7 Best Fly Sheets for Horses: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQs

Oh boy! Swish, swish, swish, goes your horse’s tail again. But, all that tail swishing is probably because your horse is particularly annoyed with the pesky horse flies and insects disturbing its peaceful graze. Have you noticed yet?

These little flying beasts are not only annoying but can be a source of various diseases that can harm your mighty buddy. Thank God for the top horse fly sheets existing to put an end to this ordeal! In this article, we are going to suggest some of the best fly sheets for horses that will keep your steed comfortable and protected all day long.

Moreover, horse fly sheets protect your horse not only from bites, itching, hives, and hoof cracks but also reduce summer coat bleaching. Keep scrolling to discover some of the most durable and highly recommended horse fly sheets for sale.

Quick Picks

Choosing from the variety of horse fly sheets, all appearing to be greater than the other, can be a pretty cumbersome task. This is why we have made the selection process easier for you by jotting down our favorites below. Check them out if you are in a rush!

Best Overall

The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Fly Sheet is a solution to almost all kinds of horse problems. It is made up of a tear-resistant fabric that is breathable, airy, and provides up to 20% UV block.

Runner Up

Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet 78 provides your horse with good coverage including a neck and tail cover. It is made with a super-breathable lightweight fabric allowing reasonable airflow.

Budget Pick

If you are tight on cash and need something with reasonable protection, the TuffRider Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet is the best horse fly sheet option for you. Made from a soft and breathable fabric, it also offers UV protection of up to 50% and is indeed a great choice. 

7 Best Fly Sheet for Horses

To provide you with a wider selection, here is a roundup of the top 7 fly sheets for horses for you to consider. Each one provides a comfortable fit and great coverage. So see what suits you, and your steed, best!

 1. Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Fly Sheet

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In terms of the best horse fly sheet overall, the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Fly Sheet takes the prize. The fabric is a perfect combination of tough and breathable. It is light, airy, and sheer but also strong enough for durability with a tear-resistant design and excellent coverage.

The lightweight fabric makes it summer-friendly. You can keep your buddy covered the whole day without worrying about getting it over-heated. However, this one is not too effective for UV protection, so you might want to have a look at some other options if UV protection is your main goal.

It comes with a belly flap head cover that is easy to remove, and a tail flap that wraps completely for utmost protection. This along with the adjustable leg straps makes it versatile too. It fits most horses beautifully and is also lined at the shoulders and tail flap to avoid rubbing. Though a bit pricey, it is one of the most preferred options by horse owners due to the benefits it provides.

2. Tough 1 PVC Coated Mesh Fly Sheet

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This particular horse flysheet is highly effective for protecting your horse from dust, flies, and UV rays. It can easily keep out all of the mentioned irritants due to its tightly woven cloth. Moreover, the Tough 1 PVC Coated Tri-Shield Mesh Flysheet is made using think mesh material which is highly durable and tough. If your buddy likes to get a little rough on the paddock then this flysheet will be perfect.

There are a few downsides to this horse flysheet mainly associated with its fabric. The fabric may be a little stiff for some horses causing irritation. It can also rub a little around the shoulders of horses that are comparatively broader. Moreover, the weave of the fabric makes it less airy and may make your horsey friend a little warm. Hence this one isn’t a great option for extremely hot and humid days.

What brought this particular product to our list of the 7 best flysheets for horses is the fact that it is PVC coated. The Poly-Vinyl Chloride coating helps it to be fire-resistant, anti-fungal, and UV resistant. All-in-all, it will serve as an awesome choice for horse owners looking for fly sheets that are tough, temporary, and affordable.

3. Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet 78

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Making its place as one of the more affordable options from this list of the best flysheets for horses, the Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet 78 is highly summer-friendly and offers good coverage. It is made from super breathable polyester to keep your horse cool at all times. The fabric is also considerably lightweight, adding more points to the airiness factor. However, being lightweight, it is subjected to easy tear, especially for a rowdy horse. The fabric also does not do great in terms of UV protection.

As mentioned earlier, the Amigo Mio Combo flysheet scores high with regard to the coverage it provides. It offers extra protection with a neck and tail cover. Coupled with the lightness of the fabric, the extra coverage will give your horse maximum protection from pesky insects without making it uncomfortable in any way. Hence, to sum up, it won’t be wrong to say that the Amigo Flysheet is a superb choice for calmer horses that get warm easily and need extra coverage.

