7 Best Liniments for Horses to Relieve Soreness and Swelling

Just like humans experience physical injuries and muscle tears, horses go through similar suffering being the athletic creatures that they are. This is when top liniments for horses come in handy and serve their purpose well. Primarily, horse liniments are used as topical medication to heal injuries and reduce pain. However, the top liniments for horses are available in different forms, and not each one is equally effective to soothe a specific discomfort your steed might be suffering from.

Nonetheless, in this article, not only have we listed out the 7 best horse liniments you can check out for your equine, but also described the factors that are likely to influence your decision-making when selecting one. Keep reading to find out which horse liniment is the best fit for you and your four-legged companion.

Quick Picks

There are countless horse liniments for sale which might make the buying process pretty daunting for you. To save you the hassle, here are some quick picks that offer guaranteed results!

Best Overall: Sore no More Gelotion

This is the absolute best money can buy and does wonders to loosen your horse before a riding session or during rehabilitation after an injury.

Runner Up: Arenus Sore No More

The dozens of positive reviews for this product don’t lie: it’s a safe option if you’re looking for a liniment for a horse that gets really sore after runs by improving blood circulation.

Budget Pick: HARRIS Happy Horse Liniment

Definitely not the best, but Harris Happy Horse Liniment does the job if you’re on a budget.

Best Horse Liniments: Reviewed

When it comes to relieving your horse from discomfort, we’re sure that you’d only want the best option out there. Here is a list of the top liniments for horses.

1. Sore No More Gelotion Bottle

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The first product on the list of best horse liniments is the Sore No More Gelotion Bottle. As its name shows, the liniment gel gives instant relief to soreness. The gel is introduced by the brand Arenus. Making it feasible to use without any hassle, you can easily apply it to the sensitive skin of your horse. This liniment ends your worry about the horse getting itchy.

Moreover, with its thick formation, you can rest assured that it will not leave any burn or blister on the skin of your horse. However, if you’re too concerned about your horse’s skin, it is recommended to use the breathable wrap as a precaution. Sore No More is an ideal pick to apply on your horse’s skin before and after the exercise. This product is also beneficial to increase the blood circulation of horses by applying it over the knees.

However, the gel is not much effective to treat the arthritis issues of your horse. But you can safely use it for aches, soreness, and ordinary muscular problems.


  • Doesn’t cause any irritation to horses with sensitive skin
  • The gel works the best as a muscle tightener
  • Regulates the blood circulation of your horse
  • Heals all the temporary aches and pains


  • Isn’t effective for arthritis
  • Its design is quite unattractive

2. Arenus Sore No More Performance Ultra Liniment

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As its name shows, The Arenus Sore No More Ultra liniment intends to provide quick relief and strengthen your horse. It’s an advanced gel liniment that reduces irritation by giving a soothing sensation to muscles, joints, flesh, and bones.

This best horse liniment contains a high concentration of Hazel yap that helps to relieve the muscles of your horse. Specifically made for an equine athlete, you can use it before and after exercise as well.

You can directly apply this liniment gel on your equine’s legs and soles to relax the fatigued muscles. Moreover, no harsh and strong chemicals are used in its composition. So you can easily use it for the horse with sensitive skin. Made in the USA, the product comes with exceptional quality.

However, it is not recommended to use the gel on cuts or wounds that are uncovered. It may result in severe infection.


  • It offers an incredible smell
  • Highly effective to relieve the muscle pain and aches in joints
  • Provides long-lasting ease during discomfort
  • Doesn’t bother during applying
  • Favorable for the animals with sensitive skin


  • Quite expensive
  • Can’t be used on cuts and wounds

3. Corona Ointment for Horses Lanolin-Based Formula

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It is better to switch from the gel if it is not suitable for your horse. This Corona Ointment for Horses is made to give soothing effects that ease the irritation. This corona ointment works well to heal the bolsters, bruises, wounds, and cuts on the skin of your horse.

The Lanolin-based formula makes it unique from other products. Therefore, it is advised to use ointment in winters to get rid of cracking skin that remains dried. However, the best part is the horse liniment ingredients that are non-toxic and harmless for the skin.

