Pony of the Americas: Facts, Color, Size, Temperament

Imagine a peaceful horse running through the fields. The beautiful coat catches your attention and you notice how smoothly the horse walks from a plain surface to a rough patch. Its adaptability and beauty have you in awe. The horse you have in mind is none other than Pony of the Americas. It is a small-sized breed with a height between 11.5 and 14 hands.

There are some really interesting facts about the Pony of the Americas horse breed that we’ll be discussing in this article. So, read on.

Origin of the Pony of Americas

Pony of the Americas is a rather new horse breed. The story of its origin is pretty interesting.

It all started back in 1954 with a lawyer named Les Boomhower who was also a Shetland pony breeder. One of Les’s neighbors offered him an offspring from an Appaloosa mare who had been bred with a Shetland Stallion. Before accepting the mare, Les waited to see the foal born from this unique cross.

One fine day, a beautiful white horse was born to the stallion and was named the Black Hand. The paint-like spots all over this horse’s body were what gave Les the idea of turning this ordeal into something serious. This is how the Pony of the Americas Registry was formed.

The organization aimed to produce riding ponies with the physical structure and strength of the American Quarter horse along with the beauty of Appaloosas. In just a year, the club got 23 registered members and 12 ponies. By 1970, there were over 40,000 registered horses in the club.

As the numbers prove, the organization was quite famous. It specifically bred horses for children to ride and show. Adults were only allowed to show the horse at halter or with a cart. In fact, it hosts equestrian programs for children under 18 every year.

In the beginning, the club only allowed the Pony of the America horses with a height between 44 and 52 inches. Gradually, the height limit was increased to 56 inches. The age limit of children who could show these horses also changed from 16 years to 18 years by 1973.

Color, Size, and Temperament of the Pony of the Americas

Physical attributes and behavior majorly define a horse breed. So, you’ll read all that you need to know about the Pony of the Americas height, size, temperament, and physical appearance, here.

Coat Patterns

The coats and colors of Pony of the Americas are undoubtedly one of the most intriguing physical attributes. Here are some of the most loved patterns found in Pony of the Americas:

  • Snowflake: the spots are spread over the entire coat and are visible from a distance of 40-feet
  • Frost: a snowflake-like patterns but it is restricted to the back half of the horse’s body
  • Leopard: dark spots on a white body spread evenly all over
  • Marbelized roan: a roan patterns on parts of the face, upper legs, and hips


The Pony of the Americas size is refined and defined which gives them a very specific look.

Firstly, the body of Pony of the Americas horse breed is well-defined and muscular. It has a relatively short loin and back.

The head is perfectly sized in proportion with the rest of the body. The head sits high on an arched neck. There is a defined throat latch on the neck. Other than that, the big eyes and medium-sized pointy ears balance out the overall appearance.

As for the forehand, the heels should be wide. The broad knees should taper perfectly into a lean cannon. Other than that, the wide chest and deep shoulders should be proportionate to the legs. To make a good saddle base, the withers should be raised.

Pony of the Americas’ Temperament

When we talk of the temperament of Pony of the Americas, it is well aligned with the rest of their personality.

Now, a Pony of the Americas horse has a very athletic personality. This horse breed is rugged which is why they are easy to train in any discipline. The next defining attribute is their intelligence. Once again, this makes them easy to train and hence, great athletic animals.


Keeping in mind all of this information about Pony of the Americas, you might be wondering what the use of these horses is.

The most popular uses of Pony of the Americas include trail riding, endurance riding, hunting, and ranch work. Other than that, they are used as a child’s mount. These horses are also prominently used in English and Western competitions.

Health Issues in Pony of the Americas

When we talk of Pony of the Americas’ interesting facts, we shouldn’t forget that their genetic patterns are inherited from the Appaloosas. That comes with a price which, in this case, is a risk of the following health conditions.

Pony of the Americas is a horse breed that is highly likely to develop Congenital Stationary Night Blindness (CSNB). This means they are completely blind during the night. The cause of this issue is the LP gene that is common for the Appaloosa-like coat patterns.

This horse breed is also has a higher probability than other horse breeds to get equine recurrent uveitis. The eyes get puffy and watery as a result of an immune response to inflammation of the uveal eye tract.

It is important that if you own this horse, you apply sunblock to its exposed skin. Otherwise, sunburns can lead to pink skin in this breed.

FAQs Related to Pony of the Americas Horse Breed

If the Pony of the Americas fun facts didn’t satisfy you, these FAQs definitely will! Here are all the answers you need.

How big is the Pony of the Americas?

It has an average height of 46 to 56 inches which equals 11.2 to 14 hands. Only the horses in this range are registered in the Pony of the Americas Club.
It isn’t a true pony breed. Instead, the physical characteristics are more like a small-sized Arabian horse. Considering the size and other attributes, these horses are ideal for children.

How long do POA ponies live?

Pony of the Americas can live for up to 25 to 30 years. Since it is a rather healthy breed, most horses can live for 3 decades without much hassle. However, the common health concerns should be taken care of. Keep a close eye on your horse to make sure that any red flags are dealt with as early as possible.

What are Pony of the Americas used for?

POAs are most commonly used for endurance riding, trail riding, hunting, jumping, and dressage. They also serve as a child’s mount. These horses are very muscular and fit which is why they are ideal for a lot of tough jobs.
Moreover, their adaptive nature along with their intelligence makes them easy to train for any discipline. So, you can train and use your Pony of the Americas for whatever task you like.

What does a POA horse look like?

A Pony of the America looks like an Appaloosa with the structure of an American Quarter Horse. The colors and patterns of the coat vary but are pretty distinct and prominent from afar.
Some of the most common patterns you will see on a POA include leopard pattern, blanket, snowcap pattern, snowflake pattern, and many more.

How much weight can a Pony of the Americas hold?

An average POA can carry a man that weighs between 80 and 160 pounds. It all depends on the size and weight of the pony itself. It is best to use the 20% rule which is that a horse can carry 20% of its own weight. So, if the horse weighs 500 pounds, it can carry 100 pounds easily.

Pony of the Americas is a very beginner-friendly breed. It is great for children, easy to train, well-built, and the patterned coats are definitely a sight for the eyes. Although like all other white horses, they do require extra grooming care, it is all worth it in the end.

We wouldn’t hesitate to get one of these amazing horses for ourselves. Their peaceful temperament is a cherry on top of their refined physical characteristics. If you still need some convincing, go and find out more about the breed on their official website!