7 Best Horse Winter Blankets: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

It’s getting chillier by the day, and your equine partner needs special horse winter blankets to stay comfy. Choosing the right clothing for your horse is a hard task. But that’s where our expertise comes in. 

Some horses hate the cold, windy weather in the winters, just like we do. Well-insulated, comfortable, and breathable blankets for horses will make your equine partner adjust better in the outdoors. Not only that, but it will ensure your horse’s well-being and health in the long-run.

Before we get to the reviews, let’s take a short detour and discuss what role blankets for horses play: 

What is a Winter Horse Blanket?

Winter horse blankets are special clothing that keeps your horse’s back, body, and neck covered. It’s made from wool, polyester, or cotton which really insulates your horse to help it retain body heat. With these blankets, you can safely let go of the fears that your horse might feel cold outside.

Not to mention, these blankets are extremely important for horses that are clipped to the body or are seniors. Warmth will keep them safe from the cold winds and ensure prosperous health.

Apart from this, horse blankets aren’t just limited to wearing during strolls. Winter horse blankets are perfect for every occasion. Whether you keep your horse in a stable, trailer, or an open pasture, they’ll do just great. Moreover, there are many varieties when it comes to horse blankets. Let’s discuss two of the most common types next! 

If you’re further interested in caring for your horse at this time of the year, read our guide on care tips for cold horses.

Turnout vs Stable Blankets

Turnout blankets are mainly waterproof, whereas stable blankets are not. As the name suggests, turnout blankets are made for the outdoors. They’re the clear winner if you’re taking your horse out in the meadows.

Stable blankets are better equipped if your horse will stay indoors in the stable. A small issue with them is that they’re not waterproof. Other than that, they’re perfectly capable of keeping your horse warm and fuzzy indoors.

Waterproofing typically adds to the cost of the blanket. If your horse isn’t likely to roam the pastures, stable blankets are the perfect fit. Also, you can easily use turnout blankets as stable blankets.

If you don’t wish to invest in turnout blankets, you can opt for liners or cooler sheets. They’re slightly less expensive and can be paired with other blankets to provide warmth to your lovely horse. It’s all on you to mix and match what works for you and your horse.

Winter Horse Blanket Buying Guide

Hold on; how’d you know which turnout blanket is the best one or if a stable blanket is the right one for your horse? 

That’s where this small, precise guide comes in. Below are four important features in winter horse blankets which will help you make your decision. Without further ado, let’s get down to the buying factors next.


If the blanket doesn’t fit your horse, is it a good purchase? Certainly not. A blanket should fit well, if not perfectly, and cover your horse’s body. The tail flap is a concern with many blankets as well. Make sure the straps, attachments, and flaps fit your horse’s size.

Most blankets can cover the back, chest, legs, and neck as well. To find the perfect fit, you should properly take your horse’s withers, shoulders, and length measurements. Though in some winter blankets, the neck part is an extension you can remove or add as suited. 


The higher the insulation, the better the blanket. Winters can be harsh with swift changes in temperatures. A good blanket for horses will be well-insulated to provide warmth to your horse in any condition.

If your horse loves to enjoy the outdoors, appropriate protection is important. Not only will these blankets keep your horse warm, but will also keep them dry. Usually, the Polyfill or Fiberfill weight can help you determine the insulation. The higher the weight, the more insulated it is.

Similarly, if you’ve clipped your horse to the body, it’ll need more heat to stay safe. You could call body hair the ultimate protection against the cold winds. Take that way, and you’ll need lots of insulation for your horse. A well-insulated winter blanket will do just that! 

Type of Blanket

It might not cross your mind to think of the type of blanket you want to buy, but it’s quite important. We’ve discussed two types of blankets above – turnout and stable blankets.

Turnout blankets will make sure your horse doesn’t catch cold outside. They’re also waterproof, so you can safely disregard the fear of rain. Depending on the type of fill, a turnout blanket can also have an added layer of insulation. 

Stable blankets, on the other hand, are better suited for horses that stay inside. They’re both equally great at keeping your horse warm. Apart from this, there are rain sheets, quarter sheets, and coolers which can also serve well, to some extent. 


No one loves to purchase blankets that rip off in seconds. Durability is another factor that should chime in when you’re picking new blankets. Get the blanket that’s going to fit your horse and be durable enough for its cost.

