7 Best Electric Fence for Horses: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

Feeling fed up with maintaining traditional wooden fencing for your horses? Well, guess it’s time to try some great electrical fences. Fortunately, the best electric fence for horses ensures the best care of your faithful friends by securing them within a confined place. Besides, portable electric fencing for horses is an effective, easy to install, and economical solution to restrict equines in the homestead.

In this article, we will review the 7 best electric fences for horses along with their pros and cons. Read on to grab the best pick for your equine buddy!

Quick picks

To begin with, let’s cut down the overwhelm of scrolling through multiple electric fencing brands all at once by a brief overview of our top 3 picks below:

Best Overall 

Electro-Braid PBRC1000W2-EB Horse Fence is not only top-rated, but it is also super easy to install, use, and move around. The unique manufacturing of this electric fence with additional seatbelts and harnesses helps it secure its place as the best overall electric fence option.

Runner Up 

Gallagher Electric Fence Poly Wire is yet another superb electric horse fence. It is a rust-free, long, and UV-resistant horse fence prepared by high-quality stainless steel for long-term use. Moreover, it has higher reliability towards horse grazing.

Best Budget Choice

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option with all the important features that an electric fence for horses should have, Family Portable Electric Fence Poly Wire is for you. Indeed, it is one of the most versatile, cheap, and lightweight horse electric fences that is easy to use and handle.

Best Electric Fence for Horses

Electric fencing is an inexpensive and safe option for horse owners. It serves as both a physical and psychological barrier to discourage horses from escaping.

Here are a few great options you can consider:

1. Family Portable Electric Fence Poly wire

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The Family Portable Electric Fence Poly Wire is exactly how its name describes it – a perfectly portable option for your horse homestead.  It is lightweight and easy to install, and you can use this electric fence poly wire for enabling horse grazing in impermanent meadows.

It comes in an attractive and noticeable color combination of black and yellow, making it a good option when you want to keep the fencing highly visible for all. Moreover, you can also conveniently rewind and reuse the electric fence for long-term purposes.  However, the electric fence poly wire is not recommended to use under the conditions of extreme stress. As a matter of fact, it is preferable to use along a permanent fence to increase its conducting reliability.

All in all, this electric fence is an all-rounder for your horse fencing needs. Not only is it affordable, but also long enough to cover a larger distance. This cuts down the compulsion of buying any additional wire for extending the length of the portable electric fence.


  • Easy to rewind
  • Repairing is simple
  • Light in weight
  • Portable one


  • Cannot work with continuous current

2. Gallagher Electric Fence Poly Wire

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The Gallagher electric fence is one of the best choices in terms of reliability and long-term applications. It contains six strands made up of stainless steel that enhances the steadfastness and reduces the resistance up to 656 feet, approximately.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to use, the UV resistance provided by this electric fence is incredible, allowing it to run effectively for a longer time. Moreover, there is no chance of the electric fence rusting, thanks to being made of stainless steel material.

It is advisable to use electric fencing reels to wind your poly wire electric fence in and out. Besides, if you are planning to use the Gallagher electric fencing for longer distances, add the fence with the turbo wire. Apart from this, the Gallagher electric fence poly wire comes up with a bonus roll that makes it even more cost-effective. It fulfills all your requirements of electric fencing needs while protecting the grass and your pet as well.


  • UV resistant
  • Rust prevention
  • Considerable width
  • Tight but easy to unroll


  • The lining is quite thin

3. Electric Fence Wire Fence Rope with 6 Conductor

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Having a pulling force of up to 65kg, this electric fence for horses kit comes in black and yellow alternate spots to create awareness of the electric danger even from a distance. Moreover, the manufacturers have ensured its durability with 6×0.20 mm stainless steel strands of electrical conductors.

Due to its lightweight, the electric fence wire for horses is equally suitable for both temporary and portable fencing applications. You can easily establish a mini homestead anywhere because of its ease of winding wire in and out. The best part? It is not only easy to install, repair, splice the electric fencing, but you may also use it multiple times in different locations.

Furthermore, in case the electric fence breaks for some reason, it will safely land to the ground without any risk of free flowing current. The backpack warranty of 6 months enables you to opt for a replacement if needed.


  • Enhanced visibility due to yellow and black stripes.
  • Trusted product with 6 months of warranty.
  • Portable and easy to install.
  • Corrosion-free sturdy material


  • Once broken, can’t be rebound.

