How Much do Horse Riding Lessons Cost? Price Breakdown

Horseback riding is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe as a fun activity for kids and adults, alike. It is also a fun way to burn calories. You can easily enroll yourself for horse riding lessons to gradually ace at the sport.

Moreover, learning to ride through proper lessons also provides you with an opportunity to learn how to room and tack a horse. One gains knowledge of all the tools used to groom a horse, and about the different concepts of riding.

This begs the question: how much do horse riding lessons cost? Although the price of horse riding lessons is usually high, they are a great way to fine-tune your horse riding skills step by step for any skill level!

How Much Do Horse Riding Lessons Cost?

Horse riding lessons can cost anywhere from $40 to $100  per hour or more depending upon the type of classes (private, group, etc.) and your locality.

You may often wonder, “why are horse riding lessons so expensive?” but once you dive into practicing the sport confidently, this question might not matter anymore.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how much different types of horse riding lessons cost and why.

The Cost of Private Horse Riding Lessons

Taking private horse-riding lessons is the most expensive option due to several reasons.

The first reason being the amount of exclusive time a trainer has to dedicate to the learner. Moreover, one-on-one lessons guarantee complete concentration from the trainer’s end. As a matter of fact, private lessons can hugely improve all aspects of the learner’s riding. It is also possible to adhere to a flexible schedule depending upon the preference and progress of the rider. There are also fewer distractions.

It is obvious that an instructor who is high in demand in terms of his expertise will be more costly, too. Hence, the higher a rider is able to pay the trainer, the easier it is to get a slot with him. On average, a private lesson that lasts for an hour may cost from anywhere between $45-90.

Semi-Private Lessons

Riding lessons can also be taken at a lesser price if two to three learners take them together. The lesson may not feel as exclusive as a private lesson, but it will still be semi-private and offer ample perks. Besides, each of the trainees will be given equal attention and the opportunity to have their horse riding queries answered by the trainer. Students usually join such lessons with friends which makes the experience more fun.

Semi-private lessons cost less than private lessons and usually range between $45-80. Although the cost of semi-private lessons depends entirely upon the trainer and the riding club/academy, they are still costlier than group lessons.

Group Horse Riding Lessons Cost

Taking riding lessons in groups is generally the cheapest avenue and can cost from $30-70 However, being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the worst choice.

A group can consist of five to six students which means the trainer’s attention is bound to be divided in such a situation. Since the lesson is likely to be generalized for everyone, the trainer might not address the needs of each individual like in the case of private and semi-private horse riding lessons.

However, if the riders are grouped according to the level of their abilities, despite the lack of individual attention from the instructor during group lessons can help. Thus, if all riders are almost at the same level of learning, it will help the trainer cater to their needs collectively.

Factors Affecting Pricing

There are several factors that influence the pricing of horseback-riding lessons. The most common ones are mentioned below:


Where a riding facility or riding school is located affects the cost of riding lessons. A lot of times the stable may be situated further off from the city, therefore, the property is likely to be cheaper. In such a situations the lessons will automatically cost less.

However, if the property is located inside or close to the city, the rates are comparatively higher. These property rates tend to affect the cost of riding lessons which is why horse riding lessons are the most expensive in urban areas.


Riding lessons cost less if taken for a lesser duration. It is a smart idea to take lessons for half an hour instead of hour-long lessons. It will mostly reduce the cost by half.

You can also take fewer lessons per week to reduce the cost further. But it is not recommended for total beginners as it will come in way of their learning.


Riding lessons also cost more if the instructor has a better qualification, or his stable is better equipped. The trainer will charge a higher fee for both. Furthermore, instructors with more experience or riding-related medals will charge a heftier fee.

How to Save on Horse Riding Lessons?

You can save on horse riding lessons by joining group lessons instead of private lessons, or by opting for shorter lessons.

Lets talk about cost saving on horse riding lessons in detail.

Join Group Lessons

The best way of cutting the cost on a riding lesson is by taking group lessons. There are both pros and cons for it, though. It is always more fun to learn with others. The trainer also makes sure that everyone gets a chance to take their horse through a pattern. It doesn’t become over whelming for the learners as they take turns with everything.

The only drawback is that the trainer cannot give each rider individual attention.

Opt for Shorter Durations

Find out from the instructor how he would charge if the duration of the lesson was reduced. They can change the slot to thirty, or even forty-five minutes at a cheaper rate.

Ask Around

It is always a good idea to ask around at tack store (aka saddle shop) owners for advice on riding lessons. They usually know about places that may not boast a great brochure but conduct riding lessons at cheaper rates. They interact with stable owners, and others in the riding community so they know a lot of stable owners that might be giving riding lessons. Tack store owners can also help you find cheaper riding schools and offer guidance as per your requirements.

