15 Best Horse Movies on Netflix

Netflix has some of the best horse movies released to date. Be it an inspirational drama film, a moving short documentary on racehorses, or a kid-friendly animated flick, the streaming giant has it all. So, are you ready to make your next binge-list? 

I’ve got you covered with my list of the 15 best horse movies on Netflix! Luckily, there’s content for people of all ages. Whether you’re young kiddo or an adult with a love for equines, there’s something for everyone. Let’s jump right in! 

15 Best Horse Movies on Netflix

I’ve watched hundreds of hours of some of the best movies on Netflix to curate this list together. If you’ve been binging horse movies on Netflix for a while, some of these might be your favorites already. But hopefully, some titles are new for you to binge next and call your favorite! 

Without further ado, let’s get started with our in-house favorite, Walk. Ride. Rodeo. 

1. Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

If you’re a fan of equine sports like myself, Walk. Ride. Rodeo.’s a real tear-jerker.

Amberley Snyder, a nationally ranked barrel racer, suffers an unfortunate accident that poses a potentially career-ending injury. The movie shows her progress as she pulls through the paralysis and fights back to win her spot amongst other national players. 

Released on March 08, 2019, the movie is considered to be one of the best horse movies on Netflix today (and I can’t agree more). Not only will you feel motivated by Amberley’s efforts to win her position back, but you’ll also be stunned by amazingly choreographed stunts by the horses!  

The Netflix blockbuster stars Spencer Locke as Amberley Snyder, Missi Pyle as Tina Snyder, and other acclaimed actors in several roles. Though the movie currently stands at 6.4 on IMDb, people with any love for Equine sports will likely sing tales of its brilliance. It’s still a 10 in my heart. 

2. Ride Like a Girl

Not derailing off the motivational train, next up is ‘Ride Like a Girl.’ Based on the true story of Michelle Payne, an Australian jockey, the story takes us through the courageous journey of her winning the 2015 Melbourne Cup. Not just that – she’s the first and only female jockey to do that so far!

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Michelle is played by Teresa Palmer in this inspiring blockbuster. She does an incredible job at portraying Michelle’s determination, persistence, and admiration for the sport. You’re likely going to be awe-struck as she battles through a fairly male-dominated industry to prove her mettle.  

I truly think Rich Cline’s review sums up my thoughts on the movie: 

“This warm and lively Australian drama is a terrific feature directing debut for Rachel Griffiths, with a superb cast of characters who effortlessly engage the audience.”

The movie was released on September 26, 2019, in Australia. Now available on Netflix, you can easily binge it from the comfort of your home. 

3. Rock My Heart

Rock My Heart is yet another heart-wrenching drama film featuring a teenager with an emotional bond with a rather disorderly stallion. Jana, played by Lena Klenke, begins training to compete as an amateur jockey while also battling life-threatening heart disease. 

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Though the story slowly progresses to its deserving climax, there are several moments that utterly moved us. It’s not just the story but the earnest performances from the cast that truly tie the drama hit together. A must-watch for anyone with the slightest love for horses! 

The movie was released on September 20, 2017, in Germany. It currently rates 6.5 on IMDb with several positive reviews from fellow horse lovers. Though the movie is in German, you can either opt for an English dubbing or subtitles to thoroughly enjoy it. 

4. A Champion Heart

A grieving heart and a misunderstood animal bond together in this cinematic masterpiece. A Champion Heart follows the story of Mandy Renner, a 15-year old teen, who’s grieving the death of her mother but is forced to work at an equine sanctuary where she meets a beautiful Pinto. 

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The success of the movie is also credited to the great acting by Devan Key and Amanda De Vos in lead roles. Though the story might be a bit sad as it progresses, it is bound to leave you with a lesson or two. It’s also a testament to the fact there’s an unbreakable bond between humans and their equine counterparts. 

Unfortunately, the movie hasn’t raked in a higher rating on IMDb. Standing at a mere 5.9, the movie still has great audience reviews on Google and is a must-watch in my eyes too! 

5. War Horse

Set amidst World War I, the film follows the life of a bay Irish Hunter, Joey, as he travels throughout Europe during the war. Being bought by the British Army, the horse encounters several owners, occasions, and tragedies which I too experienced in this thrilling drama. 

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the acclaimed drama features a star-studded cast with several great performances. With Jeremy Irvine’s moving performance as the lead, Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch don’t fail to impress either. A visual and cinematic masterpiece, if you may. 

Roger Ebert’s words on the closing sequence of the movie fully express my own emotions: 

The closing shots of Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse” will stir emotions in every serious movie lover.

The box-office hit is based on Michael Morpurgo’s 1982 book of the same name. Regardless, with a rating of 7.2 on IMDb, the movie was titled one of the best movies of 2011. It also bagged several nominations in renowned award ceremonies like the Academy and Golden Globes.

