The Cost of An Arabian Horse…Why Are They So Expensive?

Arabians are one of the most expensive horse breeds in the world. And there are logical reasons behind that.


Why are Arabian horses so expensive? The average Arabian Horse cost is around $5,000-10,000. They are considered to be one of the top ten horse breeds in the world because of their unmatched endurance, intelligence, and their ability to work in a variety of domains. Hence, Arabian Horses are quite cherished and expensive.

Not sure what makes the Arabian horses so special?

Read on to find out more.

The Annual Cost of an Arabian Horse

Horses are expensive and owning one means you need to have a substantial amount set aside for each month of their expenditure.

The question is:

Exactly what is the cost of an Arabian horse in terms of its diet, grooming, housing, medical bills, and training?

Here is an idea of how much keeping a horse can burn a hole through your pocket.

According to general estimates, the actual cost of an Arabian horse can be around $5000-10,000, but its monthly cost can span anywhere from $300 to $800

Here is a breakdown of what the expenses are of keeping an Arabian beauty.

Diet The cost of the Arabian Horse’s diet obviously depends on how much your horse eats, but anywhere between $250-$4000 per year is an average
Housing Depending on where you keep the horse, you might need to pay $850-$2545
Grooming Grooming services would decide the cost but $10-$150 is the average going rate
Medical bills Dental care is essential and can take $50-$100 per visit. Vaccines and de-worming can cost $250-$350 per year
Training Whether for racing or horse shows, training can take somewhere around $40-$100 per day

What Makes Arabian Horses so Expensive?

Perhaps the most exotic thing about them is that the Arabian Horse origin is purely Arabic.

They were bred and used by the Bedouin Arabs, who would use these horses for raiding villages or train them to be used in wars.

Once the Western world discovered the beautiful Arabians, they were imported and used for mixing with a variety of breeds.

These days, most horses have some genes that come from the Arabian horses.


What’s the reason for the high cost of Arabian Horses and their popularity?

  • Arabian horses are beautiful and their looks cannot be eclipsed by any other breed
  • Even though the Arabian Horse doesn’t lack in speed, it is essentially a high endurance horse that comes in handy in a variety of fields like endurance racing
  • The Arabian horse temperament is such that they’re very sensitive and intuitive to the needs of their owners
  • They’re good-natured and willing to please. That’s why Arabians can make good beginner horses.

Arabian horses were originally bred in the scorching Arabian deserts and this allowed them to develop endurance that gives them longevity and the ability to survive anywhere.

This, therefore, is the major reason why breeders, riders and show performers alike love the extremely expensive Arabian horses.

Even though the Arabian horses are now widely available in all parts of the world, the purebred Arabian horses are quite different than the mixed breed variety.

The purebred Arabian horses aren’t simply bred in the Arab anymore, but in Western parts of the world too, like the USA, Australia etc.

Since the Arabian horses are in such high demand, they are sold at very high prices.

The Arabian horses can easily reach the price of 1 million dollars or more!

This is why Arabian horses aren’t affordable for everyone.

Not only are their prices high, but their maintenance also requires a considerable sum of money.

This is another reason why Arabian Horses are expensive.

Royal Looks and a Unique Stature

There is no competition in looks when it comes to the Arabian Horses. In fact, the Arabian horse’s skeleton is itself different from that of a regular horse. (More on that in this article.)

These beautifully sleek and powerful horses can steal your heart within seconds and that certainly factors into the Arabian horse cost.

Here are the physical characteristics of an Arabian Horse:

Eyes Large almond-shaped eyes
Nose Large nostrils with a small muzzle
Neck Long, arched-neck
Legs Strong, well-muscled legs
Profile Concave or dished profile
Head A broad forehead that has a slight bulge between the eyes called “jibbah.”

Arabian horses are available in a variety of colors including black, gray, bay and chestnut.

Some are also present in dominant white, rabicano patterns or sabino.

These beautiful horses exude royalty not only in their looks but also the way they saunter and canter.

Since my research, I have come across quite a few Arabian horses and I can tell you with certainty, they are a sight to behold whether they are standing still, galloping across a track or showing off tricks in a show!

The Strength of an Arabian Horse

Great strength is one of the greatest Arabian Horse characteristics.

It’s true:

Arabian Horses will not win a race against a Quarter horse or a Thoroughbred. But that doesn’t change the fact that Arabian horses have more power and endurance as compared to other breeds. Learn more about horse power here..

This is because the Arabian horse is born and bred in the deserts and can easily survive with small amounts of food and water without ever slowing down.

This makes them great for farm work or endurance racing because Arabian Horses rarely ever slow down.

The bottom line is:

You can use these horses for races, horse shows, and raiding. They also make fantastic beginner horses which further increases the cost of an Arabian Horse.

Friendly and Intelligent Nature

The most interesting thing about Arabian horses is that even though they are high-strung and may need handling from time to time, they are intelligent and friendly.

Arabian Horses understand what is required of them and mold themselves according to the needs of their owner or trainer.

The Arabian horses are also curious horses, which makes them fast learners.

They are willing to give their trainers a chance to teach them all the tricks that the trainer has in their hats.

Since they are mild-mannered and friendly in nature, they love getting attention and hence learn quickly in order to please the person teaching them.


There is no issue of lack of understanding or attention deficit when it comes to Arabian horses and this is why they are sold at such high rates.

Final Verdict: Are Arabian Horses Worth the Money?


Have you already fallen in love with Arabian horses?

They are expensive, but they’re truly are worth the money.


If you’ve been looking to buy a horse that could participate in an endurance race, horse shows or want to train as a beginner rider, then the Arabian horse is definitely a fantastic choice.

Even though Arabian horses are an extremely expensive breed, their endurance, stunning looks, and friendly nature are enough to make you want to buy this gorgeous horse.

Just make sure you have the funds before you decide to invest in an Arabian horse because these beautiful yet expensive horses can honestly cost you an arm and a leg!

Related Questions

Are Arabian Horses the best? This depends on what you are looking for in a horse. If you are comparing looks, then there is no denying the fact that Arabian Horses have no rivals.

They have spirit, discipline, and alertness and are perfect for endurance riding, horse shows, and farm use.


Arabian horses may not be the best when it comes to short races.

Why are Arabian horses special? Since Arabian horses are basically desert animals, they are better able to function on low amounts of food and water.

This is what increases their endurance and makes them more attractive for purchasers, whether it be for raids or horse shows.

Of course, their exotic personalities and looks also make them special and expensive.

Are Arabian Horses the fastest? Even with all their endurance, physical dominance and strength, Arabian horses are not the fastest and can easily be beaten by Quarter horses and Thoroughbreds.

When it comes to short races, Quarter horses or Thoroughbreds are clear winners.

However, Arabian horses are said to perform better in endurance riding championships with 85% of the winning horses in Tevis Cup being Arabians.

Arabian horses tend to slow down at the end of all races be they short races or long races.

What is the life cycle of an Arabian horse? Arabian horses have a long healthy lifespan of 25-30 years.

This hardy breed is perfect if you are looking for horses that rarely fall sick or have any other kind of injury or health concern.

Some Arabian horses can live long into their 40s as well.

This is probably because they are smaller in stature as compared to many other horse breeds and therefore have a slightly longer life expectancy compared to other horses.


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