10 Best Horse Electrolytes

The beginners may wonder why should they feed their horses an electrolyte, while experts may find it quite intimidating to find the right one for their four-legged friend. Similarly, young or old, all horses need electrolytes to combat the loss of minerals and nutrients due to sweating.

Besides, electrolytes are essential for maintaining fluid levels, supporting muscle functions, and more. But it is important to know which nutrients your horse lacks or how much to feed your horse, as overdosing or consuming the wrong supplement may prove fatal to your horse.

That’s why we have come up with some buying suggestions and the 10 best horse electrolytes recommendations to help you get the right electrolyte supplement for your horse. So read on!

Quick Picks

Here are our winners.

Best overall: Buckeye Nutrition is the best electrolyte and a tasty treat for your horse. It comes in different palatable flavors and is rich in nutrients and minerals that helps keep your horse healthy and his tummy happy all the time.

Best Budget option: Are you looking for a good quality electrolyte at an affordable price? If yes, go for a KENTUCKY horse electrolyte supplement. This energy booster comes in powder form and is rich in sodium, potassium, and chloride. Besides, it promotes healthy water consumption in horses.

The 10 Best Electrolytes for Horses

Here is our selection of the 10 best horse electrolytes on the market.

1. Buckeye Nutrition

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Buckeye Nutrition horse electrolytes are a favorite of almost every horse. It contains 25% fat to help your horse gain more weight without providing any extra feed. Also, its formula includes oats, soya, veggie oil, and a lot of minerals and nutrients.

Additionally, the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in their formula support immune function and reduce inflammation. Plus, its ingredients, like rice bran, are a great source of antioxidants and extra calories that will keep your athlete energetic and healthy.

Moreover, this low sugar supplement maintains your horse’s blood sugar, whether you have an old or a young horse. As an added bonus, the Buckeye electrolyte supplement is also available in nugget form, so your horse can easily eat and digest it. Unlike powder supplements, the Buckeye nugget does not leave behind at the bottom of the feeding tub.

All in all, this highly nutritious supplement works as a superfood that will keep your horse’s tummy full even when he is not eating enough. At the same time, it saves your money on commercial feed while providing the same nutritional value that your horse gets if they graze.


  • Best for weight gain
  • Contain all vital nutrients and minerals
  • Antioxidants present in to support a healthy immune system
  • Available in different flavors


  • A bit higher cost

2. Horse Health Vita Biotin Crumbles

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Horse Health Vita Biotin is the best hoof electrolyte supplement for horses. You can mix it with your horse’s regular feed for optimal results. Additionally, this product is rich in nutrients and contains ground limestone, dehydrated alfalfa, veggie oil, wheat middlings, molasses, and biotin.

All these ingredients together improve carb digestion, digestion, and hydration levels. Also, feeding your horse this supplement supplies a good amount of calcium for proper bone growth.

This product is designed to support hoof health, give shiny coats and enhance overall brain health. The only problem with this powdered supplement is that it quickly goes at the bottom of the feeding tube, which means that your slow-eating horse may miss out on some of the electrolytes.


  • Contains biotin to support healthy hoof growth
  • Easy to feed crumbles


  • It contains vegetable oil that may contribute to unwanted weight gain

3. Majesty’s Flex Wafers

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Majesty’s Flex Wafers offers joint support to horses of all ages, whether your horse is young or old. This supplement supports a horse’s full range of motion to let them continue doing daily tasks without any pain at the end of the day.

Furthermore, these electrolyte wafers can reduce pain and inflammation due to arthritis in older horses. It comprises five powerful ingredients: chondroitin, sulfate, MSM, yucca, ascorbic acid, and glucosamine.

Additionally, these wafers are a good opportunity to strengthen your bond with your horse through hand-feeding. Since you can hand feed your horse these wafers, you do not have to separate the feed of horses that need supplementation from the other horses.


  • Easy to feed
  • Available in convenient wafer form
  • Two month supply


  • Not designed to mix with feed

4. PROBIOS Equine Probiotic

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PROBIOS are the best horse supplements for balancing and maintaining a digestive system. These supplements are designed to promote the growth of healthy bacteria to help keep an eye on your horse’s appetite and make sure that everything they eat is thoroughly and properly digested.

You can use PROBIOS supplements when the seasons change, as it may affect your horse’s diet and eating habits, so providing these supplements will keep their nutrients balanced and stress levels low.

Additionally, your horse will love this apple-flavored palpable supplementation which will help them eat more of it whether you feed them alone or with hay or a bucket of veggies. Some of its advantages include: keeping the horse’s digestive system in good shape, benefits bones, muscles, brain, coat, and immune system.


  • Balance and maintain digestive system
  • Palatable


  • Does not contain any added minerals and vitamins

5. NUTRAMAX Cosequin

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NUTRAMAX Cosequin is a vet-approved best horse joint electrolyte supplement. Its formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin, compounds obtained from natural plant foods such as soybeans and avocados. These compounds give joints and cartilage protection to your horse so that he can move around with ease without pain.

