7 Best Winter Horse Riding Boots: Reviews, Buying Gui

Browsing for the best winter horseback riding boots? Chances are that either you live in a cold region, or you are gearing up for horseback riding in the snow. Nonetheless, it sure is a relief that you don’t have to put a halt in your favorite sport regardless of the weather conditions. All you need is the right horse riding gear, including waterproof horse riding boots, and you’re good to gallop across terrains all year round!

This article aims to highlight some of the best winter horse riding boots to help you make your pick conveniently. Besides, you’ll also get to learn about the factors that can impact your choice of winter boots for horse riding.

Quick Picks                                

Has the thought of getting frostbite while horseback riding in cold winter keeping you away from the sport? Fret no more! With the best winter horse riding shoes specifically designed for the season, you can now enjoy additional protection for cold as well as wet climates.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks that can help you make an instant decision based on durability, style, and affordability:

Best Overall: The number one on our list is Dublin Ladies Eskimo Boots II Dark Brown. It is a sturdy, versatile, extremely comfortable, and breathable pair of shoes that are ideal for horse riding purposes.

Best Budget Option: ARIAT Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Western Boot is the most budget-friendly option of all. It has most of those features that are present in other models, but the price is the lowest.

Runner Up: Mark Todd Fleece-Lined Tall Winter Boots fairs well as a runner-up from the list. The style of these boots along with their unique features contribute towards making it one of the best lace-up horse riding boots.

Best Horse Riding Boots For Winter

Cold weather calls for sturdy winter boots that not only protect your feet from extreme weather conditions but also offer great support during horse riding. However, protection and sturdiness shouldn’t be the only features you should look for while purchasing a pair of the best winter shoes for horse riding.

Firstly, your everyday riding shoes need to be waterproof and insulated for extra protection. The second most significant feature is that the shoes should be comfortable because you wouldn’t want your feet to feel sore or miserable in the saddle. Besides, winter boots for horse riding should be breathable with a sturdy toe and small heel.

Keeping all these characteristics in mind, we have created a list of the best winter horseback riding boots to make your shopping spree hassle-free and fruitful.

1. Dublin Ladies Eskimo Boots II Dark Brown

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The top suggestion in our list is Dublin Eskimo Boots II. They have a breathable design and provide comfort all day long, all thanks to their moisture-wicking footbed. Dublin Boots feature a waterproof lining that aids in keeping your ankles and feet dry in the rainy season and muddy puddles. They also feature a fleece lining to provide riders with additional comfort and warmth in winter. Dublin boots are extremely comfortable and lightweight, thus an ideal choice for horse riding.

Furthermore, your feet are bound to stay at ease because of the double cushioning layer, arch support, and nylon foot lining present in the boots. The best part is; you don’t have to buy a new pair of winter boots for horse riding anytime soon because this particular pair will last you a long time. You can adjust their fitting according to the shape of your feet with the help of adjustable top lace.

Apart from being durable, sturdy, comfortable, breathable, and cozy; the Dublin Eskimo Boots are matchless in style and appearance. You can carry them on casual trips or sporty adventures; they are versatile. All in all, the Dublin boots are a great blend of style with comfort, at an affordable price.

2. ARIAT Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Western Boot

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Are you looking for sturdy yet stylish boots that can withstand extreme weather conditions? If yes, then ARIAT Hybrid Rancher Boots are the right choice for you! Talking about their appearance, they have a six-row unique stitch pattern, making them stylish in looks. Besides, the pair features an efficient 4LR footbed technology (4 Layer Rebound) for optimal support, comfort, and stability.

These ARIAT boots are an all-rounder because they are versatile and a perfect fit for every occasion. You can flaunt them casually, on hiking tracks, and even at workplaces; the boots will look equally good everywhere. Moreover, the boots come with a Duratread outsole which makes them slip and oil resistant. Next time if you intend to gift the thermal winter riding boots to your husband or boyfriend, then you should definitely consider ARIAT winter horse riding boots for men.

3. Durango Women’s Waterproof Composite Toe Western Boot

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The next on the list is for the sporty women out there! Durango Waterproof Western Boots can be your best partner for any outdoor venture, including horse riding. They are extremely lightweight and cozy which means you can wear them on long trips all day long.

With a full-grain leather construction, the inside of these boots is set up with a waterproof membrane. This ensures that your feet and legs stay dry and clean. In addition, the pair has a mesh lining to ensure breathability, and a fiberglass shank offers support and stability.

The Durango winter horse riding boots for women are equipped with a rubber outsole (dual-density) for additional safety and easy placement on a rough track. They also feature a removable counter-ventilated footbed that provides an enhanced level of comfort. Not only this, the boots are made of a double-row switch to improve durability. The pair is a must-have for those who want to protect their feet from debris and mud throughout their winter riding experience.

4. Dan Post Boots Men’s Albuquerque

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What is the most prominent feature you would look at while purchasing mountain horse riding boots for winter? Comfort? Water-resistance? Durability? Lightweight? Well, it’s high time to end your search because Dan Post Boots are here to serve you the best in winters. These thermal winter horse riding shoes are designed with all the above-mentioned features and a lot more.

Also, who likes stinky feet? No one on this planet at least. Luckily, these boots can solve this problem by adding breathable orthotic technology. It ensures your feet are breathing properly inside the closed boots while keeping moisture away, all because of their waterproof membrane. Moreover, these shoes are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and washable as well. The lightweight of Dan Post Boots is another plus point along with dual-density slip-resistant outsole. What else you would want?

5. Twisted X Women’s Cowboy Work Boots

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Another great suggestion for stylish women out there! The beauty and style of Twisted X Women’s Cowboy Boots are amazing. They have the ability to look great and stylish on any occasion. Apart from their sophisticated appearance, they are designed with some awesome features as well.

