7 Best Horse Ulcer Supplements for a Healthy Gut

Is your mighty horsey showing signs of poor appetite or discomfort lately? Have you noticed it lying down more than usual, grinding its teeth, being reluctant to perform, or having loose feces? The best horse ulcer supplements can solve these problems and many more.

Looking after a sick horse can be challenging, especially if you haven’t had to deal with it before. Exploring multiple gut health supplements for horses can be intimidating too. This is why this article compiles all the necessary information you may need regarding which gut ulcer supplement you should buy for your horse. Keep reading till the end to find out the best horse ulcer supplements available in the market today. 

Quick Picks 

Just in case you are in a rush to soothe your equine’s cries due to a painful ulcer, take a look at our quick picks and choose one that seems to be the best fit for now!

Best Overall:

AniMed Ulc-R-Aid with Colostrashield Digestive Health Powder Horse Supplement, 4-lb tub contains antibiotics and immunity factors that are necessary for your horse to recover from ulcer.

Runner Up:

With its easy-to-digest composition, Tribute Equine Nutrition Kalm N’ EZ Pellet Low-NSC, Molasses-Free Horse Feed is best preferred for older horses and horses with special medical needs.

Budget Option:

DAC Cool Gut Gastric Digestive Powder Horse Supplement is the best budget option that helps balance gut PH.

Best Horse Ulcer Supplements 

Finding the most suitable supplement to prevent or treat ulcers in horses can be quite a daunting task. This is why we have made it easier for you by putting together a list of the top horse gut supplements right here. Check it out!

1. AniMed Ulc-R-Aid with Colostrashield Digestive Health Powder Horse Supplement, 4-lb tub

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The AniMed ULC-R-Aid supplement is on top of the list because it has all the necessary supplements required to help your horse recover from an ulcer. It contains calcium, magnesium, and colostrashield. Colostrashield is important because it has over 37 immune factors and around 8 growth factors. Colostrashield is also not an antibiotic which makes it a natural and healthy option.

Not only is AniMed ULC-R-Aid supplement a cure for ulcers, but it also works overtime to diminish any damage to the body, be it from disease or stress. This supplement is good for all types of horses and contains all necessary ingredients needed by a sick horse. The AniMed ULC-R-Aid supplement can be taken by horses of all ages. The AniMed ULC-R-Aid is generously sized around 4 lb and for that, it has a fair price point of $43.

2. Corta-Flx U-Gard Pellets Horse Supplement

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The Corta-Fix U-Gard Horse Supplements help maintain a normal pH balance in a horse’s stomach. An ulcer is a common disease but it can be treated by safe and effective medicine, like Corta-Flx because it contains acid-reducing antacids (calcium & magnesium) which contribute to the stomach’s acid reduction process. Horses that are prone to a lot of stress or are exposed to a working environment tend to be an easier target to diseases like ulcers but U-Gard is made to especially maintain health in racehorses.

A scoop of the Corta-Fix U-Gard Horse Supplement can prevent ulcers and fight off any ulcer-related symptoms. The best thing about this supplement is that it was tested on racehorses and had a promising effect. It can also be taken for digestive imbalance.

3. Tribute Equine Nutrition Kalm N’ EZ Pellet Low-NSC, Molasses-Free Horse Feed

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What sets the Tribute Equine Nutrition Kalm N’ EZ pellet apart from other horse supplements is the low non-structural carbohydrates. These horse supplements are also free of corn, oats, and molasses. The Tribute Kalm horse feed is ideal for older horses and hard-keepers because it is easy to digest. 

The Tribute Equine Nutrition Kalm N’ EZ Pellet is made to cater to horses with special medical needs like allergies and restrictions, it is formulated with a prebiotic known as Equi-Ferm XL active dry yeast. Horses with a low tolerance for sugar and starch, ones that are insulin resistant, or hyperactive, can easily take the Tribute Equine Nutrition horse supplement. Clear to say that this is one of the best horse ulcer supplements and this is why it lands on number 3 in our list. It might be higher on the price list but it is generously sized, not to forget that it is also usable by horses with special medical needs.