4. Zareba PT656W1-Z 1 in. Wide 200m Poly Tape

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If you are looking for a modern yet simple electric fence for your horse’s grazing pasture, the Zareba poly tape is a good choice. This electric fence is prepared with eight different strands to conduct electricity effectively. Moreover, it also features a poly tape and spool for the enhanced conduction of the electric fence.

The best thing about the Zareba poly tape is that despite having a strong pulling capability, it utilizes only a small amount of electricity, thus saving your money. In addition to this, you can also use solar panels for the proficient working of this electric fence. While doing so, you will see no adverse change in its proficiency which makes it an economical option.

Furthermore, you can easily install this electric fence for the prevention of fluttering of the poly tape in the grazing area. You will love its quality and consistent voltage, which means you don’t have to worry about voltage damages and frequent replacement of electric fencing for horses.


  • Easy to use
  • Good voltage use
  • No sagging
  • Affordable price


  • The width is less than expected.

5. Zareba HDW1320YA-Z Heavy-Duty Sure Shock Aluminum Poly Wire

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Are you looking for a horse electric fence that’s heavy-duty in terms of power, yet lightweight to facilitate portability? Look no farther than the efficient Zareba Heavy Duty Sure Shock Aluminum Poly Wire. It comes up with a high absorbance power, shock resistance, and a fine line for horses to distinguish between the walking limits.

Furthermore, the use of aluminum in the manufacturing of the heavy-duty sure shock aluminum poly wire makes it stretchier than the others. The combination of three aluminum poly wires strands increases its durability and reliability. Yet another amazing fact of the Zareba electric fencing is the presence of twenty times more shocking power of aluminum.

In addition, the shock given by this aluminum fence tends to control the movement of the horses psychologically inside the grazing area. You can in fact even rewind the electric fence for wrapping it around another one if need be. Besides, it is one of the best portable electric fencings for horses suitable to create temporary pastures. 


  • Lightweight
  • 20X Electric shock
  • Easy to install
  • Large roll of the electric fence


  • Delicate aluminium used

6. Electro-Braid PBRC1000W2-EB Horse Fence

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Another hot pick on the list is the Electro-Braid Horse Fence, which is a little pricier than the others but totally worth every penny. In particular, it is safer and more securer than the other electric fences used for horse fencing.

Rightly qualifying as a highly durable horse fence, the Electro-Braid fencing for horses is made up of sturdy copper, polyester, and polypropylene. Copper facilitates in providing maximum, but an accurate and required amount of current. Moreover, the sides and the core of the horse fence are covered up by polyester and polypropylene that causes UV resistance against copper.

Although the number of strands in this electric horse fence is lesser than the other brands, it is still a simple yet robust option to secure your equine buddies within an impermanent pasture.


  • Unique design
  • Durable manufacturing
  • Self- maintenance
  • Safer and secured


  • Price is high

7. Bayard Electric Fence 1/4-inch White Rope

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Bayard Electric Fence is another great pick if you are searching for a highly functional and durable electric fence for your horses. The buzz of the fencing is unforgettable and strong enough to discourage your horses from going near the temporary barrier again. Moreover, although the conductivity is strong it will not cause any harm to your beloved pet.

The bright white color of the Bayard Electric Fence makes it highly visible from a distance. It is also portable, easy to install, and spools with 850-pound break weight. Indeed a suitable choice for setting up temporary pastures for rotational grazing.

Overall, this electrical horse fencing is crafted with fibrillated polyethylene, supported with six strands of conductors. The material is corrosion-free and can withstand extreme weather conditions without being damaged. Besides, the long spool of 656 ft is a perfect fit to install with a permanent fencing system.


  • Versatile installation
  • Compact and durable construction
  • Highly Visible
  • Lightweight and Portable


  • Lower brake resistance value

How to Choose the Best Electric Fence for Horses

Setting up a strong fence to keep horses enclosed is among the essential aspects of effective horse care. What could be better than securing your equine’s grazing area with an electric fence installation?

To make sure you have made the right pick, evaluate the electric fencing for horses against the following factors:


There is no point in investing in an electric fence for horses that is flimsy and will eventually fall apart. If you are looking for an electric fence that can be used multiple times in the long run, make sure it can withstand the changing temperatures of your region. Moreover, the fence wire should preferably be completely coated with a durable poly coating to guarantee that it can be subjected to ultraviolet radiation without collapsing.

Break Weight

When looking for the finest movable electric fence for horses, the break weight is an important factor to consider. The greater the break weight, the more difficult it will be for your big horses to break through the fence effectively. An electric fence that promises high break weight is an ideal fit for big horses.


