7 Best Horse Calming Supplements: Horse Calmer Reviews

Horse supplements rule the world of horses. The companies use convincing graphics and influential videos that persuade the horse owners to buy their products. We know that your horse means a lot to you so we’d like to help you make a more informed decision.

If your horse is becoming anxious day by day, it is very important for you to know that all horses do not react the same way to a specific calming supplement. 

A calming supplement that works well on one horse does not necessarily work on all horses. In this article, we’ll tell you about the 7 best calming supplements for horses along with their pros, cons and product reviews in complete detail.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:

What are Horse Calming Supplements?

Horses can get really nervous which is dangerous for both the horse and its rider. So, companies developed horse supplementation that can help them feel relaxed again.

These supplements are an additional supplement to your horse’s diet. They contain almost all the required nutrients for the maximum output of your horse. What’s more, there are a number of different types of horse calming supplements as well. 

There are several benefits that these relaxing supplements provide due to the active ingredients found in their formulas. These active ingredients include the following: 


Many horses are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is needed by the body to regulate enzymes and increase the supply of oxygen. Magnesium, in calming supplements, also aids in metabolizing carbohydrates and amino acids which boosts the energy for horses.

B vitamins

Vitamin B reduces stress in anxious horses. Although a horse can produce its own B vitamins in the body, evidence shows that the supplemental vitamins are beneficial for the horse when it is impatient. 

The following are some specific B vitamins along with their functions:

  • Thiamine: It transmits nerve impulses. Hence, aiding in calming the horse.
  • Pyridoxine: maintains a healthy nervous system.
  • Folic acid: It produces hemoglobin and red blood cells. 
  • Riboflavin: It is crucial for the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Niacin: It is essential for fat and protein metabolism

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How To Choose the Best Horse Calming Supplements

Situations such as traveling and competing may result in stress and anxiety among horses. This in turn will lead to injuries, difficulty in handling, and other abnormal behaviours. This is when a horse relaxing supplement steps into the game. 

Since the market for horse calming supplements in saturated, you may feel difficulty in finding one that actually works and has no harmful effects on your horses health. Don’t worry, we have got your back.  

Here is a list of what ingredients you should search for in a relaxing supplement.  


Magnesium calmbes work wonders on anxiuous horses since magnesium helps balance normal nerve transmission. However, you need to take care not buy a supplement with overdosed magnesum as it may upset calcium metabolism. 


This protein-abundant ingredient helps reduce stress and improve sleep. This ingredidnt  should be given in low dose as an effectve calmer. 

Amino Compounds (Trytophan)

Less dose of trytophan – a non-required nutrient can lead to slight excitement and happiness in horses while high dose may negatively affect horse’s performing ability. Tryophan should be present in low dose in horse calmers to help the horse overcome anxiety and restlessness. 


Valerian – a natural compound helps calm your horse under difficult situations. However, this ingredient may lead to dizziness and confusion. While Aaequate amount of valerian should be present in a horse calming supplement, you should avoid giving it before competitions. 

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7 Best Horse Calming Supplements

When looking for a relaxing supplement, owners always want one that has a soothing effect on their horse. Some calming supplements for horses work better than others. So we made up a list of the 7 best horse calming supplements that we think will suit your horse the best.

1. Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief

Bottom Line: Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief is the best pick for nervous horses with gastric ulcers. 

Our top pick in horse calming supplements is the Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief. It contains a Montmorillonite clay found in Redmond, Utah. This clay binds toxins and buffering acid, hence alleviating the digestive system. 

As a result, it reduces the developing gastric ulcers in the horse and consequently, de-stresses your equine companion. Redmond further brings the pH of your horse to a more stable level. 

Redmond Daily Gold Stress Relief provides 68 natural trace minerals that are essential for the optimal health of your horse. Most of the other calming supplements provide much lesser amounts of minerals so Redmond is truly the uncrowned king of horse calming supplements.

The major benefits that are reported by Redmond are improved vitality and digestion along with better hydration. However, some customers have reported that their equine fellow did not like the taste.