You can apply the ointment to your horse’s skin without using any kind of protection gloves.

Moreover, when you apply the ointment on wounds, they get protected from insects, moisture, and other damaging factors. Another feature that makes it unique is that the product can also be used for other animals such as cats, dogs, cattle, etc.

However, its smell is a bit odd and stingy. So, it is recommended to apply the ointment at night time.


  • Soothes the aches and pain
  • Ease the irritation on your horse’s skin
  • Favorable to use on bruises, cuts, bolsters, and wounds
  • Made up of non-toxic ingredients
  • Provides protection against moisturizer and insects
  • It is the best pick for a limited budget


  • Gives an odd and stingy smell

4. Absorbine Horse Liniment Gel Topical Analgesic Sore Muscle Joint Pain Relief

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This Absorbine horse veterinary liniment is a scented gel. It effectively soothes pain and gives relief to the stiff joints and tendons. The best thing about this gel is that it improves blood circulation and improves the healing process. Therefore, it is recommended to use it for quick recovery from pain.

Moreover, the topical gel is also used to treat minor cuts and abrasions. Just like the above products, this horse liniment also comes in gel formation. Containing the healing ingredients such as Spearmint, the gel heals the pulled muscles. When you start applying the product regularly, it starts healing the pain internally without using any medication.

Furthermore, it is recommended to cover the skin after applying this ointment for effective healing with a heating effect.

The only downside of this product is its high price compared to the other products.


  • It is a scented liniment gel
  • Relieves the pain and provides a soothing sensation
  • Improves blood circulation and helps the wound to heal earlier
  • Favorable to treat minor cuts and wounds
  • The horse liniment ingredient also includes spearmint


  • An expensive product

5. Farnam Cool Pack Green Jelly Sore Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Horse Liniment

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This Farnam Cool Pack Green Jelly is one of the best horse liniments to relieve joint pain and sore muscles. Overextension is a normal thing for any horse that works and exercises actively. Therefore, this Farnam Jelly gives a cool and soothing effect to ease the stiffness.

Having the ingredients of Hazel, eucalyptus oil, thymol, benzalkonium chloride, and methyl salicylate, the product works effectively to relieve sore muscles and joint pain.

This unique Jelly is easy to apply to the skin and doesn’t cause any damage to your skin. Moreover, you can apply it anywhere from muscles to shoulders, ankles, knees, etc. Not only this but you can also apply the jelly on the wounds and quick cuts to help them heal quicker.


  • Soothes and draws out the muscle soreness
  • Gives relief from heat and swelling due to overextension
  • Applicable on shoulders, knees, ankles, tendons and ligaments, etc
  • Feel free to use on abrasion and little cuts
  • Does not damage human skin


  • Gives a bit of an odd smell

6. HARRIS Happy Horse Liniment, Wintergreen Cream for Sore Muscle & Joint Pain Relief, 16oz

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This HARRIS Happy Horse Liniment is also one of the best horse liniments available in the market. The liniment provides ease with its icy cool effect to the dull and stiff muscles. Moreover, the cream immediately penetrates inside the skin to reduce joint pain, swelling, and tightness.

Having methyl salicylate in its ingredients, it is a perfect fit to treat the fatigued muscles that make the horse dull and inactive. Not only this, the Wintergreen oil brings the joints and tendons back to normal.

However, with its non-greasy and no-drip formula, the cream gives long-lasting relief.


  • Relieves the muscles and joints from stiffness
  • Gives an ice-cool effect to the skin
  • Activates the dull and inactive muscles
  • No-drip and non-greasy cream


  • The users are maybe at risk of skin cancer

7. Draw It Out Liniment

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This Draw It Out Liniment is one of the best horse liniments available in the market. Let’s discover what this horse liniment brings for you.

The product comes in thick and concentrated formation. Though it is gel formation, it has a high level of concentration of 125%. Thus, its outcome is exactly like that of cream. Moreover, its thick concentration makes it easier to apply the lotion to any part of the body that needs relief.