Moreover, this product includes ASU, a compound that combines with glucosamine to support joint growth and stability. Besides natural and artificial apple flavoring, this electrolyte supplement contains only a handful of ingredients. However, NUTRAMAX is the perfect supplement for horses performing in races or working hard on the farm.


  • Easy to administer
  • Contain ASU to support joint growth


  • It is not designed to mix with feed
  • Expensive

6. ANIMED Glucosamine

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ANIMED Glucosamine is another best horse electrolyte on our list. Besides joints, this supplement contains ingredients that will protect your horse from injuries and maintain overall health.

Its ingredients include omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation and enhance airway and lung functionality as you continue feeding it to your horse. Additionally, vitamin C in ANIMED acts as an antioxidant and supports a healthy immune system, selenium, and muscle integrity.

This product is great at repairing damaged tissues and promotes the production of synovial fluid that helps lubricate the joints. For excellent results, mix the powder with your horse’s feed.


  • Support joint and lung health
  • Repair damaged tissues


  • Unpalatable (contain no flavors)

7. Thomas Pet Brewer’s

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This is a basic horse electrolyte supplement for overall health and is unique in a way as it can accommodate not only horses but also dogs and birds. The formula promotes healthy digestion, a smooth and soft coat, a powerful immune system, and an enhanced sense of well-being. Thomas Labs brewer’s yeast supplements include garlic, selenium, essential amino acids, and chromium.

They also include naturally derived yeast, which provides a rich source of B vitamins that will help boost your horse’s metabolism and enhance its overall immune system. This product comes in powder form and is easy to mix with the feed. However, we have found that the powder becomes compacted and sticks together in high-humidity settings, especially when the lid is tightly sealed.


  • Suitable for dogs, horses, and birds
  • Good source of Niacin
  • 100% natural


  • The powder does not hold up well to high-humidity environments
  • May cause skin allergies in dogs


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Kentucky is an ideal supplement for equine enthusiasts who often travel for a long time; thus, their horses need more energy and strength. Why do you need to select Kentucky electrolytes for your horse?

Actually, this electrolyte supplement is an excellent source of sodium, potassium, and chloride for your horse. Plus, it promotes healthy water consumption in your horse and saves them from dehydration.

We will recommend this product to horses with a mature body and weight of 500kg. Also, do consider your horses’ weight before purchasing this electrolyte supplement.


  • Cost-effective
  • Helps improve performance
  • Balance electrolyte levels


  • Sugar-free hence may not be liked by some horses

9. Vetoquinol Zylkene

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Feeding your horse on Vetoquinol Zylkene electrolyte supplement helps make them stress-free and calm without containing any ingredient that causes drowsiness in your horse. Besides, its formula does contain ingredients like alpha-capsazepine (found in the milk of cows) that help keep the stress hormones balanced naturally.

Plus, the product shows soothing effects on horses without the addition of any artificial chemicals or medications. In other words, Vetquinol is one of the safest and most effective options available in the market designed by vets till now. Also, it’s a great alternative to prescription drugs.


  • Lactose free
  • No artificial flavors or coloring


  • Too expensive
  • Packaging issues

10. Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte

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Many times, training or exercising make the horse feel tired due to the loss of electrolytes. To avoid water and nutrient loss, you can provide your horse with a Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte supplement.

This supplement is best at replenishing lost minerals and nutrients after a long day of practice in the ring or exercising. With Farnam supplement, you no longer have to worry about your horse getting dehydrated on hot summer days as this product comes in powder form, so you can either add it in water or a feeding tub.

Additionally, feeding Farnam supplements to your horse before going to a show or competition will fulfill their electrolytes needs and boost energy levels to give better performance. Lastly, its amazing apple flavor adds cherry to the top. Adding this flavored supplement to your horse’s water will surely increase your horse’s water consumption.


  • Boost energy
  • Palatable
  • Replenish nutrient loss


  • Quite expensive
  • Contains artificial flavors

Buying Guide for the Best Horse Electrolytes

Now that you know the 10 best horse electrolytes options available on Amazon and Chewy. Here is an exclusive buying guide for you to help you figure out which one is suitable for your horse to feed.

Know Your Horses Exact Needs

Before buying any supplement for your horse, it is essential to know what kinds of supplementation your horse needs. For instance, does your horse have the correct level of fluids in its body cells? Or does your horse become dehydrated due to mineral deficiency?

For this reason, it’s always better to consult the vet of your horse for medical examination and tests, before buying any supplements. Doing this will help you decide which electrolyte supplements to choose for your horse because only a vet can tell you which ingredients to look for and which to avoid while shopping for horse electrolytes supplements.