Key Features:

  • Improves digestion
  • Contains 60+ loose minerals
  • No artificial sweeteners or fillers

2. Oralx Corporation for Calm and Cool Horses

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Bottom line: Oralx Calming supplements will be a perfect pick if you want to enhance the productivity of your horse.

The runner-up on our list of calming supplements is Oralx Corporation for Calm and Cool Horses. The best thing about Oralx which ended up second on our list is that it is made up of a combination of an essential amino acid; tryptophan and natural herbs. 

Now, this amino acid is very useful, as it relieves anxiety quite efficiently and enhances the productive performance of your horse by increasing calming effect.

Once you start using this supplement, remind yourself repeatedly to be patient for the first few weeks of use as this supplement takes a bit of time to actually start working. We really recommend you try this equine supplement to calm your horse but keep in mind that this supplement contains Valerian root which might be banned at some shows. 

If you want to take your horse to a show, it is advisable to take your horse off this supplement 2 days before the show so that the system of your horse can be cleared. 

Key Features:

  • Manufactured with herbal extracts
  • Enhances productivity
  • Has calming effect

3. Ramard Total Calm

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Bottom Line: this supplement is best to enhance the focus of nervous horses alongside calming them. 

The Ramard Total Calm comes third on our list of best calming supplements for horses. A major advantage that Ramard provides is an increase in focus while calming the anxious horse. The all-natural formula of this relaxing supplement enables it to end up third on our list. 

Cortisol, the major stress hormone in horses, is effectively reduced by an ingredient found in this supplement, called Ramisol.

Apart from Ramisol, Ramard Total Calm also contains B vitamins and magnesium. As discussed earlier, magnesium aids the body to regulate enzymes and increases the supply of oxygen, whereas, the B vitamins are essential for calming the horse. 

Although some people have reported Ramard being distasteful for their horse, it is still recommended because of the all-natural formula and the special ingredient Ramisol.

Key Features:

  • Promotes mental alertness
  • Enhances performance, stamina and endurance
  • Won’t make your horse drowsy
  • Increases oxygen supply

4. SynChill – Stress and Anxiety Supplement for Horses

Bottom Line: We recommend SynChill for faster stress relief

The fourth horse calming supplement that comes on our list is SynChill – Stress and Anxiety Supplement for Horses. The best thing about this horse calming gel is that it reduces stress and anxiety, and has a calming effect without disturbing the performance of your horse. 

Synchill should be given 6 hours before an event so that your equine companion can relax before those stressful hours. 

SynChill – Stress and Anxiety Supplement for Horses works by increasing the serotonin levels in your horse’s nervous system. Its unique formula contains melatonin, B-vitamins and 5-HTP agonists that help calm the horse and make him feel more relaxed. 

Although there are some reports of Synchill having little to no effect on horses, others describe that it is fast-acting because of the 5-HTP agonists in the formula. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal for training, racing, trailering, roping
  • Sweet-tasting
  • Odor-free

5. Majesty’s Kalm Supplement

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Bottom Line: Majesty’s Kalm is an ideal pick for horses who show reluctance in taking other bad-tasting supplements. 

Several things are to be liked about this product that came up on our best horse calming supplement list. For one, Majesty’s Kalm Supplement might be the easiest supplement to give to your equine companion. 

There is absolutely no need to mix any powder or liquid to this augmentation since they are not in powder form and can be given anytime, anywhere. Like Oralx, Majesty’s Kalm Supplements also contain tryptophan and B-vitamins along with other natural ingredients to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. 

The applesauce and molasses flavor of this wafer has been reported to be loved by horses of all sizes and ages. This is a major plus point since it reduces wastage while feeding. 

With that said, we can say that these supplements can be on top of the list of wafers for horses. Be sure never to give this supplement to pregnant horses or those that are intended for breeding as it can have adverse medical effects on them. 

