Are Horses Loyal

There is no doubt that horse owners give more to their horses than they can. Whether it is love, care, or affection, horse owners are willing to go above and beyond. The joy of reciprocated feelings is surreal. Luckily, horse owners do experience this happiness because horses love their owners, just as much, maybe much […]

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Paint Horse Cost

Paint Horses are desired by many due to their captivating patterns and easily trainable nature. From beginners to experts, they can be a lovely companion for all levels of riders. Not only that, but their brilliance makes them fit for a number of activities, including sports. Moreover, the cost of a Paint Horse is very

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Why Draft Horses Have Short Tails

If you’ve ever focused on draft horses’ tails, you would have immediately noticed that they have noticeably shorter tails than an average horse.  Now, the question is, do draft horses have naturally short tails or do they go through a medical procedure? Well, the truth is that there are very few breeds of horses with

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7 Calmest Horse Breeds

Have you finally gathered the courage to buy your first horse? But are you afraid of the horse being too fiery for you? Well, worry not, because we are here to make your horse riding experience as comfortable as possible. If you think you’re not the best at controlling a fiery equine, then my friend

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Why Do Horses Lick

We know many beginners and even expert horse owners might find it quite ambiguous when their horses start licking their faces all of a sudden. Like seriously, you are on your way to offer the horse treats or just approach to pat their head, and they end up licking you. Has that happened to you,

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