3 Best Bits for a Horse That Throws His Head

It is quite surprising to see that the natural response of a domesticated animal can turn into a hazard. However, such is the case with head throwing. Many factors give rise to this action, some of which you cannot control. But, you can somewhat control the damages that it may cause by using a good horse bit.

This blog will help you identify the top 3 products available on the market that can be used. These products will help you understand what the horse is trying to communicate with its head throwing as well.

Quick Picks

For people who are in a rush and looking for something that will quickly sate their curiosity, here are the top products:

Best Overall: Weaver Leather 5″ Short Shank Horse Bit

This product will help you in every situation that a horse might throw their head in. A comfortable bit that mitigates all the pain that a horse might incorporate with wearing a bit.

Note that it is always advisable to have your horse looked at by a vet for medical possibilities behind the head throwing.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider Myler 3 Loose Ring.

Best Horse Bits for a Head Throwing Horse

The worst thing you can do to a horse that is having a fit of head throwing is to put them under a bit that is uncomfortable to wear. Additionally, keeping a heavy hand with the horse will turn even the subtlest of bits into something harsh and severe.

This is why we have picked out three of the best bits, to make the decision easier for you.

1. Weaver Leather 5″ Short Shank Horse Bit

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When it comes to the best bit on the market for a head-throwing horse, the Weaver Leather 5″ Short Shank Horse Bit takes the cake.

The product is made from a sweet iron mouthpiece that is fitted with a copper roller for maximum comfort and allows for 360-degree movement. The design is extremely forgiving and works extremely well as a communication device with the horse.

This product is designed to rust, producing a sweet taste that leads to salivation, making the bit even more comfortable. It comes with three different levels of leverage; mild, moderate, and strong leverage.


  • Replaces pain with pressure
  • Allows for 360-degree movement
  • More comfortable than traditional bits
  • Promotes salivation for more comfort


  • Might require a lot of periodic cleaning

2. Western Bit AT Low Port

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If your horse has been trained to respond better to leg cues or reigning of neck, this Western bit by AT Low Port might be the best choice for you.

This product replaces the expectation of pain with tongue relief with the help of the added low port.

The bit incorporates short shanks. They provide a warning to your horse that the bit engagement will follow soon after. This will allow you to remove both pain and pressure from the equation and communicate based on intentions.

The low port bit removes the pressure and replaces it with comfort to allow nervous horses to calm down. Taking care of the nerves of your horse will help you get rid of head throwing indefinitely.

This product helps horses cure head throwing and enhance their turning capabilities.


  • Allows your horse to have an easier time grazing
  • Provides leverage to work with strong horses
  • Works with horses trained for neck reining


The mild bit can become extremely discomforting if paired with a heavy rein

3. Myler 3 Loose Ring

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For horses too stubborn for anything to work on them, try the Myler 3 Loose Ring comfort bit. This bit provides the horse with pressure, however, it is distributed evenly throughout the mouth.

This makes the bit very comfortable to wear, without pinching or poking at the tongue of the horse.

The Myler Rings are best used when pain and pressure don’t seem to fix your horse’s head throwing problems.

This product has been widely famous. Professional athletes use this product to better communicate with their horses during hunting, dressage, and jumping events.

Additionally, the product is approved by USEK and FEI. This means that even when using this product, you will still be eligible to take part in these events.


  • Improves head tossing
  • Removes pain and uncomfortable pressure
  • Works with sensitive tongued horses
  • Allows for rein cues to be issued


  • Large tongued horses might find the bit a little constricting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is head throwing a normal response or a problem response?

Although most of the time the behavior is a natural response to external stimuli, sometimes the reason can be a problem. A horse that cannot stop throwing his head regardless of the absence of external stimuli might be forced to do so due to a medical condition. In such a situation, you need to take your mount to its vet and ensure that everything is in order before opting for a bit.

Should you punish your horse for head throwing?

If your horse is excessively throwing his head, it is highly likely that it’s suffering from a problem. Instead of punishing this behavior with pain, we suggest opting for a bit that trains your horse with the help of pressure or seeking professional medical help.

Can medical conditions cause head throwing?

Yes, there are quite a few medical conditions that can cause a horse to throw his head. Some of them are insect irritation, vision or eye irritations, allergies, ear or head pain, oral problems, or neurologic problems. When the horse is exhibiting the behavior only when a rider is on its back, the most likely cause of it is pain. This could be dental pain or even back pain. In such a case, make sure to visit the vet for better advice.

What is the Head Shaking Syndrome?

Some horses exhibit head throwing due to a condition called head shaking syndrome. This condition is formed when your horse has hyper-sensitive nerves in the facial region and can feel persisting pain in its muzzle or face. In such a case, even the slighting stimulus can reap large reactions as the nerves are extremely sensitive and working in over-drive. If your horse is exhibiting such behavior, it is best to let it rest a few days to let the nerves calm down, before riding him again.

Can I stop my horse’s head from throwing without causing it pain?

Yes, you can as there are quite a few bits that will help you replace pain with pressure. Although some of these bits might be a little uncomfortable to wear, if you spend the time and effort to look for a suitable one, you will be able to help your horse get rid of the habit without causing them any pain. To find such products, consider going through our list of best bits provided above.

Do all horses throw their heads?

Most horses, regardless of their breed, will throw their heads. This is a usual response to external stimuli such as insects, or flies. A horse will throw its head in order to shoo away flies and gnats that are proving to be annoying for the horse.


Although it can be challenging to find the right bit for your horse, putting in the time and effort to find one will be well worth the effort when your horse is able to communicate with you better.

When you decided to buy yourself such a luxurious animal, you made the conscious decision to provide it with the best life you can possibly provide. And a big aspect of that is to ensure your horse has a comfortable time when being ridden or resting.

However, with the help of the bits on this list, you can rest assured that your horse will never go through any pain or suffering, ever again.