6. Secretariat

Secretariat is the inspiring story of the Big Red, an American Thoroughbred racehorse from the 1970s. What’s special about the Secretariat? Big Red was the ninth winner of the American Triple Crown (1973) – three esteemed races which are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. But that’s not it.

Big Red still holds the fastest time record in all three races. Four decades apart, the record still hasn’t been beaten – that accounts for something. Secretariat’s the kind of heart-warming tale you’d love to watch again and again as you root for the Thoroughbred to showcase its magnificence. 

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Released in 2010, the sports-drama film currently stands at a 7.2 on IMDb. The movie is based on a book of the same name released in 1975 by William Nack. Here’s a critic’s review of the movie which describes the movie in a nutshell:

Rousing, heartwarming, and squarely traditional, Secretariat offers exactly what you’d expect from an inspirational Disney drama — no more, and no less.

7. Dream Horse

Dream Horse is a fun and heart-warming comedy-drama featuring a bartender’s newfound love for breeding and racing horses. With little to no experience at hand, the story progresses with Jan’s growing confidence in her efforts to race “Dream” in the Welsh Grand National, backed by a loving community of supportive people. 

The movie is based on the true story of a racehorse, the Dream Alliance. Having won the Welsh Grand National, the horse was also the primary subject of the hit documentary from 2015, Dark Horse (which is also my next pick!).

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Toni Collette and Damian Lewis are hands down the key drivers of this brilliantly directed movie. Though the ending of the movie is predictable, it’s really the efforts of the cast and the race sequences which kept us fellow equine-lovers engaged.

As of writing, Dream Horse averages 6.9 in ratings from over 3500+ reviews. Nonetheless, this is one of those movies where I’d recommend you don’t get swayed away by the reactions and watch it for how lovable it is! 

8. Dark Horse

If you’re a fan of documentaries, Dark Horse is going to please you just as much as Netflix’s Dream Horse. 

Though both the documentary and the film follow the same storyline, it’s the director’s vision and screenplay brilliance you’re there to witness. 

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Directed by Louise Osmond, the documentary wholly lives up to its expectations. You’re in for a fairly inspiring tale of a hard-working woman who fulfills her dream of racing her beloved racehorse. How does she do it? Watch the documentary today to find out! 

As Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian puts his thoughts together:

With its sheer warmth and likability, this good-natured documentary won my heart

The documentary was first released in January 2015, at the Sundance Film Festival where it received favorable reviews from many critics. Later that year, the movie was released globally and made it to Netflix. The documentary still upholds a whopping 96% on RottenTomatoes. 

9. The Mustang

Did you know there’s a rehabilitation program in Carson City, Nevada for convicts to train wild horses? I didn’t know either! That’s where the cinematic showpiece, The Mustang comes in.

The movie enlightens us with the journey of a Roman Coleman, an inmate struggling to find comfort amidst the ever-changing world. Soon, Roman participates in the rehabilitation program where he trains wild horses for auctioning later on.

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There are several other side-plots that might divert one’s attention. But you’re not going to lose track of the relationship Roman forms with his beloved horse, only to auction him at the end of the film. A truly emotional and tender film as it affirms my firm belief in the power of second chances.

The Mustang’s story might remind you of the brilliantly-written Seabiscuit yet is just as unique in its message. Rated 6.9 on IMDb and 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’d highly suggest you watch the intense film before it’s taken off of Netflix. 

10. Roped

Next up, we have a movie which will make you yee-haw in joy and romance! 

Roped follows the story of a young cowboy who’s made it to a new town where people thoroughly dislike rodeos. Colton, the lead of the film, also happens to fall in love with the daughter of the town’s councilman. 

The movie follows a fairly typical plot of a guy attempting to win his lover’s guardians’ approval. Will he be able to do it? I won’t be spoiling that for you, now. Since the movie is currently streaming on Netflix with a subscription, it’s time you watched for yourself! 

IMDb’s audience rates the movie at 5.4 with a little over a thousand votes at the time of writing. If you’re up for a bit of drama paired with romance, this movie is just the right fit for you.

11. The World We Make

Our list of Netflix horse movies wouldn’t be complete without The World We Make. This brilliant drama film is quite heart-gripping as it revolves around an avid equestrian balancing life with her partner amidst growing racial bias. Visuals, acting, story, and romance – truly amazing in all four arcs.

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The visually-stunning drama stars Rose Reid and Caleb Castille in lead. It currently stands at 5.3 on IMDb with hundreds of positive audience reviews on Google. I would highly suggest you don’t let the negative reviews sway your plan on watching the movie. Take it from me – I regret not watching it any earlier.

The movie was released on April 19, 2019, in the United States with a global release scheduled later that year. Luckily, the movie has made it to Netflix so you can get to watching this thought-provoking masterpiece now! 

12. Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas

Our next selection is an animated film and real favorite children as well. 

Lucky, the lead of the film plans a visit to the city to get a gift for her father for Christmas. Unknowingly, the group meets with an accident as the train they’re boarding derails. Will they return home safely in time for Christmas? 

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Spirit of Christmas (the film) is part of the long-running computer-animated series, Spirit Riding Free, which is produced by DreamWorks and distributed by Netflix. The series’ production stopped at eight seasons, the last of which was released in April 2019. 

Though the movie grows on the series, the film doesn’t captivate the relationship of the girls and their horses. Since the film also grows on top of the series, you might feel a little left out if you haven’t watched it. However, the film did succeed at pulling my heartstrings on occasions and is a recommended watch for horse lovers! 

13. My Heroes Were Cowboys

Next on my list of the best Netflix horse movies is a short documentary based on a horse trainer, Robin Wiltshire. It covers the life of Robin as his decision to become a horse trainer slowly progresses into a long-lost love. The film also shares how the role played by his trained horses in the industry.

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It’s a fairly short flix of 23 minutes which is packed with interviews, old photographs, and visualizations. Directed by Tyler Gecko, the film’s an excellent watch for fellow horse trainers. Robin’s devotion to his work and a tender coverage of that makes this a great watch.

Since this is actually a Netflix original, it’s likely not going to go away from the streaming giant anytime soon. You can easily binge the documentary at ease whenever you want. 

14. Horse Girl

Horse Girl isn’t your traditional Netflix drama film but that’s precisely why I’ve spruced this list up with it. 

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A psychological drama led by Allison Brie as Sarah, the story revolves around a reserved girl with utmost love for horses and supernatural crime thrillers. As the movie progresses, a series of bizarre events take Sarah through turmoil as she explores the reality around her.

I can’t help but address Allison Brie’s committed performance in this rather unusual drama. Elissa Suh’s review (from Moviepudding) on the movie might help put my thoughts to words: 

“…Horse Girl is visually inventive and ultimately succeeds on the grounds of Alison Brie’s unwavering and longtail commitment to playing more than just the pretty girl.”

Standing at a solid 6, the movie isn’t typically a fan-favorite of every equine lover. It will, however, be quite pleasing if you’re both a fan of horses and psychological thrillers with a slight hint of sci-fi. 

15. Riding Faith

Our last flick is going to leave you inspired and emotional all the while improving your bond with horses. The film follows Grace, a girl struggling with the death of her father and the foreclosure of their family ranch. But if there’s one thing which reunites this family together: it’s horses. 

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Starring Grace Van Dien in the lead as Grace, the film failed to impress the general audience. With over 20+ reviews on IMDb, the rating is currently at 4.4 which might be a little lesser than average. However, ask fellow horse lovers and they’ll likely tell you differently. 

Although the film is available as Riding Faith on Netflix, it was also distributed with its alternate title, Hope Ranch. Just in case you feel confused about why the posters say differently, you should know you’re watching the same movie. 

FAQs on Best Horse Movies on Netflix (~300)

Got questions on how to watch the best horse movies on Netflix? I’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic. Let’s get to answering them now:

Are there any horse movies on Netflix?

Yes, there are several horse movies on Netflix. Here is a curated list of some of the best horse movies on Netflix:
– A Champion Heart
– Walk. Ride. Rodeo.
– Ride Like a Girl
– Rock My Heart
– The World We Make
– Roped
– War Horse
– The Mustang
– Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas
– Horse Girl
You can watch all these horse movies and more on Netflix with any subscription. Give this article a read for a more detailed review of each one of these movies! 

Where can I watch horse movies?

You can watch and stream horse movies on any digital streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or others. Most critically acclaimed movies are available for streaming on either of the three platforms. The libraries include both classics and modern cinematic masterpieces.
In this article, I’ve covered some of the best Netflix horse movies released so far. If you’re looking for your next binge, maybe give some of my picks a try! 

Is the movie Dream Horse on Netflix?

Dream Horse is available on Netflix for streaming. The joyous film revolves around a bartender from a small Welsh town exploring her newfound passion for breeding and racing horses. This heart-warming film is a must-watch for admirers of horses and equine sports! 
Dream Alliance, the horse featured in Dream Horse, has also been the subject of the hit documentary, Dark Horse. You can also watch Dark Horse on Netflix with any subscription to the streaming platform. 


That’s a wrap! I hope you liked my list of “The Best Horse Movies” on Netflix. Some of these are going to leave you inspired, some will help you smile, while others will leave you curled up in awe of their brilliance. Now’s the time you choose the title you’ll be watching next! 

Don’t have a Netflix account? I’ve got you covered. Read this article where we uncover hidden gems which are spread across different streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and others. 

Which ones are your favorite? Drop a comment down below and let us know!