Key Features:

  • Provides overall boost
  • Supports balanced behavior
  • Flavorful

6. Mare Magic 

Bottom line: Natural, Safe, and Effective: Mare Magic eases hormonal discomfort in mares and geldings, with the assurance of no positive testing—making it the go-to choice for concerned horse owners

Mare Magic is a supplement designed to improve the comfort and well-being of mares, particularly during their hormonal cycles. The primary ingredient is dried Raspberry Leaf, which is known for its potential to alleviate the effects of hormonal changes. While the product is targeted towards mares, it is also suitable for use on geldings. One of the key advantages of Mare Magic is that it will not result in a positive test for banned substances, making it safe for competition horses. Additionally, the supplement is highly palatable, ensuring easy administration.

Key Features:

  • Contains dried Raspberry Leaf to help with hormonal changes
  • Suitable for both mares and geldings
  • Will not test positive for banned substances
  • Highly palatable for easy administration

In summary, Mare Magic offers a natural and safe way to help manage hormonal changes in mares, making them more comfortable during their cycles. Its versatility and palatability make it a convenient choice for horse owners

7. StressLess Hot Horse Supplement

Bottom Line: StressLess is an ideal pick for horses that are undergoing training, racing, and traveling.

StressLess Hot Horse Supplement focuses on horses that are related to training, traveling and racing. It has an all-natural formula, calming properties, and is made by a veterinarian whose main aim is to make safe and natural products for horses. 

StressLess Hot Horse Supplement is safe whether you use it for long term or short term as it has no side effects while the brilliance of the horse remains the same. What’s more, its apple flavor is much liked by horses. It is non-herbal and totally non-addictive for your equine companion.

Key Features:

  • Safe for both short and long-term situations
  • Lactose-free
  • Apple-flavored
  • Non-herbal ingredients

FAQs About Horse Calming Supplements

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about calming supplements for horses.

Do horse calmers really work?

Yes, horse calmers do work and are effective in calming anxious horses in the field. Studies have indicated that due to the enrichment of a number of beneficial ingredients, horse calming supplements do what they promise. 
Magnesium, for example, reduces the release of dopamine in the brain, the main hormone linked to hyperactivity. 
Relaxing supplements do work but in a number of different ways. It depends on the ingredients of the supplement. Valerian root, for example, acts on the same receptor to calm the horse as benzodiazepine which is a sedative. 

What can you give a horse for anxiety?

You can give calming supplements to a horse with anxious behavior. But there are also a number of non-medicinal ways that you can try:
If your horse gets anxious at specific times like when an injection is to be administered to him, expose your horse to the situation gradually. That way, the horse will become non-resistant to it. 
Make your horse hear soothing sounds so that he feels relaxed and provide him a low-stress environment. 
A soothing massage will work just fine.
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What can you give a horse for anxiety?

You can give calming supplements to a horse with anxious behavior. But there are also a number of non-medicinal ways that you can try:
If your horse gets anxious at specific times like when an injection is to be administered to him, expose your horse to the situation gradually. That way, the horse will become non-resistant to it. 
Make your horse hear soothing sounds so that he feels relaxed and provide him a low-stress environment. 
A soothing massage will work just fine.
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How do you calm a stressed horse?

To calm your horse down, make sure you let him be on his own for a while. The brains of horses are wired to be naturally social and this helps them reduce stress. 
If you confine a horse to one place only, it’s likely for him to be stressed out. Let him roam around a bit. An average horse can gaze for up to 14 hours a day. Think about it, what harm can he really do? 
You should also keep the mind of your horse occupied. That way, he won’t feel anxious or lonely. Make him indulge in active stimulation by hiding the food so he searches for it in order to eat. 
Also, add some variety to your horse’s day. With the same routine every day, even you can get bored and stressed out. 

How long do horse calmers take to work?

The time required for horse calmers to work majorly depends on its ingredients. If your horse calming supplement contains tryptophan as the main ingredient, then it’s likely that the supplement will produce calming effects and improve horse’s well being in about 2-3 weeks. 
However, there are certain ingredients like valerian root that act faster than tryptophan which makes it ideal for stressful situations but it might be banned in some shows so you should think twice before choosing any horse calming supplement with valerian root if your horse participates in shows.

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