List of Best Racehorse Names (Male, Female, Funny and More)

Are you inspired by the best racehorses of all time and want to get your own horse on the track? You might as well be looking for a great name to compete. Look no further! We will be talking about the best racehorse names in this article.

A racehorse is usually named when the owner purchases it at a young age. Some of the best racehorse’s names have great meanings behind them but some of the most popular racehorse’s names are just funny. This article will help you know about the top racehorses’ names and their popularity.

How to Name a Racehorse?

Naming a horse right is as important as buying the right horse for racing. There is a huge list of rules that apply to naming your racehorses which makes this task harder yet more exciting. These rules are also the reason why racehorse names are often very unique and interesting.

There are some rules which you must first adhere to. One of these is that no two racing horses can have the same name and you can’t use more than eighteen characters. Then there are region-specific rules like in the US where you need to first explain what the name means before it gets approved.

Another trend that makes the best racehorse names so unique is picking names that are funny and hard to pronounce. Owners usually do this to mess with the commentators and it does indeed sound hilarious when commentators use these names in sentences. A few good examples of these names are All pink and HaHaHa.

What Are Three Rules Regarding Naming a Thoroughbred Horse?

Thoroughbreds are special horses and so is their naming system. For these horses, regardless of their actual date of birth, January 1st is the official birth date. This rule makes defined age groups for race conditions. Their registration with the Jockey Club is required within a year of their birth. They are required to be DNA typed to prove they are Thoroughbreds.

Funny Racehorse Names

There has been a trend of owners picking out names for their horses just because it is hard to pronounce and sounds hilarious. Owners usually do this just to annoy the commentators because saying these names during the race commentary sounds even more fun.

Another major reason why racehorse names are odd and why horse owners come up with weird names is because of the list of strict rules in horse racing. Owners need to be creative to come up with unique names that stick to the memory of a person who hears it even once. Many names get rejected because they are breaking one rule or another so the owners usually select more than one name so that at least one gets accepted.

The Funniest Racehorse Names

Some of the funniest racehorse names are listed below:

  • ARRR: Tom Durkin called his horse “Arrrrr” and this horse participated in a race at Saratoga on Aug. 16, 2008, and won the race.
  • Mywifenosevrything / Thewifedoesntknow: There was a race where one of the racing hires was named “My wife knows everything” and the other was named “The wife doesn’t know,”. The commentary by announcer Larry Collmus was quite interesting. He previously said all he thought was to not mess up.
  • Potoooooooo: This name was a combination of a mistake and humor. The owner asked the person to write “potatoes” and he wrote a pot with eight o’s. The owner kept the name and the horse was registered with it.
  • Clyde Van Dusen: Clyde Van Dusen was the winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1929. He was named after his trainer, Clyde Van Dusen who was a former jockey.
  • All Pink: David Zucker’s horse was named “All Pink”. You might not think that it is funny but when you are listening to the commentary and hear “it’s all pink on the inside”, it gets hilarious.
  • Waikikamukau: The name is pronounced as  “Why kick a moo cow,”. It is an expression in New Zealand culture. It is said when someone wants to give a reference to a very remote place.

Some other weird but funny horse names in history are HaHa, Notacatbutallama, Shakalakaboomboom, Maythehorsebewithu, and First Dude.

Male racehorse names

The name you give to your horse will most probably stay with it for life. So giving it an easy to pronounce yet the memorable name is crucial. The name should fit your horse’s personality. Here is some name inspiration you might get help from while giving a name to your male horse:

  • Jack
  • Buck
  • Cash
  • Star
  • Cowboy
  • Blaze
  • Thunder
  • Cupid
  • Amigo
  • Johnny
  • Cody
  • Hero

You might have heard these names from time to time because they are great names and many people love them. You can always twist them and make them your own.

Female Racehorse Names

Here are some of the best female racehorse names for inspiration:

  • Gypsy
  • Muse
  • Shadow
  • Pokey
  • Patience
  • Firefoot
  • Buttermilk
  • Heart
  • Wiske
  • Meadow
  • River
  • Worth
  • Sunset
  • Tee
  • Aster Lane
  • Pie
  • Cherry
  • Twilight
  • Velvet
  • Rose
  • Kleo
  • Sunset
  • Rarity

Naming a horse is not easy. And naming a female horse gets even trickier. Hopefully, you have found the right name here or at least these famous names have given you some inspiration.

Racehorse Name Generator

Are you confused about what should you name your racehorse? Do you want a name that suits your horse just perfectly? You can get a unique name specially customized for your horse based on its personality or special traits. You can use a fun racehorse name generator like this one and you might be able to find the best name pretty soon.

You can consider a lot of things while naming a horse like a treasured memory or a favorite nickname. These name generators use your given information to help you develop a unique name for your horse. In case you don’t like the first name the name generator makes you can always start again until you find what you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To further clarify any information regarding best horse names, listed below is a series of FAQs to help you:

What are the rules for naming Thoroughbred horses?

You must name your Thoroughbred horse by the February of the second year of its life, or else you’ll have to pay a late fee.
You can not assign initials like C.O.D., I.O.U., etc. Names that end with “filly,” “mare,” “stallion,” or some other horse-related term are also not allowed.
Furthermore, you can not use names having some commercial significance e.g. a tradename.

Who was the most famous horse?

There is a list of horses who touched the peak of fame both nationally and internationally. Some were famous because of their funny names, some because of their owners, and some became famous for how much they achieved on the race track. If you are looking for a single name for “the most famous horse of all times”, the award can be granted probably to Secretariat.
His unrivaled racing career has won him several awards and everlasting fame. He was born on March 30, 1970.
Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 25, then set a record-breaking win at the Belmont Stakes race, winning by 31 lengths. The Secretariat’s records still stand today. During the Kentucky Derby, he finished the race in 1:59 2/5. He has been named Horse of the Year twice. He has also won Eclipse award by unanimous vote, as the horse of the year. A film was made about him called Secretariat.

Can you rename a racehorse?

Different rules apply in different regions of the world about renaming a racehorse. It is easy to change the name of your horse when he is still young and has not yet participated in its first race. So, you can change the name of your horse before you start using it for breeding purposes or took it to its first race.
However, when a horse has already participated in a race you might need to submit forms and fulfill other requirements. Some of the rules for renaming a horse are using both new and old names for up to three races after changing the name. In the UK horses can only be renamed if they have not raced in a point-to-point or on the racetrack.
You need to submit a form for renaming along with the passport and charges of around €400.

What are some cute horse names?

It is always confusing to choose from all the cute names available on the Internet for your new horse. But it is really exciting and fun to find the right name that suits your horse perfectly. Look for names that either reflect the personality of your horse or represent your connection with it. A few unique and cute names for horses include:
– Guacamole
– Carrots
– Boots
– Fluff
– Peach
– Bug
– Bee
– Poodle
– Fuzz
– Butterscotch
– Cupcake
– Choco
– Oliver
– Coconut
– Squish
– Fanny
– Marshmallow
– Cheddar
– Pringles
– Whiskers
– Plush
– Shadow
– Cloudy
– Bear
– Coco
You can select the name according to the different traits of your horse. Like the color or breed.


In the horse racing world, naming a horse right is as important as the horse’s ability to perform on the track. A horse’s name is its representation and usually has a meaning behind it. The name might represent the horse’s genetics or it might be a combination of its parents’ names. Sometimes owners name their horses as a representative of what they mean or bring to their owner while other times they are just funny and hard to pronounce words. You have to keep both international and regional rules of naming horses in mind when you are trying to think of the best name that perfectly fits your stallion.