4. DAC Cool Gut Gastric Digestive Powder Horse Supplement

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Fourth on this list is the DAC Cool Gut Gastric Digestive Powder Horse Supplement which is one of the best cheap ulcer supplements for horses available in stores. The Dac Cool Gastric Horse Supplement contains l-glutamine, calcium carbonate, and Yea Sacc 1026 which prevents the stomach lining from deteriorating. The aforementioned ingredients in the supplement also help to keep a microflora balance and maintain proper gut pH. 

The prebiotic in this supplement helps the body grow good bacteria. Other than its really wide set of benefits, what really sets it apart is the price point, given that the Dac Cool Gut Gastric Digestive Powder Horse Supplement contains 5 lb worth of product, $40 is a steal!

5. Finish Line Horse Products U- 7

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U-7 gastric aid is a herbal blend containing all the important vitamins needed during an ulcer, to fight it and recover from it. This blend is also pleasant in taste, which means that horses that are picky eaters will not be an issue. The main goal of the U- 7 gastric aid is to contribute to creating a healthier equine digestive system. 

This ulcer-treating horse supplement can effectively treat troublesome or stubborn cases like horses with poor appetites, stubborn behavior, and reduced performance. The U-7 gastric aid also helps with upset stomachs and promotes gut health when introduced into a diet regularly.

6. Kentucky Performance Neigh-Lox Advanced

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The second last supplement on this list is the Kentucky Performance Neigh-Lox supplement, created to promote a healthy digestive system. Besides, you can also use it as a nutritional supplement or medicine to treat ulcers. Moreover, this supplement is suitable for all types of horses and can be incorporated into the regular feed as well. 

Furthermore, Kentucky Performance Neigh-Lox is known as advanced as it has proven to be helpful in nursing horses back to health & promoting a more regulated digestive system. The supplement also works well against Colic, colonic irritation, and laminitis, along with ulcers. Incorporating the Kentucky Performance Neigh-Lox Advanced supplement in a horse’s diet will help diminish digestive tract issues and clear their GI tract. This means that they will be able to absorb more nutrients from their feed.

7. Hallway Feeds Fibrenergy High Fat, Low Starch Horse Feed

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Wrapping up this list is Hallway Feeds Fibrenergy Horse Supplement which is rich in fiber and suitable for hyperactive horses that are hard to control on a high-fat diet. This grain-free horse feed supplement helps horses gain weight without any psychological side effects. The Hallway Feeds Fibrenergy Supplement is a low non-structural carbohydrate product. It can also be used as an alternative to medicine for horses with ulcers, upset stomach, metabolic issues, or are hard keepers.

The Hallway Feeds Fibrenergy Horse feed contains a buffered mineral complex that promotes normal digestion along with a healthy hindgut. This horse supplement consists of macronutrients that support and maintain bone density. It also contains Vitamin E and Stamm 30 fortification, as well as equine-specific yeasts that facilitate fiber digestion.

Horse Ulcer Supplement Buying Guide

The ulcer is a health condition that causes much pain and discomfort for the horse dealing with it. It alters the horse’s eating patterns, sleep routine, and overall wellbeing. To avoid this, you need to give him some horse ulcer supplements. These supplements will ensure that your pet won’t have to deal with the curse of ulcers ever!

Before choosing a house ulcer supplement, you need to consider a few things.

Horse Breed and Age

The horse’s feeding schedule depends on its age and breed, which, in turn, affects the choice of supplements. Age also decides the digestive health of the animal. This is something one surely needs to consider before feeding it a supplement.

Type of Ulcer

There are a number of horse ulcer supplements available, and you need to make a choice just according to the kind of ulcer you are aiming to avoid.

Horse ulcers are of two major types; gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. The gastric ulcer affects the stomach lining. On the other hand, the duodenal ulcer attacks the small intestine on the upper side. Whichever kind of ulcer your horse is prone to, you need to give him the supplement for exactly that kind.

Alongside this, the type of ulcer also depends on the grade at which your horse’s current condition lies. For instance, if your horse is already suffering from an ulcer, you should first be taking it to the vet for a check-up. This will tell you the degree of disease your horse currently stands on. Considering this, you would have to choose an appropriate supplement that would be effective for the pet.

Suitability of Ingredients

Horse owners usually opt for supplements to avoid ulcers due to their efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness. However, before you decide to settle on a specific supplement, you need to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your horse. If your horse is allergic to any of the ingredients, you should definitely avoid them.

