5 Best Horse Trailer Tires

Owning a horse trailer invariably means there ought to be the maintenance of its tires. Since horse trailers have a huge responsibility of carrying the noble lineup of your horses, there is much on the wheels of the trailers that need looking after.

It is imperative to bolster up or replace the tires as soon as they deteriorate. Horse trailers are equipped with the usual trailer tires that depend on the rim size. This article features some of the best-selling horse trailer tires that meet the horse enthusiasts’ expectations.

Quick Picks

Not necessarily a brand name guarantees quality and durability, however, good user reviews may give you an idea of overall quality and reliability. The mainstream big boys like Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and Continental tires do not manufacture specialty trailer tires. Top brands manufacturing tires in the horse trailer domain include Carlisle, Towmaster, and Milestar. You may not be familiar with the brands but they are the pioneer in the manufacturing of horse trailer tires.

Best overall

If you’re looking for the top-notch mega-expensive option, then Carlisle Radial Trail RH Tire is your ultimate choice. The tire has an exquisite build quality and lifelong durability. Purchase once, and forget the rest.

Best Budget-friendly option

Milestar Steelpro AST Tire saves your penny and also gives you the benefits of a good quality trailer tire.

5 Best Horse Trailer Tires

For those of you who are in a hurry to know the best options, we have listed them in the quick picks section. Now let us dive into the details of the 5 best horse trailer tires, for the benefit of the choosier consumers, who love to compare the best before shortlisting one.

1. Carlisle Radial Trail RH Tire

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Best horse trailer tire with great value for money.

With a load capacity of almost 2500 pounds and a 15-inch rim size (variable), the Carlisle Radial trailer tires feature a great tread design and increased durability. These are the most prolific trailer tires you’ll find on the market and users regard great value for money to the brand. As far as mileage and longevity are concerned, these trailer tires give out the best fuel economy on road and are equally long-lasting.

2. Maxxis ST Radial Trailer Tire

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Best long-lasting radial horse trailer tire.

The Maxxis trailer tires are high-speed radial constructed tires that provide extended tread life and a proportionally smooth ride. Capable of bearing a maximum weight of 1800 pounds, the Maxxis trailer tires have decreased rolling resistance and improved fuel average and tread life. Additionally, the tread is produced from advanced technology polymer which gives you a variety of workload options. The tires also offer excellent traction and extravagant speed load handling performance.

3. Kenda Loadstar DOT Trailer Tire

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Durable and lightweight horse trailer tire.

With a maximum load of 1100 lbs. and advanced rubber compound, gives Kenda Loadstar trailer tires longer tread wear and low rolling resistance. They also come with a flatter tread profile to improve towing capacity. Due to reduced weight as compared to Radial tires, this DOT trailer tire gives more fuel economy without compromising on road grip.

4. Solidmax STR Trailer Tire

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Best heavy-duty horse trailer tire with high carrying capacity.

The Solidmax STR tire is an ST-rated trailer tire, designed for heavy loads reaching up to 3500 lbs., carried at a higher center of gravity. Offering a variety of ply ratings and high-load index applications made for utility, towing – recreational, and horse – trailers. This trailer tire is designed particularly for quarter horse trailers which can haul multiple horses at a time. Thus weight-bearing is a prerequisite for heavy-duty tires such as the Solidmax STR itself.

5. Halberd Premium Trailer Tire

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Best lightweight and fuel-efficient horse trailer tire.

The trailer tire is made with a high-quality rubber that guarantees both quality and durability. The rubber tire is easy to install and can work as a perfect spare tire choice as well. The groove pattern of this tire is unique and gives an elegant look. The vertical and horizontal grooves give ultimate grip to the surface and increase the trailer’s capacity to tow weight.

The uneven narrow groove design offers the Halberd trailer tire minimum resistance and less noise. With reduced resistance, fuel efficiency increases, leading to a decline in fuel bills.

How to Choose the Best Horse Trailer Tires?

Not all trailer tires are compatible with horse trailers. Although most of them can be used for horse trailers, there are certain differences to note such as maximum weight-bearing capacity, rim size, type of horse trailer, and its size.

Radial and Bias Ply Tires

While looking to buy horse trailer tires, you may come across mumbo jumbo terms like Radial and/or Bias ply tires. You ought to know their differences before purchasing one;

To construct a radial tire, polyester strings are overlapped from the middle of the tire, at an angle of 90-degrees. The radial tire provides better control and a smoother, less noisy ride. They also run calmly, have a better fuel average, and feature a broader impression during traction.

Bias ply tires on the other hand are less pricey as they are unable to generate much torque and corner without difficulty. They are also not ideal for longer routes.

