4 Best Horse Riding Jackets and Coats (Winter, Rain etc.)

No matter how well-constituted your equestrian wardrobe is, it’s incomplete without weather-appropriate horse riding jackets.

Even though you can wear any jacket over the counter, choosing a horse riding coat is preferable as it offers added mobility, comfort, and protection from harsh weather conditions.

Horse riding is an extreme sport and the attire you choose must be custom-tailored to endure the intensity of the movements and dynamics. One major challenge that riders face is deciding on a horse riding jacket since there are a bazillion options to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Horse Riding Jacket?

If you follow our criteria for choosing horse riding jackets, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Consider Your Climate 

If your jacket is not weather-appropriate, all other factors go down the drain. Preferences vary according to your location and its climatic conditions but it’s essential to know how low the temperature is likely to drop. This allows you to determine how well insulated your winter riding jacket needs to be.

It’s also important to know the amount of rainfall your locality receives for it’ll help you choose a more appropriate jacket. For example, if you’re living someplace that receives a lot of rainfall, it’s best if you opt for a jacket that’s waterproof with adjustable cuffs and taped seams to protect you against rainwater.

Check the Fitting

Purchasing the right fit when it comes to riding jackets is not similar to other items of clothing. We often compromise on size if the style is desirable but in equestrian outerwear, there are one too many reservations. If it does not fit perfectly, it’s the wrong one without any debate.

When checking for size, make sure to look for pressure points and ease of mobility. If it creates interference in the freedom of movement, you will experience discomfort and the sport won’t be as enjoyable.

Make sure that the fabric is breathable and at least loose enough to allow you to wear multiple layers underneath.

Select a Style You Like

Your style is an expression of your persona. Whatever you wear must make you look presentable. Your choice of clothing depends on personal preferences and body type as well.

Some people prefer long riding coats over short ones or a particular color and texture. This factor plays an important part while choosing a riding coat because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do better. Style boosts confidence and enables you to perform well at a sport.

You’re also required to consider the shape of your body while selecting a jacket because not all designs are flattering to everyone. 

Best Horse Riding Jackets

Now that we’ve taken a special look at the factors you need to consider before buying a riding jacket, let’s get straight into the products.

Here are the best horse riding jackets:

1. Mark Todd Ladies Waterproof Performance Long Coat

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The Mark Todd Ladies Waterproof Performance Long Coat is a winter horse riding coat with warm padding and a hood that is detachable. The seams are taped for extra protection.

This coat is purposely designed to battle extreme temperatures, especially winters. The body is softly and synthetically padded  and so are the sleeves. The collar is lined with high-fleece and the coat also has storm cuffs. It comes with a two-way waterproof zip and zip pockets that are waterproof as well.

What’s more, it can elegantly be paired with a pair of riding breeches (here’s a list of our favorite) to complete the pro rider’s look.

There is a long slit at the back for ease in riding and a branded badge that adds to the aesthetics.


The Mark Todd Ladies Long Coat ladies winter riding coat is useful for everyday riding or teaching. It covers the entire neck and keeps you warm. It is made from fully waterproof, sturdy fabric for extreme temperatures and has high endurance against harsh weather. It is functional as well as stylish.


It cannot be washed in the laundry machine. 

Best for

The ideal customers for this coat are women who are not afraid to take up a challenge and the bad weather doesn’t cause a hindrance in their riding plans. Ladies who live in cold or tropical regions would be interested in this coat as it has a lot of weather resistance and waterproof features.

2. Outback Trading Co Women’s Co. Berry Matilda Duster

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The Matilda is made of waxed cotton and its material is waterproof and breathable. It has a security pocket, hip pockets that have two openings, snap closure, and a detachable cape. It also comes with a rear saddle gusset, a storm, flap, a throat latch, adjustable leg straps, and cuffs. The wind and water-proofing are the key features here.

It comes in berry and bronze and has all the features of Outback Trading’s unisex duster but this time just for the ladies.


The jacket’s design offers protection for harsh weather conditions.

Its cuffs, leg straps, and waistband can be adjusted which means you don’t need to worry about losing a few pounds for it to fit.

The jacket features a detachable cape which helps keep your head dry during heavy rainfall.

It is very comfortable and easily packable.


It does not have enough pockets to keep essential items close.

Best for

People living in areas with heavy rainfall would prefer this jacket as this duster keeps you dry in heavy rains without weighing you down. It is ideal for women who want good coverage without restricting movement as well as style and practicality.

3. ARIAT Ideal 3.0 Down Jacket

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This ARIAT horse riding jacket comes with an attached pouch to keep it warm while traveling. The material is a hundred percent nylon which is super soft. It’s extremely cozy for its weight due to the down insulation feature that comes with minimal bulk.

ARIAT has updated the quilt’s style for this puffer. Furthermore, the inside of this jacket holds a large pocket and the design is sleek while also giving you enough room for free movement. It doesn’t restrict the mobility of arms or the body.


