse clipper is currently the most popular heavy-duty clipper and features a CeramicEdge blade with replacements. Multiple blade options and versatility make this clipper very useful for horses, as they can be given a nicer haircut.

In addition, like other cordless handsets, the battery pack is removable and can be charged separately while an alternative battery can be used so that you may keep on trimmin’ without any breaks. The Andis cordless clippers are also one of the most expensive ones on the market; however, they rightly prove it by providing extraordinary power and durability. 

All Andis products have a 1-year warranty.

7. Oster Power Pro Ultra Cordless Professional Clipper Kit

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Verdict: Best affordable cordless horse clipper.

  • Source: Lithium ion powered battery
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • RPM: 3300 per minute
  • Motor: Rotary

Last on the list we have the Oster Power Pro cordless clipper. which has a couple of drawbacks compensated with the reduced price tag. The clipper shells out 3300 strokes per minute with a battery running time of only 60 minutes, which may be a hassle. However, the charging time is also concurrently lessened.

Additionally, the clipper comes with detachable CryogenX blades with AgION antimicrobial coating. The clipper also comes with a nice stand so you can give your hand and the clipper both some rest. The grip design is smooth to allow easier handling and maneuverability.

Kit includes: clipper with standard Oster blade, blade guard, 2 NiMH batteries, charging stand, durable, foam-padded carrying case, blade oil, cleaning brush, and instructions.

The Oster clippers also come with a 1-year warranty.

Choosing the Best Horse Clippers (Cordless)

Now that you are aware of the best horse clippers you can find at the stores, let’s give you a basic knowledge of how you can be sure that the product you have purchased is top-notch. Just for reference, we already have a best overall horse clippers article if you’re interested in venturing into other options that may not be cordless.

Type of Horse Clipper

Depending on the use of clippers, they are broadly divided into 4 categories;

Heavy-duty Clippers

These clippers are used by professionals who aim to get their horses’ (yes, not just one) hair done on a regular basis. Apart from that, this type can also be used if your horse has thick and dense hair. As evident, heavy-duty clippers are also heavyweight and mostly require mains power supply instead of a battery-operated source (with exception of a few).

Medium-duty Clippers

This variety of horse clippers is used by a majority of people due to lesser weight and fairly good power output. Thus, it comes with both cordless and cord-full options both. 

Light-duty Clippers

If you plan to clip your horse’s hair very less often and that too if it has a thin coat, then a light-duty clipper is your best option. It almost always comes cordless and produces less heat and noise. 


Specific areas on horses that need tidying up or feathering are easy jobs for cordless trimmers. Trimmers are also the least expensive options available on the market.


The most important and worthy factor to know if you’re going for the best cordless clipper is its quality. Brands like Wahl, Oster, and Andis are the most popular ones, and rightly so, because of the durable and top-of-the-range quality they offer. Wahl Professional Clippers in particular have the best quality handsets and their cordless trimmers give the most reliable fast chargers.

Size and Weight

You ought not to tire your hands and arms while grooming your noble horse. The size and weight of the handset are imperative, if your hands are relatively small which may hinder your gripping capacity. Always opt for those clippers which feel comfortable in your hands because, after all, it’s your hands that are supposed to do the magic. However, if you have a horse with coarse and heavy hair, you may feel unlucky here as there is no option besides purchasing a heavy-duty clipper.

Always Opt for Cordless

Despite being more effective and power generating, clippers with main power sources are less versatile and offer less accessibility. On the other hand, cordless clippers can give a lot of comfort and access to all the parts of the horse where hair needs to be trimmed properly and with ease. 

In addition, battery-powered clippers almost always help you save on your electricity bills as compared to clippers that run on the power sources.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Cordless Horse Clipper

You still might be having a few questions in mind on what sort of horse clippers to purchase. Don’t worry, we have you covered. We have answered some of the very common questions in the section below.

What are the quietest cordless horse clippers?

The Heiniger Xplorer is the quietest, and least vibrating cordless horse clipper. It is equipped with all the standard universal blades and the best thing about this clipper is its 3-year warranty. The brand is so sure about its product that they rolled out the longest warranty tenure of all the clippers. Additionally, the clipper also comes with a smooth and comfortable grip so that your hands may never get tired clipping your horse. 

Is there a difference between dog clippers and horse clippers?

The main difference between a dog and a horse clipper is its power consumption. A traditional dog clipper runs on 5 to 15 watts while a horse clipper runs on full AC voltage 120 watts. Although you may be able to achieve the trim with a dog clipper on a horse, it may take several days or weeks as compared to hours with the original horse clippers.
Additionally, the dog clippers are designed for smoother hair while horse clipper blades and motor are both specifically engineered to cut thicker horsehair. 

What is the best cordless horse clipper?

The best choice for the ideal cordless horse clipper would be Oster Lithium+Ion Pro3000iTM Cordless Horse Clipper. This clipper is equipped with all the advanced features you want as a professional equine groomer. As its name suggests, this is a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery clipper that is rechargeable and has a run-time of 2.5 hours (higher run-time than the average of 2 hours). Apart from that, it loses only 4% of its charge when on idle or standby mode. Contrary to the usual clippers found in the market, the Oster cordless clipper comes with universal detachable blades that are easy to come by and thus provide ease of changing blade lengths rapidly.

Are horse clippers safe for horses?

Horse clippers are as safe as houses. They are a professional need for horses otherwise the horse grooming industries wouldn’t exist. Any horse owner almost always has to have a horse clipper in his arsenal. Depending on the skin of the horse and its temperament, a clipper of choice should be bought. Do make sure to well maintain your horse clippers through proper oiling and blade/comb clearing. Otherwise, the clippers may pull in hair while trimming and this can cause an unpleasant feeling and discomfort for the horse.

Are cordless horse clippers better than usual ones?

There are many more pros than cons of a cordless horse clipper. The ease of reaching out to the most inner portions and equal trimming from all sides gives the cordless clippers one advantage over the traditional cord clippers. In addition, the biggest perk is handling and maneuverability, plus the option of battery operability. All these options give the cordless clippers a unanimous victory over the usual ones.

Go Cordless… 

Concluding the cordless horse clippers fairy-tale, we’d handsomely say that buying the perfect cordless clipper was never a problem. Looking at the options described, you can easily tell which horse clipper is ideal for your horse. Do make sure, you always go cordless.