Weight & Size of Trailer

The tires you opt to purchase for your horse trailer depend on the horse trailer, its weight, and size. A lightweight tire may do well if your daily commute routine is around 10 to 20 miles a day. On the other hand, if you haul your trailer on longer routes and at higher speeds, you may wanna opt for heavyweight/heavy-duty tires.

Capacity of Carrying Load

First of all, you are supposed to know the curb weight of your trailer, since not all tires are equal, and you don’t want to scrimp on the load rating. A tire too sturdy will cause bearing down on the tire consequently making your journey rocky and uneven while a feather-lite tire will apply undue pressure on the sidewall or even result in a burst.

PLY Rating Identification

There are also ply ratings on the tire which determine the weight carrying capacity of a tire. PSI (known as pounds per square inch) is a term that denotes the amount of pressure an object such as the tire itself can bear per unit area. Most travel, and also horse trailer tires are labeled D or E, which signify that they can carry 1,200 lbs. at 65 pounds per square inch or 1,500 lbs. at 80 pounds per square inch.

Tire Speed/Velocity Ratings

You must not pull most trailers, especially horse trailers with regular tires over 60 mph. To clock regular highway speeds while towing, use trailer tires with a higher rating. Though it is not recommended to pull over 65mph.

What Makes a Good Trailer Tire?

There are many perks of trailer tires. Easy cornering and smooth towing coupled with less bumpy acceleration, is guaranteed, only if the sidewalls are constructed of high-strength grooves. They are capable of bearing more load than regular tires.

The tread patterns on the trailer tires are made such that they provide the least resistance when pulled. This helps provide better trailer rides and good mileage. If you are looking for a tire that provides a better grip with the road, then you should look elsewhere, for the trailer tires do not possess this characteristic.

LT or P-type automobile tires are not suitable for a trailer. A horse trailer needs ST type of tires, which are specifically made for them. They may be more pricey, but they are designed for pulling and towing.

A good trailer tire is one that offers a good fuel average, mediocre road grip, smooth tread, and high weight-bearing capacity with minimal damage. Trailer tires’ longevity depends on their usage.

People Also Asked

An article seems incomplete without a quick FAQ section. Though we have covered everything there is to know regarding horse trailer tires, let us quickly go through a few FAQs to remove any remaining doubts regarding the same.

What is a horse trailer tire?

There are different types of tires that suit different vehicles. Car tires, truck tires, and bus tires are different from trailer tires and cannot be used interchangeably. Car, bus, and truck tires are designed for grip on the road and pulling forward. Thus, their design is composed of a wider footprint. On the other hand, trailer tires are particularly designed to offer stability, towing, and less resistance while bearing more weight during long hauls. This explains the narrow tread of trailer tires. Different codes are used to determine the type of tire, which most ideally corresponds to a vehicle whether it be a car, a trailer, or a bus. Tires with a P in the code are passenger car tires, LT are light truck tires and ST are “special trailer” tires.

What is the guarantee of a trailer tire?

Surprisingly, trailer tires do not wear out as quickly as regular car tires. The reason behind this is manifold. The car tires possess more traction and have a wider tread. They are prone to more road friction while the principal duty of a trailer tire is to tow and carry weight. The narrower tread offers lesser road surface exposure and thus wear and tear is comparatively less. The heat from towing, standing idle in one spot for longer intervals, under inflation, and sun/heat exposure cause the trailer tires to wear out easily. A good trailer tire can last as much as 5 years to 6 years if maintained properly.

What is the best load range tire for a trailer?

The load ratings (denoted by letters B, C, D, E) inform the user about the ideal weight that a tire can carry. Most travel and also horse trailer tires will be labeled D or E. Each alphabet represents the weight it can carry, at a particular inflation pressure of the tires, measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). Market trailer tires usually are rated within a range of 1000 lbs. upwards to 5000 lbs. of the load range.

What is the cost of a trailer tire?

An average horse trailer tire costs between $160 and $200. A Radial ST tire costs more than a Bias Ply tire due to its durable build and better polymer beads.

How to tell if a trailer tire is of good quality?

A variety of trailer tires are available in the market, but a few are compatible with horse trailers. Although most of them can be used for horse trailers, there are certain differences to note such as maximum weight-bearing capacity, rim size, type of horse trailer, and its size. The tires you opt to purchase for your horse trailer depend on the horse trailer, its weight, and size. A lightweight tire may do well if your daily commute routine is around 10 to 20 miles a day. Radial tires should be preferred over bias ply tires as they offer more control, a smoother ride, and produce less noise.

A Road map for Trailer Tires…

Thus far we have discussed affluently the best deals on horse trailer tires ft. Carlisle tires and the rest. We have also disclosed the highlights which can lead you to choose the best of a lot of trailer tires. Go out there, and explore the choices.