This jacket is super comfortable and doesn’t restrict any movement. There is a colored pattern on the lining which adds a lot to the aesthetics of the jacket. The best part is that you can wash it in the washing machine at home and dry it in the dryer without any issues.


There isn’t a carry pocket present that would be concealed. And the pockets that are present do not have zippers on them — so the items you put inside may fall during jumps. Moreover, the fitting is also not extremely accurate but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed or experimented with.

Best for

It is made for people living in cool or moderate weather conditions because it provides adequate warmth but not too much that you would have to take it off on a sunny morning. It also focuses on fashion and uniqueness in style.

4. Harry Hall TEX Ladies Vale Waterproof Jacket

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This bomber-style parka is a hundred percent polyester. The material is fully waterproof and breathable. It protects you against the rain without any discomfort. It has reflective zip panels on the front — they are two-way so you can adjust the fit while you’re seated on the horse.

It also comes with a decent number of pockets: one on the inside and two on the lower outside. The best part is that all these pockets have zips so you don’t have to worry about your items falling out in case of intense movements.

The hood attached is also fully adjustable with strings to cover your head and face, keeping them dry. Additionally, it has ribbed and elasticated hem and cuffs that are for comfortable closure.


This adaptable coat is machine washable and provides a lot of value for its cost. There are reflective logos present on it throughout so you are able to be seen from afar. This feature is useful particularly on dimmer days and keeps you safe.


It is slightly bulky and difficult to pack away. Since there are reflective panels present, it may not be the best choice for people who want to avoid getting attention.

Best for

This long-sleeved parka is an excellent choice when it comes to protection from strong winds and cold. It has all the necessary assets for extreme weather conditions.

FAQs About Horse Riding Jackets

Still not satisfied with our comprehensive guide on horse riding jackets? Read our answers to your frequently asked questions as we have covered almost everything that we might have missed in our guide.

What is best to wear for horseback riding?

Horseback riding is an extremely fun activity that everybody should experience at least once in life. Whether or not you’re a frequent rider, you won’t be able to embrace this experience to its full potential if you’re uncomfortable.

It’s essential to know what to wear while horse riding – and what not to wear.

A breathable shirt, comfortable breeches, and closed shoes are all you need for a fun horse ride. There are add-ons required in case of rainfall or cold weather. But again, these should be comfortable too. 

Slippers, shorts, and heels are off the table because this sport is very intense and you need to be well prepared for it.

What is the best horse riding helmet?

According to ‘The Strategist’, the best-rated horse riding helmet based on hyper enthusiastic reviewers is Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet and the best-rated helmet that is slightly less expensive is Troxel Rebel Performance Helmet.

These helmets are super comfortable, well-padded, well ventilated, and the adjustable fit leads to a comfy feel regardless of your head size. They’re very durable and sit so nicely on your head you forget you’re wearing one.

They’re also super light-weight.

What do you wear horse riding in hot weather?

The comfort and safety of your ride depend upon what you wear when horse riding.. The summer heat does not allow for heavy jackets and coats. Instead, you’re required to wear a ventilated helmet , a moisture-wicking shirt, breeches or tights that are breathable, socks, comfortable underwear, ventilated gloves, and riding boots.

The moisture-wicking fabric keeps your skin cool and dry, has built-in SPF protection, and is lightweight. It also has a loose design to prevent the fabric from clinging to your body.

Can you wear leggings for horseback riding?

It’s preferable to wear riding tights or breeches. They feel like a normal pair of leggings plus a knee patch or a full seat grip.

Normally people avoid jeans because they are slippery, take away movement, may sweat hard, and are too scratchy.

Sticking to breeches and jodhpurs is recommended for horse riding because regular leggings might be see-through and might turn to shreds because of how light they are.

Can you wear sneakers for horseback riding?

There isn’t a strict standard for boots, but it’s recommended to find a pair with about a 1 to 1 ½ inch heel and low tread. The heel keeps your foot from slipping through the stirrup when riding. Keeping this in consideration, sneakers are not appropriate for riding a horse.

You should also avoid any boots with waffle tread. Always choose whatever is comfortable, affordable, and suitable for your type of riding. But remember, it should be supportive of your ankles and should cover them. It is okay if your footwear isn’t specifically designed for riding as long as the sole, heel and tread are appropriate.


Your equestrian riding attire does not have to be expensive, branded, or custom-tailored for you to have a comfortable and safe experience as long as you follow the basic protocols and know your body’s requirements.

However, specialized clothing provides a lot more convenience, protection, and durability. There is a better range of movement and self-satisfaction that gives you enough confidence to enjoy yourself. It is not preferred to always go for less expensive, though.

Purchasing the right riding jackets and coats requires deep research, thought, and trial and error. Once you make this investment, it lasts you a couple of seasons of fun.

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