10 Best Horse Riding Boots (With Dead-Honest Reviews)

Horse riding is not just a passion, it is an art. Thus, just like an artist needs tools, a horse rider needs the right equipment, which includes buying the best horse riding boots. 

Horse Riding Boots come in a myriad of options and each one sets to serve a different purpose. While some are designed for summer, others serve as fashion boots for horse riders. Either way, knowing which one fits your needs the best is important.

But here’s the kicker:

We’ve done all the legwork for you so you wouldn’t have to.

In this article, we’ll enlist the best boots out there that deserve your time and attention so you can pick one that suits your needs the best.

What are Horse Riding Boots? 

Horse riding boots are specifically designed to help you ride a horse. The sole purpose of these is to provide you with greater grip and comfort. Thus, horse riding boots are there to protect your feet whilst you are riding. 

Riding a horse is not a piece of cake and it often takes a lot of concentration and effort on your part. Therefore, while riding, the last thing that you would want is your feet aching. And that’s why riding boots exist! 

Types of Horse Riding Boots

Here are the most common types of horse riding boots:

  • Western horseback riding boots
  • English Boots 
  • Running Style shoes

Western and English style boots are almost the same except that the Western-style boots have a higher heel than the English Style boots. Running style shoes, on the other hand, have more of a casual appeal to them and are best for a hassle-free informal attire. 

Apart from the styles, horse riding boots come in other variations too. Some of these include variations in:

  • Heel length
  • Crepe soles 
  • Tall or short
  • Zipper and non-zipper

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How To Choose A Boot for Riding Your Horse? 

Now that we have covered the gist of what horse riding boots are, here are the factors that you should consider when choosing one.


Everyone likes being the center of attention. Whilst you gracefully want to ride your horse, you would simultaneously want to appear graceful too. To complete your appearance, you need a riding boot that complements your riding style. 

The type of boot you buy depends on the riding style you have. Is it English, Western or a casual ride? 

Once you know your style, you can then match a boot that best fits your requirements and synchronizes with your overall look. Moreover, while choosing the boot, you must ensure that it offers you the perfect grip. You may like a certain style of boot, but there is a chance that it may not suit your riding style. 


Horse riding boots come in a variety of materials, from leather to rubber to canvas. However, when choosing the right boots, you need to know the occasion when you’d be wearing it. The basic thing to take into consideration is the temperature and the course of the ride. 

A material like leather is always the safest option, however, finding a comfortable boot in this material can be costly. Also, leather boots require good care. 

The second most-liked material is rubber or synthetic material. These are best when you are riding in snow or need your boots to be waterproof. However, they tend to get hot easily and the moisture they hold in can make them uncomfortable as they form a suction around your feet.

Cotton canvas is another option when choosing riding boots. They are comfortable and easy to take care of. Also, they are easy on the pocket for those of you that are on a budget. With that said, cotton canvas boots tend to wear off fast and provide more of a casual and informal look. 


A horse riding boot is not just about style and comfort, it is also about safety. Thus, when choosing your boot, make sure your top priority is Safety. The two most important aspects of boot safety are a long heel and a closed-toe. 

A closed-toe boot is a top priority as it protects your feet in case it gets stepped on. The heel, on the other hand, provides you with a good grip. 

A 1-inch heel is very important because it helps keep your feet steady and prevents it from slipping. Also, you need to ensure that the boots do not have heavy treads as those that do are more likely to get stuck in the stirrup. Plus they make the process of getting feet in and out the stirrup a big hassle. 


Horse riding holds a whole lot of value for riders. While some people ride horses professionally, others do it for relaxation. Either way, you would want your boot to be comfortable. 

The comfort of your riding boot is highly dependent on its fit. Before you set out to buy a horse riding boot, make sure you are well aware of your foot and calf measurement. 

A boot that doesn’t fit properly will end up rubbing on your skin, giving you blisters. Make sure that the boot you choose offers a variety of size options and then choose one that best meets your measurements. Also, choosing a boot that offers you a good sole is ideal as it helps provide a cushion against a rough ride. 

All in all, comfort should never be overlooked. Riding a horse requires a lot of skill, the last thing you would need is your boots giving you a hard time. 

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10 Best Horse Riding Boots

Without further ado, here are the best horse riding boots.