Denier is the term used to identify the strength of the fiber which makes up the fabric. You might also see the word shortened to “D” in various blankets. If the denier is high, the fabric is quite thick. This, in turn, guarantees a thicker winter blanket for your horse.

Higher denier blankets are abrasion, tear, and puncture-resistant. This way, you bring home the perfect blanket for your horse to feel comfy in the winters. 

However, this doesn’t mean low denier blankets aren’t going to be comfortable. This only signifies the durability and thickness of the winter blanket. Low denier blankets, also called liners or coolers, can be used with blankets.  

7 Best Winter Horse Blankets

Confused between multiple winter horse blankets or want us to narrow down the list for you? Don’t you worry! We’ve jotted down a list of some of the best blankets you can get right away for your horse.

If you’re all riled up, take a look at our reviews for some of the best horse blankets for cold weather, next:

1. Tough 1 1200D Snuggit Turnout Blanket


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To topple our list is the ultra-durable and comfortable turnout blanket by Tough 1. The blanket stands tall with 1200 Denier poly material which is further complemented with a 300-gram polyfill. There are an additional 210 grams of denier poly lining which can easily make all durability concerns go away. 

There are over 20 sizes and 11 colors of this turnout blanket available for you to choose from. If this doesn’t please you, there’s more. The blanket is also waterproof and breathable, allowing your horse to feel comfy in the harshest of winters.

Though this blanket from Tough 1 is fairly new to the market, it’s surely going to soar sales. If you’re looking for turnout blankets, this might just be the one! 

2. Derby Originals Deluxe 600D Turnout Winter Blanket

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In search of lightweight turnout blankets? This winter blanket from Derby Originals is the one for you. The blanket is made from 600D, heavy-duty Nylon, which is woven to offer durability. The 250-gram polyfill along with the 210T nylon lining go above and beyond to offer medium warmth to your horse. Breathability is often a concern in other blankets because of tight straps or attachments. However, the nylon lining in this one is great for breathability, durability, and keeping your horse dry.

The blanket has received positive remarks from many horse owners. The lightweight nature when combined with its medium warmth, makes it perfect for many young and senior horses. Although the leg straps might be less durable, the blanket itself does wonders. It’s high-quality nylon usage also makes it sturdy and worth the purchase. If you’re not a fan of black, there are other colors available as well! 

The only downside would be the straps of this horse winter blanket. Some horse owners didn’t approve of the quality and durability of the leg straps.

3. Tough 1 Timber 1200D Poly Snuggit Turnout Blanket

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Heavyweight horse turnout blankets can be hard to strap in. Luckily, this amazing turnout blanket from Tough 1 is just the right fit. It’s durable, coarser, and thicker with 1200D, so durability won’t ever bother. It also has a 210-gram denier lining which really makes the coat shine. To add to this list, the blanket also has a 250-gram polyfill and fleece wither protection for your horses’ comfort and warmth. The blanket also has crossed surcingles with elastic straps so you can stabilize your weight easily.

Tough 1 has released these horse turnout blankets in many sizes. So, whether you own a lovely pony or a large horse breed, you won’t be disappointed. And to further style up your horse’s looks, there’s a variety of colors as well. It’s also waterproof so you can even wash the blanket without worry.

This horse turnout blanket might just be the best one out there. There are loads of good reviews and happy owners (and horses!) praising Tough 1 for making this awesome blanket and helping them through the winters. One small suggestion was to extend the tail flap which might be a little smaller. 

4. Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner

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Warmth, comfort, and style – is just the beginning of what this blanket from Tough 1 has to offer. This lightweight cooler will keep your horse at ease without added heavy fabric. With four sizes for all breeds of horses and several colors to choose from, this liner ranks fourth on our list. Although it can’t be used as a standalone blanket, it can be a great addition under one. 

To make it easier for you and your horse, the liner is completely customizable. You can strap in or adjust the covers however you’d like to. This will really allow your horse to move freely and not be bound by tight straps. For many customers, the price was the winning point as well as the excellent quality it comes with.

A few customers suggested improvements related to the material of the liner. For some, it also turned out to be a little less durable than they expected. 

5. Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Stand Neck Med

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Weatherbeeta’s ComFiTec blanket series is perhaps one of the best out in the market right now. A 1200 Denier weave, 220 grams of polyfill, and a comfortable wither pad; it’s a game-changer. Although the polyfill is lesser when compared to other blankets, it will still offer medium warmth. Be it rain, snow, or any other season, this waterproofed blanket will never let your horse soak in rainwater. There are a dozen size options for your horse to perfectly fit in.

