7 Calmest Horse Breeds

Have you finally gathered the courage to buy your first horse? But are you afraid of the horse being too fiery for you? Well, worry not, because we are here to make your horse riding experience as comfortable as possible.

If you think you’re not the best at controlling a fiery equine, then my friend you need a calm horse. Yep, many people prefer a horse with a peaceful nature instead of a terrifying one. And calm horses are the best to begin riding with. Choosing the right first horse can make the riding experience comfortable and safe for both you and your horse.

7 Calmest Breeds Of Horses

We are going to walk you through a detailed guide featuring the 7 calmest breeds of horses that you can begin your riding experience with. This may feel overwhelming at first, because there are so many horse breeds out there, and you may wonder which one to pick for yourself. But don’t worry, because you will have a clear answer according to your needs by the end of this guide.

So continue reading to find your equine partner.

The American Quarter Horse

If we are going to make a list of horses with calm temperaments, then the American Quarter Horse tops off by a mile. With over 5 million registered horses, they are by far the most popular breed of horses in the world. But their calmness doesn’t make them slow learners.

Since this breed was developed for ranch work, they are also known to have a “cattle sense”. They can remain calm when gathering up herds of aggressive and frightened cows. Their calm nature also makes them easy to train. These horses can do pretty much anything you want them to do.

Despite being known for their steady nature, these horses exude confident energy. Their muscular body, combined with their compact stature, makes them perfect for all kinds of tasks. Yep, they offer a wide spectrum of work output. Many people use them in trail and lesson programs because their calm and peaceful nature makes riders comfortable to mount them. But you can also use them as a serious workhorse, so whether it’s checking fences, or moving the cattle, the American Quarter Horse can do it all.

They come in a variety of solid colors like black, gray, duns, buckskins, bay, and roans, but the most common color of the American Quarter Horse is sorrel (chestnut).


Next up on the list of calmest horse breeds are Morgan Horses. Known as the “American first breed”, Morgan horses are one of the first American-bred horses. They are popular around the world for their excellence in versatility. You can put them through anything, and these horses will adapt to the situation like champs. You can take them to a rough climate, or let a beginner mount them. Whatever happens, these horses will not lose their calm.

Their steady nature not only makes them every beginner’s favorite horse, but it also makes them great as a family horse. They are lovely with children and chill to hang out with strangers, they have no issues with anything.

On top of that, as expensive as maintaining a horse can get, a Morgan horse generally falls on the lower end of the price spectrum. So that’s another reason to get one as your first horse. But don’t consider them as boring calm horses, because they make excellent show stoppers. They are great in the saddle seat, dressage, and hunt seat.

These are proud horses, they carry their heads and tails higher than other breeds of horses. You can get them in any equine color, but the most common ones are usually darker, solid colors like black, bay, and chestnut.

Appaloosa Horses

Next up on the list of calm horse breeds is the Appaloosa breed. They are easily the most distinguishable horse breed ever. Their spotted coat makes them impossible to ignore. You can spot an Appaloosa horse from a mile away. They have been winning the hearts of horse lovers for centuries with their mottled skin, distinctive coat patterns, and striped hooves.

But that’s not why we are talking about them today. Because you want to know how they act around beginners and are they easy to control? Well, beauty is not the only feature this breed carries. They also offer a gentle, loving, and kind nature, which is something that every novice rider looks for in a horse.

Their agility and versatility make them perfect for riders of all ages. So if you are looking for your first horse, then Appaloosa might work because of its calm nature. And if you are a sports kind of person, then you can complete your Appaloosa in O-Mok-See sports like pole bending and barrel racing.

So their striking beauty, combined with their calm nature, makes them a great horse to prefer.

Tennessee Walking Horse

You can’t talk about the calmest horse breeds without bringing up the good old Tennessee Walking horses. If comfort is your first preference, then Tennessee Walking is the Rolls Royce of horses. It is best known around the world for having an extra smooth walk that makes you feel like you’re gliding on earth. As you increase the speed, it will over-stride remarkably to maintain comfort.

So if you are a beginner who is afraid to bounce around on your horse, then getting a Tennessee Walking Horse might be the best option for you. It will not only make your first riding experience comfortable, but it will also give you a sense of safety.

