10 Best Horse Electrolytes

The beginners may wonder why should they feed their horses an electrolyte, while experts may find it quite intimidating to find the right one for their four-legged friend. Similarly, young or old, all horses need electrolytes to combat the loss of minerals and nutrients due to sweating. Besides, electrolytes are essential for maintaining fluid levels,

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5 Best Horse Trailer Tires

Owning a horse trailer invariably means there ought to be the maintenance of its tires. Since horse trailers have a huge responsibility of carrying the noble lineup of your horses, there is much on the wheels of the trailers that need looking after. It is imperative to bolster up or replace the tires as soon

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How Many Horses per Acre

Do you have access to some grazing land and wondering how many horses you can put on per acre of land? Here, guesswork will not get you anywhere until you know the facts or information required while allocating land space to horses. Many horses love spending their time in fields all year round, whereas others

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Leaving Horses Out in the Rain

When you first get a new horse, you think you’ve learned everything about horse care. But, as time passes, you experience different situations that leave you confused. The first rain on your horse will be no different. There are a lot of questions that come to mind regarding horses in wet weather. Do horses need

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How to Pet a Horse

Being one of the most magnificent creatures on the planet, horses are unique in their way. Although like any other prey animal, a horse would be afraid if you touch him without permission. Petting a horse requires a tactical approach if you are doing it for the first time.  Luckily, these tactics are well known.

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