1. Ariat Men’s Western Cowboy Boot

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Ariat riding boots are all about comfort and durability. The distinctive feature of these boots is the sole. Designed specifically for equestrian athletes, the outer sole is able to withstand the wear and tear of riding. 

The inner sole has three main layers. The first one is a footbed that is made with a moisture-wicking material that provides a high level of comfort. Followed by this is a cushioned footbed that provides resistance against shock. Finally, the third layer is a forked shank which provides stability to the feet of the rider. 

Customers have loved this product, the tread of this boot has been appreciated. This boot has a small depth tread which prevents the collection of mud in the boot. Made with leather and a heel of 1.5 inches, these boots tick many boxes of the requirement list for most riders. All in all, we’d say these are the best Western horse riding boots on the market.

2. Ariat Women’s Western Boot

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Ariat Women’s Western boots are all about creating a fun experience when riding a horse. Using innovative technology, these shoes are designed specifically for the ladies that love horse riding. 

These boots are set to be with you for a long time, using dura tread in the outer sole, these shoes are wear and tear-resistant and will accompany you for a long time. Moreover, with the lightweight shank, you get stability when riding a horse. Also, the four-bed cushioned sole gives you comfort on long rides. 

These boots are made using high-quality leather, they speak of style and sophistication whilst offering you a worthwhile riding experience. Customers have also posted primarily positive reviews for these boots. One of the most common feedback is that these boots are perfect for those with wider feet. 

3. Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Riding Boots

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Two words define these tall boots well: chic and comfortable. Made with batso crust leather, these boots are all about durability and convenience. 

These tall riding boots have a full-length zip for extra grip. The shaft measures up to a 17.5 inch from the arch. This along with the 1.25-inch heel make these boost your ideal riding companion. Available in up to 8 colors, these boots offer you comfort while appearing chic.

The company claims that these boots are so comfortable that you can even wear them at work, home or anywhere else! What’s more, customers have loved this product and are in awe of the comfort they provide. 

If you have wide feet and want low maintenance luxury riding boots, then these are your best bet. Cleaning these boots is as simple as wiping off the soiled part with a wet cloth and leaving it out to dry in the sun. 

All in all, these boots check all the right boxes when it came to our criteria. However, these boots may not be a good fit for those that have narrow feet. 

4. Hispar Men’s Florance Riding Boots

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Tall boots made with genuine leather and handcrafted to perfection, these boots are all about stability when riding. The Hispar boots are not only great to look at but offer a high level of grip and comfort.

Lined with a moisture-wicking sock liner, these horse riding boots are ideal to wear during a long riding day. This, with the rubber sole, makes these boots best for intense riding.

These boots depict great craftsmanship. If you want to be the highlight of the course, then these boots are a must-have. 

Another thing that I personally loved about these boots are the front laces that reached up to the knees; MAN they look good! Moreover, these laces help you adjust your boots’ fitting based on your needs. Swelling on a leg or adding a clothing layer during winters are all well-addressed by the incorporation of laces. 

5. Brogini Adults Casperia V2 Riding Boots

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These boots are designed keeping in mind the needs of an average horse rider. They are made using genuine leather while a synthetic calf is added for an extra grip while riding.

Also, these boots come with a 3D stretch material that allows movement while offering a perfect fit. What makes these boots such a piece of art is its attention to small details. There is a spur guard at the end of the zip to tightly secure it in place. 

It is these small details that ensure safety and comfort when riding a horse. Great to look at and comfortable to ride in, these boots offer a good bang for your buck! 

6. Equi-Star Ladies All Weather Zip Paddock Boots

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Equistar paddock horse riding boots have two distinctive features that make them best for all the English style riders. Firstly, these boots have a 5-inch elastic shaft on each side of the shoe. This elastic shaft offers a good grip to almost all types of feet. 

It is this flexibility of the shoe that makes it so safe and convenient. Moreover, Equi-Star offers you the option to choose between genuine and synthetic leather variants when you buy these boots. 

Which one should you choose? That’s completely up to you. What I would say, however, is that both of these have been made with precision to offer you nothing but the best. 

These boots come with equi-star soles which makes your horse riding comfortable and long-lasting. With a zip in front and high-quality outer sole, these boots can withstand almost all the harsh conditions that horse riders have to face. Also they are designed specifically for long days at the barn. With the zip placed in front, wearing and removing these boots are so much simpler and cleaner. 

