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10 Best Horse Electrolytes

The beginners may wonder why should they feed their horses an electrolyte, while experts may find it quite intimidating to find the right one for their four-legged friend. Similarly, young or old, all horses need electrolytes to combat the loss of minerals and nutrients due to sweating. Besides, electrolytes are essential for maintaining fluid levels, […]

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5 Best Horse Trailer Tires

Owning a horse trailer invariably means there ought to be the maintenance of its tires. Since horse trailers have a huge responsibility of carrying the noble lineup of your horses, there is much on the wheels of the trailers that need looking after. It is imperative to bolster up or replace the tires as soon

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Paint Horse Cost

Paint Horses are desired by many due to their captivating patterns and easily trainable nature. From beginners to experts, they can be a lovely companion for all levels of riders. Not only that, but their brilliance makes them fit for a number of activities, including sports. Moreover, the cost of a Paint Horse is very

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Why Draft Horses Have Short Tails

If you’ve ever focused on draft horses’ tails, you would have immediately noticed that they have noticeably shorter tails than an average horse.  Now, the question is, do draft horses have naturally short tails or do they go through a medical procedure? Well, the truth is that there are very few breeds of horses with

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