How Much Does a Percheron Horse Cost?

Percheron horses are one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world. So it’s only natural to wonder how much one costs when admiring its beauty.

A Percheron horse costs between $1000 to $10,000. The actual price of a Percheron horse will depend on its level of training, pedigree, age, personality, and physical attributes.

Percheron horse prices suit all sorts of buyers. Regardless of how little or generous your budget is, you’ll find exactly what you want within your range. Let’s discuss the details of what costs a Percheron’s price to rise or fall.

Total Cost of Percheron Horse

The Percheron horse breed is not really an expensive one. But depending on the qualities you’re looking for, the price of these horses can go pretty high up. 

Factors Affecting Percheron Horse Prices

Firstly, the factor that affects the price the most is a horse’s level of training. If you’re willing to spend a big amount, you’ll find a well-trained horse that will obey your commands. You won’t have to invest a lot of time on an expensive horse.

On the other hand, if you’re tight on budget, you’ll have to spend some time grooming the horse. Similarly, if you’re the kind of person who wants the emotional attachment that is built with a horse by training it from scratch, you can save your dollars. 

The next factor that determines the cost of a Percheron horse is its physical appearance. These horses are between 15 hands and 19 hands. The French-bred are on the shorter side in comparison to the ones bred in the USA. It is a given that a tall horse is everyone’s favorite. So, the price of the short ones is automatically dragged down.

Other than height, the markings and coat color also come into play. Percheron horses up for sale come in colors including black, gray, bay, roan, chestnut, and sorrel. But, the cult favorite is a black Percheron that eventually turns gray as it matures. This is the only color that is allowed in the registry so obviously, this color is the most highly-priced. White markings are common, but not loved. So, the presence of these markings may bring down a horse’s price.

Percheron horses originated as war horses. They served purposes that required a lot of strength. To this day, a Percheron horse carries on its high stamina. Whether the horse is used for logging on a farm or for saddle riding, a strong Percheron is priced higher than one with a weaker body.

Percheron Horse Breed Care Cost

A huge part of a Percheron horse’s cost is the initial price you have to pay to purchase the horse. But, that’s not all the money that will go out of your pocket.

Miscalculating the cost of horse care can actually leave you distressed. Let’s say you have $5000 in hand. At first, it sounds like a smart decision to go for a horse that is priced a little under $5000. You can easily afford it. But, what you won’t be able to afford is the immediate expense that follows. 

Therefore, to figure out the accurate budget you can spend, thoroughly calculate the following Percheron horse costs! 

Living Price

After purchasing a horse, the foremost expense is the living space. Once you have paid for the horse, you have to bring it home. Without a suitable place to keep the horse, you are at risk of a lot of damage.

Percheron horses are big. Despite their calm nature, they have a hard time adjusting with other animals around them. Therefore, your Percheron horse requires a huge stall with a lot of privacy. 

You also need enough space to train the horse. An open ground where the horse has room to learn with mistakes is a necessity. Pastures are also mandatory for pet horses. Each horse needs 1.5 to 2 acres of fenced area for a comfortable living. 

However, if you don’t have the investment to provide this huge space, you can always rent out a horse stall. The cost of renting starts from around $500 and goes as high as you want. Check available spaces in the area where you live to figure out the exact rent for such facilities. 

Dietary Needs

The big size of Percheron horses is directly related to the amount of food they consume. There is a universal rule that applies to all horses. It is that the amount of dry food a horse eats is equal to 1.5% to 2% of its body weight. So, a 100kg horse will eat 1.5kg to 2kg of roughage every day. Using the same formula, an average Percheron horse can easily eat 13kg of hay every day. 

Hay and roughage alone do not offer a balanced diet. So, you also have to calculate the cost of roughly 2kg grains per day for one horse. Alongside that, you have to throw in some vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements to the horse’s diet. All of this is in addition to what the horse grazes on the pastures. 

Visit a local store or website to find out the exact prices of these amounts. Calculate the monthly cost with some additional margin to be on the safe side. Be ready to put aside this cost of diet after purchasing the horse!

Health and Vet Cost

Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy is a common horse disease. Percheron horses are also prone to this condition. Horses with this disease are unable to store glucose in their muscles which leads to muscle damage. 

Osteochondritis Dissecans is another common health risk in this breed. The bones and cartilages crack as a result of quick growth. 