7. Saxon Equileather Half Chaps

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Durable and budget-friendly, these paddock boots are made using synthetic leather that, might I add, looks just as close to genuine leather as one can imagine. These boots have a few distinctive features that will make them perfect to wear for horse riding.

They have a full side zip that comes with snap closure. These snap closures prevent your zip to loosen during a rough ride, which is something that all riders hate in unison. Moreover, these horse riding boots have an elastic calf panel that provides the rider with flexibility and support at the same time, making the ride much more comfortable. 

Incorporating a high cut Spanish top, these boots do appear quite lovely. Moreover, these boots are easy to clean and are low maintenance

8. Ariat Boys’ Scout Zip Paddock Riding Boot

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Ideal for everyday wear, these boots for horse riders offer reliability and comfort. They have a front zip for ease of wearing and removing. The 4LR in these paddock boots offers extra cushioning which makes it perfect for foot support and comfort. 

Moreover, the side elastic panel offers flexibility and makes these boots suitable for almost all types of feet. 

These paddock boots fit thin feet perfectly, which, honestly speaking, isn’t that common in the riding world. Also, with the moisture-wicking lining, these boots can be worn for a long period and in different conditions too. 

Easy on the pocket, these leather boots have a classy look and don’t need a huge investment on your part. They are low maintenance and can be your go-to choice when going on long rides. 

9. TuffRider Children’s Front Zip Paddock Boots

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Perfect for beginners, these boots have a lot to offer. They come with a punched toe cap which gives the rider extra support and safety when riding a horse. Depicting sophisticated craftsmanship, these boots have expertly combined comfort with design.

The design of these boots is best for grip when riding. Moreover, the side elastics offer flexibility and comfort when riding. However, if you need extra safety for your kids, I’d recommend purchasing spur rests along with these boots. 

With PVC outsoles, these boots are designed to withstand almost all kinds of resistance. While the breathable inner soles make them ideal to wear for long hours. Also, the side zips make them easy to put on and off.

10. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Mid Calf Combat Riding Boots

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These horse rider boots are all about looking chic and sophisticated. Although their design is military-inspired, they are still great for everyday use and blend well with almost all types of dressing.

These boots have a 1-inch heel and rubber sole, which makes them ideal for horse riding. Made with synthetic material, these boots are durable and comfortable. These riding boots have a faux fur lining that not only gives them a modern look but is ideal for winters. 

Moreover, they come with a built-in wallet that can be used to store your belongings with you when out riding a horse. Reaching up to the mid-calf, these boots are designed to match most of your outfits and complete your chic cowgirl look. 

FAQs About Horse Riding Boots 

So, there you have it, everyone! In this piece, I tried covering the best horse riding boots available online. 

In this section, we’ll try answering some of the most commonly asked questions about riding boots.

Which horse riding boots are the best?

You need to choose one that best fits your feet and needs. Make sure you choose a boot that best fits your riding style and is suitable for maximum conditions. Thus, boots that offer you the perfect fit, comfort, safety and durability are the best horse riding boots for you. 

Horse riding is dependent on many variables. Easy as it seems, horse riding is an art that requires the right tools. Without the proper gear, there is a lesser chance of you conquering the equestrian.

What kind of boots should I wear for horseback riding?

The basic criteria for choosing boots are round toes for safety; at least a 1-inch heel; comfortable inner sole and wear and tear-resistant outer sole. 

Horse riding is not a simple task, it requires proper gear. You can not ride a horse wearing slippers or sandals. To ride a horse, you need boots that are specifically designed keeping in mind equestrian needs. 

Who makes good riding boots?

A few of the brands that make good riding boots are:

  • Ariat
  • Sam Edelman
  • Hispar

Whilst these brands and many more have high-quality products and are reviewed positively, it is important to choose a pair of boots that meets your needs. Additionally, you would want to invest in boots that are pocket friendly, durable and are easy to clean and maintain. 

What is the difference between riding boots and regular boots?

Firstly, the sole of horse riding boots are thicker and often come with a spur point that is designed to give you a good grip when riding. Secondly, riding boots have a heel of 1-inch or more. This heel is placed to prevent your foot from slipping when riding. Regular boots, on the other hand, have varying heels and some may not even have any heels worth considering. 

Finally, the material of each of these is different. Regular boots have a finer leather while those made for riding have a sturdy leather that can withstand wear and tear while riding.

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