Work in Exchange for Lessons

You can also work in exchange for the lessons. The cost saving, in this case, depends on how much a student is willing to do in return, and how much the trainer is willing waive off. Sometimes fifty percent of the cost can be traded against cleaning the stalls or doing other chores.

Do This if You’re Looking for Horseback Riding Instructors

If you are actively looking for reasonable horseback riding instructors to take lessons from, here are a few suggestions:

Do Online Research

There are two riding styles: The Western style, and the English style. While looking for a riding school or instructor, it is important to ascertain which riding style they teach. The trainee may want to go for one who knows both styles.

Visit the Stable

Simply going over the information online is not enough. Its important to visit the setup to check for poorly maintained equipment and facilities, or animals. It will help you determine whether the place is right for you or not.

Meet the Instructor

Set a meeting with the instructor. See if s/he’s actually qualified, passionate about teaching, is compatible with your temperament/personality, as these things come a long way.

In fact, opt for an introductory lesson before you settle on a package, or joining an ongoing lesson. It will help you get comfortable with his personality and training style.

Take an Introductory Lesson

Be sure of your goals before you set out to find a trainer. If you know what you want to achieve, you can better find someone who can help you meet those goals. The instructor of your choice should be able to meet your requirements, whether you only want to learn basic horseback riding or participate in competitions. This way, when you take the introductory class, you’ll know if the riding lesson will improve your skills the way you want or not.

Opt for Someone Specialized

As an intermediate horseback rider, there is no point in taking regular horse riding lessons if your aim is to learn something more specific about the sport. For instance, you might want to master trail riding or keeping your balance during showjumping. For this purpose, it is best to opt for someone who is specialized in what you want to learn exactly, hence, saving money and time both.

Horse Riding Lessons in Different Cities Around the World

Usually, the price of lessons on horse riding depends on how skilled or experienced the instructor is. The time duration and group size also matters in determining the total cost. Also, if you own a horse, and want instructors to come over to your farm for the lesson, they are likely to charge extra.

To give you an idea of how much you might have to save for learning horseback riding, here is a list of the average price of horse riding lessons in the top 3 popular locations.

Please note that the costs are subject to change and are negotiable if you wish to take up horse riding lessons for the long term or in a group.

Horse Riding Lessons Cost in America

Average =  $85 for private and $65 for group lessons

City Cost of Private Lessons Cost of Group Lessons
Dallas $85 $60
Los Angeles $90 $75
San Francisco $85 $65
Las Vegas $60 $40
New York City $105 $80

Horse Riding Lessons Cost in Australia

Average =  $95 for private and $73 for group lessons

City Cost of Private Lessons Cost of Group Lessons
Brisbane $90 $75
Melbourne $90 $65
Sydney $125 $90
Canberra $90 $60
Perth $95 $75

Horse Riding Lessons Cost in UK

Average =  £45 for private and £30 for group lessons

City Cost of Private Lessons Cost of Group Lessons
Belfast £30 £20
Liverpool £35 £25
Newcastle £40 £25
London £75 £55
Manchester £40 £25

FAQs Related to Horse Riding Lessons

As appealing as they may seem, horse riding lessons are expensive. No wonder, you may have a lot of queries regarding whether or not to take them.

Here are a few answers that might help you arrive to a decision:

Are horse riding lessons worth it?

Horseback riding lessons are absolutely worth the investment if you are fond of the sport. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner rider or a professional one. Regardless, horse riding lessons are bound to polish your skills and boost confidence at the right pace.

How many lessons does it take to learn to ride a horse?

It generally takes a physically fit approximately 10 private horse riding lessons to understand the basics of the sport. However, with one riding each week, it is likely to take you around 2 years to become fully competent in taking care of the horse and riding it safely on your own.

How often should I have horse riding lessons?

To begin with, one lesson a week is a good option. You can consider increasing the number of lessons per week to two or more once you start enjoying the sport.

Why is horse riding so expensive?

Horses are generally expensive to keep. Likewise, horse riding instructors and the equipment they require for the training also costs a good amount. These, including the type of horse being used for the lesson, are the main reasons that makes learning the sport expensive overall.

Is 30 too old to start horse riding?

You can never be too old for horseback riding lessons! Anyone who is determined to master the skill and is in good shape (health-wise), can opt for the training regardless of their age. You just need to be able to get on the horse and willing to invest on horse riding lessons.


Horseback riding is an excellent sport and can also be taken up as a hobby. Although sitting on a horse seems easy (apparently), riding it can be pretty tough. Horse riding lessons not only help to cultivate positive skills in kids, they also keep adults fit.

Riding lessons have always known to be expensive. But there are good reasons (price of the horse, maintenance of a stable, etc.) for keeping the prices high.

However, the importance of this activity cannot be emphasized enough. The cost is takes to learn horseback riding is the price one pays to acquire a valuable skill. Hence, it is totally worth every penny!

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