4. Professional’s Choice Fly Sheet Breathable Double Buckle Fleece CFS

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This flysheet by Professional’s Choice is a little on the expensive side of this list but an excellent option nonetheless. It is made from comfortable jersey material stretching along the spine area for comfort and breathability. Moreover, the fabric is also padded at the withers with fleece, to keep the rubbing at bay.

Although Professional’s Choice flysheet does have a neck cover for additional coverage; however, it does come with a tail flap. Besides, the horse fly sheet’s secure fit is another feature that makes it one of the best flysheets in 2021. It has double buckle chest straps, belly straps, and leg straps to keep the covering in place. This makes sure that the sheet does not fall off or hinder the horse’s movement in any way.

5. Tuffrider Comfy Mesh Fly Sheet

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This super-affordable horse flysheet is definitely something to consider buying. It is made from 130-gram Polyester mesh which is super soft and highly breathable and lightweight. It is designed with the aim of providing comfort and ease to your horse, offers UV protection, and is machine washable too!

The TuffRider Comfy Mesh Flysheet is good for areas that receive high UV rays as it offers up to 50% UV protection, making it one of the best horse fly sheets with UV protection. It also comes with lining around the shoulder area to prevent rubbing. In terms of coverage, however, it is limited as there is no neck cover or tail flap included. Nonetheless, the design of the TuffRider Comfy Mesh Flysheet is more suitable for a thinner fit and is a great option for horses with sensitive skin.

6. Saxon Mesh with Gusset Combo Neck

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The Saxon Mesh sheet is well-suited to horses with broader frames. It is made with mesh which is soft and breathable. The mesh features a fine weave to provide your horse with premium protection from insects. Furthermore, this horse flysheet is a superstar when it comes to protecting your horse from UV rays. The material of this sheet provides up to 96% UV block making it the absolute best horse fly sheet with UV protection.

The coverage of the Saxon horse flysheet includes an integrated combo neck and a standard tail flap which further adds to the coverage factor. Besides, it features an adjustable belly wrap making the flysheet all the more convenient for horses. Also, in order to keep the flysheet secure in its place, it is built with front surcingle closures and a standard tail cord. So, there is no need to worry if your horse likes to move around a lot as the flysheet will stay in place.

7. Cashel Quiet Ride Horse Bug Armor Bundle Set

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Adding to the list of the best horse fly sheets is the Cashel Quiet Ride Horse Bug Armor Bundle Set. This one exceeds all the others in terms of being lightweight, making it the best lightweight flysheet for horses. It is made of soft mesh that is comfortable on the skin. The mesh is also super airy that helps to keep your horse cool while keeping away the insects on the trail or in the practice pen.

The flysheet has a clever design that attaches to the bridle and the saddle to provide full-body coverage without hindering movement. It has absolutely zero restriction on both the horse’s and the rider’s movement. To achieve this goal, they have made it in an adjustable two-piece set with quick and easy fastening. Nevertheless, due to its convenient design, it’s something that will be useful to those who ride horses often and participate in races.

Factors Influencing Choice of Horse Fly Sheet

Given the vast variety of flysheets in the market, choosing the best flysheet for your horse can be confusing. To help you pick, some of the factors that can determine the top flysheet specific to your horse are given below.


Many horse owners prefer to spend less and buy a new economical flysheet every fly season, while others may like to spend on something that will last longer. However, their longevity is not necessarily related to price. The price is usually related to the material used. You can also check if there is a flysheet sale that you can take advantage of.


Every horse is different in terms of its build; therefore, the flysheet you buy needs to be able to fit your horse properly. If the sheet is too loose, then it might keep moving out of place, hindering the mobility of your energetic horse. A sheet too tight will also hinder their movement and irritate them. The best horse fly sheets should be adjustable and have adjustable buckles and straps for a comfortable fit.


This factor is a must to consider for horses with sweet itch or insect allergies. A good amount of coverage is a must for horses that have lighter skin and get sunburned easily. The best flysheet for sweet itch and sensitive skin should have a belly band or wrap. You should also look for full neck attachments, tail flap, and fly boots. Flysheets with lining will also help in such cases as they prevent rubbing.