These comfortable horses are equipped with a very docile and friendly nature, so getting along with them is no big deal. So all of these features make them great as a first horse, but if you are into thrilling show rings, then keep note that these horses excel in western pleasure divisions and saddle seats.

You can get a Tennessee Walking Horse in almost any color or coat pattern that appeals to you, but the most common color variations are gray, black, white, chestnut, roan, dun, palomino, and bay. In terms of coat patterns, Overo, Tovero, Tobiano, and Sabino are some of the most popular ones.


When it comes to horses with calm nature, Cobs never stay behind with their friendly and mild temperament. If you want a horse that can adapt to anything, and do anything, then a Cob will take the crown. They are one of the most uncomplicated, and straightforward breeds of horses. So if you are a beginner, who is afraid that things might not work out well with your first equine partner, then without any doubt, a Cob will work great for you.

Sparse pasture, harsh climate, whatever you throw at a Cob, it will adapt to it with toughness and agility. A Cob will make great company if it is comfortable with the environment, which it mostly is because of its adaptive and calm nature. It is also very friendly and playful, so you will have lots of fun with it.

Cobs are generally compact and small in size as compared to other breeds of horses that we have talked about but don’t confuse them with Ponies because they are larger than them. If you are searching for a Cob, then you are most likely to come across one with black, gray, chestnut, or bay color.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse

Best known for its calm, mild, and cool nature, the Norwegian Fjord Horse breed is a complete package. They have a short stature, yet they can comfortably pull heavy loads, drive carriages, and carry full-sized adults. So getting work done from them will never be an issue. They have the muscles to pull heavy loads, but what makes them the best at it is their calm nature.

But that’s only how their calmness makes them good at work. What about beginners? Well, their short stature and excellent temperament make them an ideal mount for beginners and kids.

So we know that Fjord horses work well with beginners and kids, and they are great for pulling loads. But did you know they do all of this while looking phenomenal? Yep, these horses are really cute with very distinctive appearances. Every Fjord horse you come across features dorsal stripes and dun coloring with prominent stripes across the back of their front legs.

Irish Vanner

Even though we are talking about them in the end, it does not mean that the Irish Vanner horses are any less calm than the breeds mentioned above. Their phenomenal feathering and eye-catching strikes make them magnificent to look at. And their kind and calm nature make them perfect for beginners.

They are small in size but very strong, they were originally bred to pull wagons and loads, so they are used to working hard. They have a friendly temperament which makes them great to hang out with children. They are, in my opinion, the most beautiful breed of horses mentioned in this list.

You can get one in pretty much any color, but their most popular colored coats are Blagdon, Tobiano, and Skewbald.

People Also Asked

How can you keep your horse calm?

An owner or a rider’s attitude has an incredible effect on a horse. A horse’s state of mind and behavior is a reflection of its owner. So spend some time with yourself and get centered before interacting with your horse.
While working with your horse, take a deep breath, do not shout or wave your arms around and avoid making any sudden moves. Staying calm is a way to keep your horse calm.

Are Arabian horses calm?

Where there are plenty of reasons to love this breed, these horses are known for hot-headedness or hot blood.
Arabian horses are broadly known for their incredible stamina, intelligence, and surefootedness.
Their hot-blooded nature and hardiness may not make a good match for one looking for an even-tempered companion.
But like humans, each horse has its own unique personality. Many Arabian horses are sweet, friendly, and patient.

Are Rocky Mountain Horses calm?

Rocky Mountain horses are known for their soft nature, good personality, and love for humans.
This breed’s lack of spookiness, especially during trail riding and bonding with their riders’ is admired by bred fans.
Above all the Rocky bred have outstanding stamina, hardiness, and curiosity. Rocky Mountain breed is a great pick if you are looking for an even-tempered partner with a smooth gait.

Bottom Line

So far we have talked about the 7 calmest breeds of horses out there, and going through each of them must have given you some sort of idea of what you can get. But keep in mind that every horse is different from the other, so the best possible solution for you is to pick a breed from this guide, and meet the horse to see if you can connect with it. Because at the end of the day what matters the most is that you have a memorable and safe horse riding experience.

Feel free to share this guide with your friends and family, and continue galloping!