Another important feature of this horse liniment is that it is a user-friendly product. The brand uses natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free ingredients that make it a perfect fit for your livestock. You can use it even for your horse with sensitive skin. In short, the product gives a good value for your money.

But it has a downside too. It doesn’t relieve the swelling like other products. In case, your horse is facing severe pain and intense swelling, this lotion shouldn’t be your choice.


  • Comes in a lotion form
  • Brings good value for money
  • Easy to apply on skin
  • Doesn’t irritate human skin
  • Odourless and colorless
  • Not much expensive


  • Doesn’t work for swelling

Factors that Should Affect Your Choice of a Horse Liniment

Choice of Horse Liniment depends upon several factors that are as follows:

Type of Liniment

Horse liniments come in a variety of forms such as gel, lotion, cream, foam, etc. You may select the one that is easier for you to apply.


Liniments come in two forms; consuming and cooling. The cooling liniments work the best for your horse if it has been through a hot and tough day. However, the consuming ones facilitate dealing with the tightness of your horse’s muscles. So, choose wisely.


Before applying any liniment on your horse’s skin, ensure to read the instructions on the liniment. Some liniments are not for wounds while some are solely made to use for cuts and abrasions. If you use the horse liniment at the wrong site, it can affect your horse’s health as well as skin.

Therefore, it is recommended to carefully monitor your horse’s skin, the type of ailment, and then choose the best horse liniment for your horse.


Not every horse liniment is equally effective. As a matter of fact, the effectiveness depends mainly upon the problem and the liniment you are using for it. Therefore, you must have the most effective liniment with good and positive reviews. Well, after reading this guide you’ll be able to pick one for your horse.


The horse liniments come in a variety of price ranges depending upon the product quality, brand name, and effectiveness. Some brands do offer quality products in an affordable price range. It is recommended to use the best quality product because your horse’s health is more important than the price after all.

FAQs Regarding Horse Liniment

This guide has addressed almost every aspect regarding horse liniments. However, if you still have any questions in your mind, this FAQ section is designed for you.

How safe is it for humans to use horse liniment?

The safe use of liniments for humans entirely depends upon their composition. Some horse liniments contain ingredients that are harmful to human skin. However, most liniments are made up of non-toxic and natural ingredients that can also be used by humans.

How to apply horse liniment?

Add some of the lotion or cream liniment to your palm and gently rub it over the affected part of your horse until it gets absorbed completely inside the skin.

Is liniment beneficial for horses?

Yes, muscle care is beneficial for every horse. The horse liniments help to treat joint pain, stiffness, muscle soreness, and swelling in horses. However, try consulting a veterinarian before you use the horse liniment.

What is horse liniment used for?

Horse liniments are used to treat cuts, bruises, wounds, and abrasions. Moreover, they are also used to relieve muscle stiffness, joint pain, swelling, and tenderness of ligaments, joints, ankles, and knees.

What is the active ingredient in horse liniment?

Menthol is the most active ingredient in all horse liniments.

What does liniment do for horses?

The horse liniment when applied to the horse’s skin, gives a cooling effect by relieving the pain. It lessens the pain, stiffness, and swelling by drawing out the tightness from the horse’s muscles. Moreover, it also heals the tiny cuts and wounds on the skin of the horse.


Preventing your horse from bruises, injuries, broken bones and muscle stiffness is not an easy task. However, investing in one of the best horse liniments is bound to facilitate you efficiently in the process. Furthermore, since not all horse liniments perform equally for different pain areas, it is advisable to do your research before picking the top horse liniment for your buddy. Nonetheless, the options mentioned in this guide are bound to soothe your equine’s sores and aches as well as reduce any swelling to bring it back on its feet much quicker than letting it heal on its own.

Nevertheless, the best horse liniment is just waiting to get discovered by you. They are made of different ingredients and are available in several forms such as gel, cream, liquid, etc. So whether you prefer horse liniments with all-natural ingredients, or are okay with the addition of a couple of chemicals to speed up the healing process, check out horse liniment ingredients before buying!