Additionally, the vet will also let you know in case your horse is allergic to any ingredient so that you can avoid purchasing the one with that ingredient. Besides, it would help if you observe your horse’s behavior, any changes in coat and lung health, joint pain, and overall health. This will help the vet guide you more easily in finding the best type of supplement for your horse.

How Often Do You Need to Supplement Your Horse?

After deciding which type of electrolyte supplement is best for your horse, the next step is to determine how often your horse needs supplementation. For example, if the horse requires a supplement that offers vitamin C to boost the immune system, then should you feed your horse vitamin C tablets daily or once a week?

For that, you need to check your horse’s current vitamin C level, with the help of your vet. Additionally, your the blood test of your horse is required to know the exact amount of absorbed and digested nutrients in your horse’s body for active use.

Basically, these blood tests will let you know if your horses lack any specific nutrient, plus the severity of the deficiency can also be estimated. After that, you will be able to select the supplement that can help combat the deficiencies.

Determine if Your Horse Needs Combine Supplements

Should I give my horse combined supplements, or should I not? We know many horse owners have this question in their minds, especially if your horse has one or more deficiencies and other health issues.

Also, sometimes a product is designed to fulfill specific needs, such as to give relief from joint or bone pains, whereas you also need supplementation for your horse coat. If that is the case, then it’s best to combine supplements and make a custom treatment that meets your horse’s needs.

But if you are in doubt about the use of combined supplements, it is best to see your veterinarian, and both of you can work together to make a custom electrolyte supplement that will fulfill your horse’s needs.

Moreover, consulting a vet will save you from wasting your money on products that will not improve your horse’s health. Besides, taking expert advice on specific nutrients that your horse needs will also help you figure out how you can give those nutrients at home through supplementation.

People Also Asked

Let us quickly look at some of the most asked questions regarding horse electrolytes.

What are horse electrolyte supplements?

Horses need five main electrolytes including Potassium (K⁺), Chloride (Cl⁻), Sodium (Na⁺), Calcium (Ca²⁺), and Magnesium (Mg²⁺). All these electrolytes play a vital role in the horse’s body. And are required for almost all its body functions such as fluid balance and regulation of muscle contractions and such other important neurological functions.
Sodium is the primary electrolyte that plays a main role in regulating thirst. Sodium combines with chloride and forms sodium chloride, known as table salt.
The horse’s body loses electrolytes through feces, urine, and sweat. For instance, during exercise, horses sweat to cool down their bodies. This sweat contains five main electrolytes in different amounts.
Hence, the loss of electrolytes through excessive sweating causes loss of sodium and chloride in larger amounts, followed by calcium, magnesium, and potassium in lower quantities. The one way to compensate for this loss is to provide your horse with good-quality electrolytes to keep them healthy and hydrated.

Can you make horse electrolytes at home?

Yes, you can make horse electrolytes at home. Here is a palatable homemade horse electrolyte recipe.
Take table salt (NaCl) and Lo-Salt (KCl), both in a ratio of 2:1, to supply the 3 essential electrolytes. Remember you need to take similar sodium chloride and potassium concentrations as in sweat and make an isotonic solution.

Do horses need electrolytes in winter?

As electrolytes are essential to be fed to horses in hot summers, providing these supplements to your horses is vital in winters too. Because in winters, horses usually drink less water than they usually do, due to the cold outside. But even if your horse is not sweating or living in a warm place, or not sweating still, it can get dehydrated.

Can you overdose a horse on electrolytes?

You surely must have heard before “excess of everything is bad.” Similarly, too many electrolytes can be toxic to your horses. For instance, excess sodium can cause hypernatremia, a health condition that causes vomiting, dizziness, and diarrhea.
Similarly, too much potassium may cause hyperkalemia, a condition that affects kidney function in horses and cause nausea, irregular pulse, and heart arrhythmia. Also, the consumption of too many electrolytes may result in physical injuries like ulcers to mouth or stomach tissues.

Can I give my horses electrolytes daily?

Ideally, you should feed your horses the same amount of electrolyte daily. Providing your horse supplements just on competitions or tough workdays is not a good practice. Also, this will not help your horse get away with the deficiency over a long period of time.
One more thing, giving extra electrolytes won’t help your horse or improve their performance. Because their body can not store electrolytes, anything in excess is excreted.
Also, if you are giving your horse electrolytes for competition, then continue feeding for 2-3 days after the event for enhanced recovery. On the whole, you need to make sure that your horses have all the nutrients and minerals they require.


We hope our list of the best 10 electrolytes for horses will help you find the perfect supplement for your horse. Whereas reading our buying guide will give you a better understanding of your horse’s needs now and in the future.

Above all, you will make an informed decision about how they should be fed supplements (alone or in combination with others) when and how much should you feed them. Nevertheless, supplementation refills the essential electrolytes required by horses lost because of exercising and sweating.