The Temperament and Personality of an Arabian Horse

Arabian horses are the purest of all breeds of horses.

There’s much debate around the Arabian horse’s traits that it’s only natural to be intrigued.

So, what is the temperament and personality of an Arabian Horse? Arabians have a kind and calm temperament as compared to other hot-blooded horse breeds. They are safer around children and make fine beginner horses as well. However, they can become aggressive and stubborn due to mistreatment.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the general Arabian Horse traits, the variations in their temperament and what might cause them to become aggressive.

The Personality of an Arabian horse

Arabian Horses are originally from the Middle Eastern deserts and that’s where they get their buoyant personality from.

This horse was considered the most prized possession of a Bedouin and so they were kept close with the family in the same tent. This arrangement has cultivated strong bonding between Arabian Horses and humans.

The Arabian Horses are a complete package.

They are fiery-eyed horses with a calm disposition and friendly manners.

At the same time, they can be hot-headed and high strung. Their personality mostly depends on how you treat them.

Here are a few Arabian Horse facts and traits that make this breed perfect for domestication.

Arabian Horses can be trusted around children

The Arabian Horse is one of the few warm-blooded horse breeds that’s labeled safe for kids.

Hundreds of years ago, the Bedouins would let their prized Arabian mares in their tents during the nights. That means that Arabians were always composed, gentle, and comfortable around smaller kids.

The modern Arabian Horses carry this characteristic in their genes and tend to react normally to children.

However, you should never let a child roam unsupervised around any horse.

They have a pleasing attitude

Arabian horses can go to any lengths to please their owners and have excellent work ethics. They are often labeled as the most resilient horse breed in the world.

Arabian Horses can ride tirelessly on difficult terrain.

They’re willing to work hard for long hours. It’s almost as if they like taking responsibility and doing an excellent job in exchange for a small treat and appreciation.

Arabian horses are extremely Intelligent

Arabians are highly intelligent and sensitive horses, and that is why they don’t accept inept training methods or blatant use of force.

Treat them with respect and kindness and they’ll become a great companion for you.

However, if you try to force them to do something, they can be the most stubborn horse and will give you a tough time.

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They follow instructions

Being intelligent horses, Arabians are great at picking commands and learning new habits. They are willing and eager to please and will do anything if the instructions are clear.

If they can’t comprehend the instructions, they will still try to do their best to satisfy you.

Due to their trainability and endurance, they make good movie horses, too.

Arabian Horses are forgiving

Arabian Horses have a long history of being in close proximity with humans which has made their temperament mild.

Like any other horse, they don’t appreciate the use of force against them, but they tend to forgive with time.

They are highly responsive and develop a strong bond with the owner.

They are sensitive horses

Because of their sensitive nature, the Arabian horses can pick up on the riders’ feelings. So, if you love your Arabian horse, it probably loves you back. This gives it the ability to develop an extraordinarily strong bond.

Arabian horses are amazing as therapy animals for children and the elderly with mental disorders or developmental delays.

The Arabian will carry a kid rider with much care. It will gently trot all the way to make the rider comfortable.

The temperament of an Arabian horse

Just like humans, there are good and bad horses, and you cannot generalize a whole breed based on individual characteristics.

Therefore, generalizing all Arabians as hot-headed, spooky, or high spirited is unjustifiable.

In fact, most Arabian horses are kind, patient, and develop a strong rapport with humans, making great companions.

Arabian horses are hot-blooded animals

Though Arabian horses have a cool temperament and they are great family horses, but they are hot-blooded too and could be high strung.

Arabians are quick learners, so they pick bad habits as quickly as good habits.

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A beginner horse or not?

Arabians horses make fine beginner horses.

They are especially gentle with children and it has also been noted that Arabian horses are extra careful with young riders.

Not only children but Arabian horses are also great mounts for people with disabilities.

Arabian Horses make a good family pet

Arabian horses can sense when children are in the surrounding.

They could be hot-headed and difficult to handle for adults, but they become a loving family pet with children.

In fact:

The Arabian Horse is one of the few breeds that can be let near small children without fear. Even when a small kid is walking them, they will walk carefully to avoid small toes

A bomb-proof horse

The term “bomb proof” refers to a horse that doesn’t get spooked easily.

Even is a bomb explodes nearby, a “bomb-proof horse” won’t startle.

Years of warfare training has made Arabian horses deadly quiet and almost nothing can spook them.

But just like humans, animals could be unpredictable too. Some Arabian horses get spooked rather easily and jump at even the smallest sound.

The variation in the temperament of an Arabian horses

Arabian horses are high energy hot-blooded horses, they can be moody and if the rider gets irritated, they can sense it and respond.

So, they are difficult to handle for an inexperienced rider and they might perceive the horse as hot-tempered.

It is especially important to consider horses as animals and not as machines.

Like us, they can be unpredictable at times.

Horses have individual personalities, which are usually based on their environment and training

The career they were bred and trained for also plays a huge role in their personality development.

For instance:

The Quarter horses that are bred for walking cattle are calmer and don’t get spooked easily as compared to the racing Quarter horses.

Similarly, the Arabian breed shows diversity in temperament.

Still, they have an element of gentleness to them no matter how high spirited they are.

The reasons why a horse might act differently may vary and is usually one of the following:

  • The horse doesn’t feel as independent as before
  • The Arabian is kept alone without other Arabians or humans
  • It could be trying to dominate you

In every horse breed, there are horses that don’t match the stereotypical perception about their personality.

But, you can avoid that too. Here’s an article on how you can take care of your Arabian Horse.

Health issues that can affect the temperament of an Arabian horse

Being the purest breed of horse, the Arabian’s have some distinct physical features.

They have one lesser vertebra and rib than other horses.

The Arabian horses have their own potential set of genetic diseases and they can affect the temperament of a horse to a great extent.

Some diseases such as Cerebellar Abiotrophy can affect the coordination and balance of a horse. Epilepsy can also affect the Arabian horses sometimes.

A disease or a sickness can significantly affect the temperament of a horse because there is always some discomfort attached to the illness.

Therefore, it’s highly likely that a horse feels agitated because of pain induced as a result of a disease.

Medication can help with many illnesses but sometimes if the disease is severe a surgery might be required.

A negative change in the temperament of an otherwise calm horse is a strong indication of an underlying problem and a vet should immediately be called for a checkup.

Final words: Who should buy an Arabian Horse?


If you are looking for a horse that could become your best companion and one that will be loyal and responsive to your love and affection; the Arabian horse is the right choice for you.

They are best suited as a family horse as they tend to enjoy human company and create strong bonds.

They can be safely used for training children and adults for horse riding.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Arabian horses.

What are Arabian horses known for? 

Arabian is the purest of all breeds, these fiery-eyed horses are known for their high energy and highly inquisitive nature and intelligence.

Years of selective breeding and their dessert origin has evolved them into a breed of horses that are extremely enduring and hard working.

They can go longest on minimal food and drink.

What is so special about Arabian horses? 

Arabian horses have distinctive features, the wedge-shaped head concave profile, and high tail carriage that makes them easily recognizable horses.

They are also known for their speed and “flying trot.”

Arabian is one of the oldest and purest breeds of horses. archaeological evidence of the Arabian breed dates to 5000 BC.

Are Arabian horses good for beginners? 

Yes, Arabian horses make fairly good beginner horses.

They are highly intelligent and prefers human company. They are loyal, dependable and make great companions for human.

Arabian horses make great mounts for children and beginner riders because they stay calm, listen to commands promptly.

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