7 Best Horse Halters (Rope, Leather and More)

Halter is an essential piece of equipment for any horse rider, and if it’s the best fit for your horse, it will function as valuable training aid and, most importantly, keep you and your horse safe and secure. 

Whereas the wrong tack can take you and your four-legged partner to the hospital. So how to choose the right one? There are different types of halters available in the market, with options ranging from material to color to size. Pick the type according to your horse’s need and riding activity. 

We have prepared a buying guide to help you get the best horse halter. Also, scroll down to check out the list of our favorite horse halters in the market right now! 

So let’s get started. 

Quick Picks 

Here are our winners;

Best overall: Perri’s Soft Padded Leather Halter, a pick that is meant to last for years and stand out from other best halters for horses on our list. Its outstanding features include soft leather padding, double buckle crown, adjustable chin, and above all, it comes in a wide range of colors. 

Best budget option: Weaver Leather Basic, a budget-friendly horse halter that costs $16.88 to $28.12. Besides being reasonable, this durable and versatile leather halter comes in various colors and sizes. This feature makes it more desirable and puts its name on our list of the seven best halters for horses. 

Best Horse Halters: Reviewed 

Let’s look at the seven top horse halters in the market. 

1. Perri’s Soft Padded Leather Halter 

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Looking for a good quality horse halter? Perri’s Soft Padded Leather Halter is one of its kind. It is made of high-quality leather, which makes this halter last for a very long time. And what we like most about this halter is it comes in many different colors, from candy pink to cold white.

You can choose any color you prefer, but we will recommend choosing black because black looks absolutely luxurious and classic. Additionally, it is super easy to put its crown on your horse’s head, which lets you control your horse immediately and conveniently.

Usually, horses rub around their ears or nose, and wearing a halter can make them very uncomfortable. The Perri’s halter is made of soft leather that provides ultimate comfort to your horse and prevents these areas from getting hurt.

Another amazing feature of this premium soft leather padding halter is its durability. However, this halter may need regular maintenance; otherwise, the leather can get dry and brittle.

All in all, Perri’s Soft Padded Leather Halter is a high-end product that gives your horse comfort as well as a look. 


  • Durable 
  • Premium soft leather padding
  • Available in different colors 
  • Double buckle crown
  • Adjustable chin 
  • Easy to wear 


  • Quite expensive 
  • Need regular maintenance 

2. Weaver Leather Basic

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Another classy horse halter from Weaver Leather Basic is a very simple halter, ideal for horses using halter for the first time. And perfect for equestrians who need something on a budget. 

It is one inch wide and made of double-ply nylon. It features a sewn-in throat snap hook that makes this halter easy to wear and remove. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable chin strap.

Moreover, its hardware is brass plated, and it contains heat-sealed oblong buckle holes, making it extra durable. On top of that, the manufacturer makes the entire halter adjustable, which makes Weaver possibly the best halter for your horse.

Alongside, strong and sturdy nylon constructed Weaver halter comes in four different, fun colors, so your equine can really outshine. 

However, some customers complained of getting a large halter that doesn’t fit their young horses. So, it might be problematic for ponies or small horses.  


  • Easy on and off application 
  • Highly safe 
  • Adjustable chin and throat snap
  • Cost-efficient


  • It might not fit pony or small horses 

3. Knotty Girlz 

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Better to start with a smaller rope if you have a young horse. Knotty Girlz is one of the best rope horse halters made of polyester material.

Knotty Girlz’s rope design works well even in adverse weather conditions. This stiffness makes it easy for the rider to hold the halter and train the horse. Basically, Knotty Girlz is a 4-knot rope halter designed to place around different pressure points of your horse to train them ﹘ this feature makes Knotty one of the finest halters for training purposes

What’s more, the Knotty Girlz rope halter is available in various colors and three different sizes


  • Strong polyester rope 
  • Washable 
  • No breakable hardware 
  • Abrasion-resistant 
  • Available in different sizes 


  • Possibly too small or thin

4. Derby Originals Coventry

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Derby Originals Coventry is another best leather halter for your horse. It is one of the most versatile headcollars on the market. It has many admirable features that help you control the horse more easily and directly.