The most common ingredients in these supplements include Vitamin E, Sea buckthorn, Pectin, Thioredoxin, and Lecithin. A detailed investigation into the quantity of each of these ingredients used will help you make a better decision.

Speed of Pain Alleviation

Your equine buddy might be battling an advanced ulcer, and suffering with a lot of pain and discomfort. Hence, to make the treatment process speedy, using high potency supplements would be a good idea. Therefore, make sure you evaluate the speed of pain alleviation rather than price or any other factor when selecting one.


Horse ulcer supplements come in a variety of consistency options, including fluid, powder, and pellets. Moreover, feeding supplements to your horses may get quite problematic if your pet doesn’t like it. Hence, you need to choose the form of supplement in a form that your horse would be comfortable consuming.


The budget constraint is definitely a potent reason why you may end up buying a low-quality supplement. Though all of them offer gastric support, those with a higher price definitely have some additional ingredients, which have the capacity to give better nutritional value to the horse.

FAQs Regarding Horse Ulcer Supplements 

Still, confused whether or not you should get a horse ulcer supplement for your powerful buddy? Or which one to buy? Read through the following questions to clarify all your doubts.

Does my horse need an ulcer supplement?

If your horse has the risk to get an ulcer, it is better to keep them on supplements. According to the researchers, 90% of the horses suffer from gastric ulcers which may affect the concentration of food in horses. So, supplements will help them in increasing the meal feed and have a healthy diet.
Even if your horse does not suffer from an ulcer at the moment, still the supplements will help prevent the disease. But, remember one thing – not all supplements are as effective as they should be, in treating the ulcer. Hence, choose the supplement after consulting with a vet.

How to choose a good ulcer supplement for horses?

Choosing a good ulcer supplement is a tough job in itself. Three main areas you need to cover while choosing an effective ulcer supplement are as follows:
– The price of the supplement must be affordable
– The efficacy of the supplement must be high enough to reduce the ulcer
– Make sure the supplement does not trigger any harmful side-effects

Why are horse ulcer supplements better than medicine?

According to recent research, the medicine used for treating horse ulcer is quite expensive and take more time to show its efficacy than the supplements. On the other hand, oral supplements tend to reduce ulcers in no time and they are cost-effective, too. In addition, medicine badly affects the food plan and daily management system of the horse. Thus, people prefer to use supplements to treat horse ulcers than medicine.

What grain is good for horses with ulcers?

If your horse is prone to ulcers, it is advisable to feed them specific grains such as the ones listed below:
Performance fiber for a fuss-feeder horse. Add alfalfa for horses with ulcers. It will act as a buffer to treat the acidity of the ulcer.
Rice bran helps to reduce the acidity of the stomach and allows the pasture to come out of the horse as much as possible.
Beet pulp has a low level of starch and is also helpful in lowering the chances of ulcers in horses.

Is gut balancer good for horses with ulcers?

The main purpose of a gut balancer is to maintain gut flora. So, using a gut balancer for a horse with an ulcer is a good option to work on. Especially, if the horse is suffering from a hindgut ulcer, use the gut balancer to diagnose and treat the ulcer. It supports optimal nutrition and sustains the digestive nature of the stomach.

How to prevent a horse from getting ulcers?

Here is what you need to do in order to prevent your horse from getting ulcers:
– Feed the horse with pasture
– Add alfalfa to horse diet
– Reduce the amount of grain in the horse feed
– Do not give any anti-inflammatory drug to the horse
– Do not cause a stress condition to the horse


It is pretty amazing how a lot of brands have now come up with products that promise to treat horse ulcers effectively. This article consists of 7 such gut health horse ulcer supplements, with AniMed topping the list Not only is it popular for its effective ingredients, it has a proven record minimizing ulcer formation.

Nonetheless, although horse ulcer supplements are on the rise, not all of them will have the same effects on your horse. Thus, it is important to select one that is the best bid for your pet in terms of horse breed and age, type of ulcer, suitability of ingredients, and the form of the supplement.

Are you excited about supporting a healthy digestive tract for your horse? Get your hands on the best horse ulcer supplement right away then. Also, increase forage while reducing grains in your horse’s diet. You will see a noticeable change in horse ulcer symptoms pretty soon!