This spectacular blanket from Weatherbeeta also includes straps for you to strap your horse in. It includes two chest straps and surcingles and completely adjustable leg straps. The blanket’s wither pads come with gussets and tail flaps so your horse doesn’t feel irritated. 

There’s hardly any negative review for these horse winter blankets. Durability, comfort, breathability, and whatever other factors you’re looking for; this blanket from Weatherbeeta has it all!

6. Derby Originals Windstorm 1200D Horse Winter Turnout Blanket

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Derby’s lightweight turnout blankets were great. The Windstorm series, however, is one of the best heavyweight blankets for horses. Their 1200D ripstop nylon weave is both tear and cut-resistant. One of its greatest features would be the 300-gram polyfill. The blanket is great for horses in areas with fluctuating and extreme cold temperatures. This blanket doesn’t add extra weight and still manages to offer warmth to your horse. Don’t worry about sizing as there are several sizes with adjustable straps and neck cover attachments. 

The nylon shell is completely waterproof and will keep your horse safe and dry on the inside. There’s also a reflective trim on the nylon cover which can help you identify your horse in the dark. Not to mention, it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer So, you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality product.

There aren’t a lot of negative comments about this blanket. An owner had concerns related to the stitching of the blanket. However, since the manufacturer offers a warranty, you can always claim it in return for a better stitched winter blanket. 

7. Derby Originals Horse Cooler & Blanket Liner

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You can also opt for Derby’s liners or coolers if you’re not a fan of the horse turnout sheets. These liners are quite lightweight and can easily cover your horse’s body. Two color choices and a few size options can really help you pick the right liner. 

Mostly, people use liners in combination with blankets. This helps in adding a second layer of warmth. Since they are lightweight, using them under blankets doesn’t add to the weight. It will help your horse steer clear of the rain. Considering the price range, the purchase is definitely worthwhile.  

FAQs About Winter Horse Blankets

Still have a few questions? Worry no more. From explaining the types of winter blankets to describing the actual meaning of “Denier”, let us resolve your queries.

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about winter blankets for horses:

What sort of winter horse blanket should I buy?

The type of winter horse blanket you buy depends on your individual situation. Two common types of winter horse blankets include the turnout and stable blankets. If your horse loves the outdoors or strolls the pastures, the turnout blankets will be great. They’re waterproof and keep your horse dry on the inside. Stable blankets are better for horses who stay inside stables or don’t go out much. Since they’re not waterproof, they can quickly soak your horse in water.

Even if your horse loves to stay inside, you can opt for turnout blankets. However, they’re a little expensive and add to the cost, which can be avoided if you don’t require waterproofing.

What does “Denier” mean in terms of horse blankets?

Denier is a unit of measurement that expresses the thickness of the fabric. Usually, blanket labels read “1200D” where the D stands for Denier. Generally, low denier blankets are lightweight and have a lower thickness. High denier blankets are thick and made from a tough fabric. 

The Denier count also expresses the durability of the blanket. Generally, thicker fabrics are tear and cut resistant so they will be great in the long run.

How can I make my horse blanket waterproof?

To make your horse blanket waterproof, you can use water repellents. Before using any such product, make sure your blanket is cleaned from the outside. If you do apply it after cleaning it, this waterproofing layer can go years before it needs a redo. Repellents are available locally or can be ordered online through Amazon.  

You can often avoid losing waterproofing by taking better care of your blankets. Most manufacturers provide cleaning instructions for you to properly clean the blankets. This way, you can ensure the longevity of the blanket’s waterproofing. 

Does my horse need a blanket in the winter?

Your horse would need a blanket in the winter only if the temperature gets unbearably cold ie well below 0° Fahrenheit. Most horses have a thick coat of hair and the ability to produce heat internally from food. So, horses are generally capable of handling the cold weather by themselves. However, it is better to use a blanket to cover your horse’s body if the temperature drops. 

Blankets are especially necessary if you’ve clipped your horse. They reduce the inherent insulation of hair. Now, you’d need an external layer of warmth from blanket sheets.

Horse rain sheets turn out to be great during the rains as well. Since turnout horse blankets are waterproof, there’s a lesser chance of water leaking through the blanket to your horse’s skin.

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