These health risks mean regular visits to the vet. Make sure to set aside a fixed monthly budget for regular vet visits from day one to avoid the risk of extreme health concerns. 

Grooming and Training Expenses

To keep the horse looking elegant, you have to keep its dense coat clean. A regular horse coast shampoo should be enough to get rid of the dirt and bacteria from the coat. Other than that, a standard horse coat brush will get out the tangles and tame the fur. These are the only two things you’ll have to spend money on to keep your horse well-groomed.

As for training, these horses are quick learners. You can gradually train the horse yourself with very little effort. However, if you want to hire a professional for the job, you will need around $50 to $100 per session. 

How to Buy Percheron Horse in the USA

You now know what the price of your dream Percheron will be. You also know how to identify if you’re being charged fairly or not. But, the big question is, where do you go to make the purchase?

Whether you’re looking to buy or adopt, start with your local rescue shelter. If you don’t find the right horse here, move on to a breeder. Before you visit a breeder, look around for reviews. Any horse owners near you will be able to guide you on where to look for trustworthy breeders. Check online reviews. Contact the people who left good reviews to double-check that the breeder won’t scam you. Visit the breeder with an open mind after you’re satisfied with their reputation.

The process to check a horse is the same regardless of whether you’re at a shelter or a breeder’s farm. Start by making the horse walk, trot, and run. Notice every detail of how the horse’s body moves. Even the smallest unusual movement can be a sign of a hidden health issue. If the breeder claims that the horse is trained, test it.

The rescue shelter and breeder, both, need to provide you with solid documentation of the animal. It should include the health history, lineage, temperament, and other claims that are being made about the horse. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clear any ambiguities before you finalize the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions from people who are researching Percheron horse cost or horse prices in the USA in general. All ambiguities about a Percheron horse’s price will be clarified in these answers.

Are Percheron horses expensive?

Percheron horses can be expensive if you go for a highly trained, good-looking horse with the best traits. However, if you want to get a horse on a lower budget, that is also possible. The price range for Percheron horses starts from $1000 and goes up to $10,000.

Are Percherons good riding horses?

Since Percheron horses have always been good at pulling heavy carriages and loads, they make excellent riding horses. On top of their physical strength, they are also willing to learn. So, you can train the horse to get accustomed to riding how you feel the most comfortable.

What are the most expensive horse breeds?

Thoroughbred horses are the most expensive horses worldwide. The price of this horse starts from $100,000 and goes up to $300,000. On top of that, the yearly expense of the horse is around $45,000. 
Other expensive horse breeds include Arabian Horse, Akhal Teke Horse, Friesian Horse, Dutch Warmblood Horse, and Andalusian Horse.

Do Percherons have feathers?

Percherons do not have feathers. Although they are a draft breed, they do not have the prominent draft breed feature of feathering on the legs. 
Horse breeds with feathers have long hair on their lower legs that reach their hooves. A Percheron has even hair all over the leg that makes the muscular shape of the leg more prominent.

Can Percherons be black?

The most common color in the Percheron horse breed is black. Black Percheron horses are born with a black coat but it gradually grays with time. The official Percheron horse registry only allows the registration of Black Percheron horses. Moreover, these black horses sometimes have white marks on their forehead, face, or legs. 

What is the cheapest horse breed?

Arabian Horses and Quarter Horses are the cheapest horse breed in terms of price. You can get an Arabian Horse for under $5000 and a Quarter Horse for around $2500. Mustang and Paint Horses are also on the budget-friendly side of the price spectrum.
If you’re low on budget, you can always consider adoption. Take a look at your local animal shelter to find the best horse breeds for free!

What are Percheron horses known for?

Percheron horses are known to be strong horses that were originally used as war horses. This horse breed is a draft breed and so, it is mainly used for draft work. Their strength and stamina allow these horses to be ideal for carrying heavyweights. You’ll find these horses in parades and saddle riding too. In France, Percheron horses contribute to meat production.


In conclusion, Percheron horse prices are considerably cheap and budget-friendly. But, simultaneously, you can spend up to 10 grand if you’ve got the money. The wide range is suitable for the majority of horse buyers which makes the Percheron horse breed a versatile option.

On top of the price aspect, the horse care cost is also pretty nominal. With all this information in mind, you should go ahead and find the right Percheron horse in your budget. Since you are well aware of all the contributing factors, you are set to bargain and pay a fair price for the horse of your dreams!