If you are starting from zero with your fencing, an electric fencing starter kit might be precisely what you really want. They generally consist of an energizer, batteries, wooden poles, and tape. They may additionally have wires, ring insulators, a fence lock, or even a warning sign. You may also want to select between materials like poly wire and poly tape when it comes to picking the best electric fence for horses.


Since the aim of an electric fence is stinging or startling the horse without causing injury, electric fences use low amps and greater volts. Generally, electric fences for horses with as low as 2,000 voltage are a good choice as long as the amps are enough. However, a limit of 3,000 volts is advisable so as to keep the fence more lasting and simpler to operate.

Color preference

The objective of the fence is to define distinct boundaries for the horses. They should be aware of it. Horses can distinguish specific colors; for instance, they recognize yellow and blue well. Thus, horse owners may have a certain color preference when choosing the best electric fence so that it improves visibility and becomes easier for horses to identify their limits.

The Best Electric Fence Charger

It is important to remember that most electric horse fences do not come with a charger included, which is why installing one separately becomes essential.

We believe that the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger is one of the best you can use to serve this purpose. It features a solar-powered battery, along with low impedance to prevent breakage in current.

You can also take advantage of its powerful 25-mile range and built-in performance meter to monitor the charger’s current when covering larger regions.

Moreover, with solar-powered charging, this charger promotes cost-effectiveness as well as eco-friendly usage. All in all, the Parmak Solar Pak electric fence charger for horses guarantees that the fencing remains electrified while your horse grazes safely inside.

FAQs Regarding Best Electric Fence

Now that you have overviewed a few great options for electric fencing for horses, it’s time to walk through a couple of questions to further clarify your doubts on picking the absolute best from the lot.

Are electric fences good or bad for horses?

For the safety of horses, an electric fence is an inexpensive yet effective option. Besides, the perfect electric fence is simple to install and great in terms of longevity too. The best thing is that it does not physically hurt your horse, despite the current flowing. The electric current works as the alpha, keeping your horse safe secure within a boundary without harming it.
Furthermore, when used in combination with traditional fencing, an electric fence wire protects your wooden fence from scratching, rubbing, biting, and other sorts of damage that horses may do.

What makes an electric fence secure for horses?

It is critical to select a proper insulator for your circuit in order for it to function correctly. The installation of insulators that are not appropriate for your circuit might cause harm to your wires. It can also result in little or no current on the wire.
Nonetheless, it is the psychological impact of the current that helps a horse to understand that it needs to stay inside the boundaries created by the electric fence. You can further secure it by improving the visibility through colors.

How tall should an electric fence for horses be?

Fences are meant to keep horses confined to a certain area, which is why it is important to make sure that it is at least 140cm tall. This way, even if the horse sustains the mild electric current, it will not be able to jump out of the boundary.

How many joules does an electric horse fence need?

An electric fence is only effective if the joule, or the voltage required to startle the animal, is correctly adjusted for that particular herd. The output should be 3-5 joules for best results.
Moreover, horses may be handled with as low as 2,000 volts as long as the amps are enough, but a limit of 3,000 volts is advised to keep the fence more lasting and simpler to operate.

How harmful is an electric fence shock for horses?

The small jolt from the electric fence is only meant to train your equine buddy to stay away from it. It does not affect your horses physically, but only psychologically. Horses can handle only 2000 to 3000 volts. However, the voltage that is greater than this is likely to cause serious physical injuries.

How long can an electric fence for horses last?

How long your horse electric fencing will last depends highly on the material it is made of and the environmental factors in your region. For instance, harsh sunlight can easily damage plastic and vinyl polymer materials on your electric fencing for horses.
It is, therefore, advisable to choose the best electric fencing accordingly. Look for those that feature UV inhibitors while also offering a long-term guarantee. You may also consider investing in a fence-charger so as to perform regular checks to ensure that the wires have adequate charging and are working properly.

What is the best electric horse fencing?

Although there are various great choices when it comes to electric fences for horses, the Electro-Braid PRBC1000W2-EB electric fence is one of the finest options for keeping your horse secure in your yard. Despite its expensive price tag, this electric fence provides long-lasting support, consistent effectiveness, and durability.


Installing an electric fence is an ideal solution to keep your horses safely enclosed while at the same time training them to respect the boundary created. However, regardless of the electric fencing, you find most suitable as per your budget and overall appeal, it is important to evaluate them against a few factors. These include durability, materials, break weight, voltage, and color preference.

Nevertheless, electric fencing for horses is not only safer than wooden and barbed-wire fences, is are much easier to install as you can either attach a fence charger to the battery or switch to a solar power charger.