Another outstanding feature includes an adjustable noseband, which is very simple to adjust and fits your horse perfectly. The thing that makes this halter stand out from others is that Derby Originals hardware is rustproof. This feature adds more value to this remarkable product. 

Derby’s is a go-to halter for the reason that it can really handle strain from daily use. Moreover, it will give your horse extra support, especially in areas that are more likely to wear over time.

However, this halter comes in one color only. So riders who want colorful head collars to match their four-legged partner might get disappointed after reading this. 


  • Cost-efficient
  • Rust resistant 
  • Additional stitching  


  • Limited color options 
  • Need regular maintenance 

5. Weaver Leather Diamond Braid Rope Halter and Lead

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For those who prefer different colored halters or for equestrians who love matching their costume with their horse tacks, the Weaver Leather Diamond Braid halter can be a great option.  

This rope halter is hand-braided from 3/8″ poly rope. In addition, the halter comes with a double rope crown strap and noseband.

The halter is adjustable, making it suitable for a range of different horses. 


  • Cost-efficient
  • Available in different colors 
  • Removable lead 
  • Double noseband and crown strap


  • Little thin and short

6. Weaver Leather Adjustable Patterned Nylon Horse Halter  

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If you get bored of those plain horse halters that almost every equestrian uses, then go for a more fashionable option such as Weaver Leather Adjustable Patterned Nylon Horse Halter. It’s among one of the best horse halters in the market and is available in bright colors that catch the eye of anyone you pass and make your horse look extraordinary. 

These fashionable nylon ropes are not only available in funky colors but also have stylish chevron patterns. Also, Weaver is a very safe option for your horse as its top quality material is box stitched around the stress points to keep you and your horse safe from accidents and damage.


  • Rolled throat for horse’s comfort
  • Box-stitching at stress points for added strength
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Different sizes available 


  • Poor packaging 
  • Fragile 
  • Expensive for the quality 

7. Gatsby Nylon Breakaway

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This nylon halter from Gatsby is made from double-ply nylon, increasing its durability and making this headcollar last for long. Also, it is manufactured with tough, nickel-plated hardware. 

Other fantastic features include the Gatsby offering their customers three different sizes plus thirteen different colors. So you get a wide range of options with this nylon adjustable headcollar. You can pick the favorite color and best fitting halter for your horse.  


  • Pre-conditioned leather crown 
  • Spring snap on the side for easy wear and remove
  • Available in different sizes 


  • Poor sizing 
  • Fragile 

Horse Halter Buying Guide

Before you rush to buy a halter for your horse, there are a few things to take care of. This will help you select the most comfortable horse halter, to avoid discomfort to your equine. A poorly fitted halter may sometimes cause injuries or behavioral issues.  

For that reason, we have compiled an easy buying guide for you to help you get the best-fitted halter for your horse. 


Sizing is the most important thing, whether you are buying a halter for the first time or just getting another one for your horse, as halters created by different manufacturers fit differently. It is always good to do a little measuring before buying your horse’s halter. 

Take measurements about 2/3 of the way down between the horse’s nostrils and eyes to estimate where the noseband will perfectly lay. You can use cloth tape to measure around the horse’s face. Next, take a second measurement from the side of the horse’s face where the noseband would sit. 

The best way is to start measuring from one side to the other, put the tape along the horse’s cheek, over the top of the head, and to the other side. Now you can take these measurements to the horse supplies store as a guideline for buying your halter. 


Once you make a purchase, do not take the tags off until you try on the halter on your horse to check whether it fits or not. Put the halter on, and make sure that the noseband should not be snug-fit. Otherwise, it will restrict your horse from eating and drinking freely. 

Also, the piece that goes below and around the jaw (throatlatch) should not fall down too far. It should be loose enough that your two or three fingers can fit between it and the horse’s jaw. 