Although fly sheets offer the most coverage, you can also look into other options like a fly mask (these are our top recommendations) or go with something like a spray that will eliminate the need of covering your horse altogether.


The durability of flysheets is affected by the material it is made from and also depends on the nature of your horse. In case your horsey friend is hyperactive and rough then we would suggest getting something that is made from thicker material to ensure durability. Also, good-quality straps and closures are important. Make sure that the sheets fit your horses nicely to ensure longevity. Ill-fitted sheets might fall off, get tugged, and get torn. However, thicker material would not suit horses that get warm easily.

Ease of Cleaning

Horse flysheets get dirty easily and they need to be cleaned often. The lightweight material is always easier to clean and dry. Sheets that have buckles cannot be put into the washing machine. So you might have to wash those by hand.

FAQs Regarding Best Fly Sheet for Horses

Fly sheet for horses is essential for their comfort on the fields, which is why you should make sure to get your hands on the best one for your pet. Here are the answers to some common queries regarding horse fly sheets to help you in making your pick:

When should horses wear fly sheets?

Fly sheets protect the horses from UV rays, so horses should wear a fly sheet when it’s sunny. If you desire to keep your dark-colored horse’s skin darker, put a fly sheet for as long as possible as it prevents transmission of UV rays. In case the horse shows instant reaction when bit by bug or insects, consider putting it in one for maximum time. A fly sheet and fly spray combo will act as an effective barrier against the pestering bugs, insects, and flies.

How do I know what size fly sheet to get my horse?

To find the answer to this question, you will have to get practical and make some measurements. Measure the distance from the middle of the chest to the end of the tail. Also, measure the shoulder and hindquarters of your horse to get the exact size of the fly sheet.

Can you ride a horse with a fly sheet on?

In today’s world, there is a variety of different kinds of fly sheets. Some are specially designed for use when the horse is in the stable, and others are perfect for riding the horse. Such sheets help you focus more on the track rather than the bugs and flies in the air. Fly sheets are ideal for riding the horse because the stretchy materials allow free movement, and the absence of buckles enhance the riding experience.

Are fly sheets weatherproof?

The answer is both yes and no. Fly sheets are products of woven cotton or polyester, so it is not waterproof. Rain gets through the sheet, and the water touches the horse’s skin. Therefore, you should not rely on fly sheets to protect your horses from the rain. Fly sheets endure the scorching heat of summers very well. But don’t keep the horse in a hot environment for a long time. Consider bringing them under the cool shade and fan them.

Do fly sheets keep horses clean?

The simple answer is yes! The new fly sheets keep the horses clean because they are made with either polyester or cotton that forms a mesh. They prevent the horses from rubbing and keep them clean. Besides, they also help keep the horse’s coat smooth and shiny. It prevents them from getting in contact with filthy flies that may even cause harmful diseases.

How to choose the best fly sheet?

Since fly sheets readily prevent your horse from many diseases, insect bites, and allergic reactions, they should be comfortable, durable, and easily changeable. Before choosing the flysheet, consider what amount of coverage it’ll be offering. It is ideal to buy the one which protects from UV rays, has a separate neck attachment, and additional fly boots. Also, consider the price before making a purchase.

What are the benefits of fly sheets?

A fly sheet creates a barrier between horses and the harsh surroundings. Therefore, it prevents bug bites, infections, and irritation. Fly sheets allow your horse to enjoy the sunny weather without feeling the burning sensation. When wearing a fly sheet, the horses are ready and on the go, meaning there is no need to prepare them beforehand.


As common with most livestock animals, horses too tend to have a trail of flies hovering above them while they move around their pasture. Fortunately, getting a good horse fly sheet can save the animal from the nuisance which can otherwise prolong throughout the day. The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Fly Sheet is our top choice when it comes to awesome coverage, comfortable fit, and protection from harmful ultraviolet rays at a decent price. The fabric is highly durable, yet breathable and best for warmer days too.

Overall, fly sheets are a mandatory investment to ensure optimal comfort and protection of your horse. Nevertheless, this compilation of the top horse fly sheets of 2021 is bound to facilitate you in choosing the best one in terms of you accommodating your equine’s unique needs as well as your budget. Let us know your favorite!