The next step is to bend your horse at the poll to ensure the halter is not binding. Make sure it should not be loose, or the horse may put a foot through to scratch with a hind foot, or if the halter droops too loosely, it can get stuck on things like gate latches or twigs. Also, if the halter is too big, chances are it may slip off.

Additionally, there are horse halters available in the market with adjustable throat latches and nosebands, making them easy to fit. They all come with a buckle that lets you adjust it up or down, so you can hang the noseband higher or lower. 

Once you get a halter that fits, you can use its measurements as a guide to buying future halters. A good practice is always to possess an extra halter that you can use if the one your horse is wearing gets broken or lost.

FAQs About Horse Halter 

Let us answer some of your queries regarding horse halters. 

How to choose the right horse halter for a horse? 

Always buy a halter that fits correctly and in which your horse feels comfortable. We recommend halters that have multiple adjustments. And if your horse is going to be haltered for a while, then go for the one that fits its best.
When selecting a halter, make sure it fits behind your horse’s ears without causing them any pain from rubbing or pinching. For the noseband section, it should lay midway between the nostrils and eyes of your horse. Always ensure that the halter is not too tight, and there should be a minimum distance of two fingers between the horse’s nose and the strap.  
Please do not choose a halter that fits too loose around your horse’s face because this may cause it to move around and injure its eyes. Nor should the halter be too tight, as it may cause permanent scarring and sometimes damage the bone. Choose a halter that is snug-fit and sits comfortably on your horse.
Also, if you have not trained your horse to wear a halter, first prepare them, get them used to feeling pressure on their face, and then buy a permanent halter for your horse. 
It’s better to start putting a halter on your horse when they are young, no later than a yearling. Start by putting on a lightweight halter at first to check it out to see whether the horse is getting startled by the pressure or not.

What materials are horse halters made from? 

Halters are made of different types of materials, each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Typically, horse halter is available in three different materials, leather, nylon, and rope. 
But leather is the most commonly used because of its durability and practicality. On the other hand, nylon is very popular as nylon halters are cheap and strong (virtually unbreakable). However, for many years, rope halters have been the no: 1 choice for expert riders because they are designed in a way only to be handled by experienced horse trainers or handlers. 

How to take care of my horse halter?

How much care a halter requires depends on the type of material your halter is made of. You need to save leather from cracking and drying, which may lead it to break. Cleaning your leather horse halter regularly will last for a long time. 
On the other hand, nylon halters are machine washable, and you can clean them with regular detergent. But do not tumble them dry; instead, let them dry naturally. 

What are the standard sizes of a horse halter in the market? 

Typically, horse halters are available in standard sizes in the market, and these are as follow;
Mini ﹘ for miniature horses or tiny foal. 
Foal ﹘ can use for a pony too.
Pony or weanling 
Yearling ﹘ can also use for a pony.
Small ﹘ can also fit an Arabian. 
Small horse or cob ﹘ may also fit an Arabian, but the noseband may be too large because Arabs have smaller noses than other breeds.
Arab ﹘ comes with a smaller noseband than halters. It may fit an average or medium-sized horse. 
Average or medium horse ﹘ made to fit the average riding horse.
Large horse ﹘ may fit a warmblood, draft cross, or other larger breed.
Large or draft or extra-large ﹘ may fit draft or workhorses, depending on the size of the horse head.

Is sizing important?

Finding the correct size halter for your horse is definitely important. Suppose, if the halter does not fit a horse, then it will prevent the rider from gaining full control over his horse and ends up hurting himself or the horse. 
These days there are many best-fitting halters available in the market that can fit any horse head by simply adjusting the halter. However, you can still check or try the halter on your horse head to ensure that it fits perfectly. 


A horse halter is necessary, and choosing the right one from the many halter types in the market can sometimes seem challenging. So, we have showcased the 7 best horse halters of all time to help you get the perfect fit for your horse. 

Besides, a good horse halter allows you to handle your equine efficiently. Additionally, you can read our buying guide to decide which halter to go for, and perhaps you can pick one from our list of best horse halters.