Starting with the safety and protection of the feet, Twisted X boots are waterproof with a rubber outsole that is slip and oil resistant. A moisture-wicking memory foam footbed is there to offer maximum ease to your feet throughout the day. They have 1 ¼” heel but won’t hurt you on uneven track either. You can use them while horse riding too without any problem. They are comfortable, lightweight, and certainly a great pick.

6. Mark Todd Fleece-Lined Tall Winter Boots

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Who doesn’t love full-length boots and that too with added cushioning? Definitely an ideal deal! Mark Todd Tall winter boots are one such pair. As the name suggests, these are fleece-lined riding boots that are tall, with a zipper attached to them. The zip is present at the back along with elastic fastening.

Moreover, they feature a sturdy grip sole made of rubber and a leather upper. Spur rests, elastic panels and leather zip pull are also there for extra flexibility and comfort. When it comes to appearance, these boots come with an embossed signature on the heel area, and the branded pin is also attached on the side. All in all, this is one good-looking pair of boots that can be worn for traveling, parties, and even work during the cold weather!

7. Mountain Horse Snowy River Tall

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One more pair of tall boots on the list! Mountain Horse Tall Boot is a great suggestion for those who are looking for stylish and versatile boots. Doesn’t matter whether you want a pair of shoes to use on the trip to northern areas or wish to buy something for casual winter nights; these boots won’t disappoint you in any case. Just like other shoes on the list, this one is also waterproof, with cushioned lining, and a comfortable fit.

Mountain horse tall boots come with a long zipper on the back that ensures easy entry and added support. They are made of full-grain leather along with fur lining to keep your feet dry and warm in challenging weather. Moreover, the shock-absorbing insole system offers comfort and protection in and out of the saddle. In short, the Mountain Horse tall boots come with a great package and are worth your investment.

How To Choose Winter Horse Riding Boots

Generally, most horse riding boots have a certain level of waterproofing and insulation to survive different riding conditions. However, horseback riding in snow calls for the best winter boots that can keep your feet snug and dry throughout the cold weather and enable you to have better control over your steed.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting the right pair of horse riding shoes for winters.


Riding boots tend to be made of different materials and should therefore be carefully chosen with regards to how you intend to use them. You can easily find winter riding boots in leather, synthetic leather, as well as rubber. You need shoes that offer proper insulation and are also water-resistant. This is vital if you’re going to be wearing them in snow.


Horse riding in winters can be really challenging, especially when your feet lack the right protection from the chilly season. For that, you would need a sturdy pair of boots that can be your partner in the muddy puddles, dust, and debris. Hence it is vital to consider the construction of the winter boots that seem most appealing to you. After all, what’s the use of investing in riding boots that look nice but can’t sustain winter wear and tear, right?


Whether you’re riding your equine buddy in summer or winter, putting on comfortable riding boots is important. For cold weather specifically, you need to lay hands on thermal winter riding shoes that have great soles with good grip. Moreover, a cushioned insole in addition to fleece lining is definite to give your feet an overall cozy feeling. Although these features might seem somewhat extravagant, they are absolutely essential for horseback riding in winter.


Apart from a comfortable fit, your durable horse riding winter boots should also be able to keep your feet safe. That is, the boots must be closed-toed and have a small heel so that your foot doesn’t slide through the stirrup. Moreover, they should not only keep your feet dry and warm but also protect against slippery paths through a rubber outsole.


Your preference for riding boots is also likely to vary with regards to their overall style as well as the riding style you will be engaging in. For instance, equestrian disciplines such as dressage and jumping competitions call for tall boots. Whereas, hybrid boots that have a patterned sole are perfect for switching between stable jobs and pleasure riding in winter. Furthermore, Jodhpur boots aren’t a bad choice either.

In short, there are various styles of horse riding boots with some being more appropriate than others to achieve peak performance goals.


There’s no surprise in the fact that horse riding is an expensive hobby, and hence affordability is perhaps one of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing riding boots. Nevertheless, you need to strike a perfect balance between waterproof horse riding shoes that do not burn a hole in your pocket and those that are low cost but rip off within a year of use. Pick wisely.

FAQs Related to Winter Horse Riding Boots

To find the best winter horse riding shoes for yourself, you first need to understand the basics. Hence, keep scrolling to equip yourself with answers to the most common queries regarding winter horse riding boots.

What do you wear when horseback riding in snow?     

In addition to wearing more layers of warm clothes along with mufflers, gloves, and socks, you must get yourself a good pair of winter horse riding boots with fleece lining. Besides, it is best to wear them over long pants, especially, if you are opting for short riding boots. This will save your legs from painful pinches from the stirrups during horseback riding, as well as from chafing against the horse saddle.
On the contrary, clothing that apparently looks useful but is likely to entangle in the other horse gear should be strictly avoided. This means that you need to kiss your fancy scarves and loose-fitted pretty sweaters goodbye when horseback riding.

Are tall or short riding boots better for winter?

Both tall and short boots are great for horse riding in winter, provided that they are warm enough to serve the purpose. It is totally a matter of personal preference. However, tall boots are usually more sought after as they offer extra protection from chafing in certain equestrian disciplines.

Are riding boots good for snow?

Ariat insulated riding boots or sheepskin-lined riding boots for horse riding are an advisable investment if you are looking forward to riding comfortably in snow. Normal riding boots are good too, but not preferable unless they provide you with sufficient amounts of warmth and waterproofing.

What do you wear for horseback riding in winter?

Horseback riding can be done all year round, provided that you have all the essential gear to do so. Nevertheless, winter riding calls for proper attire, including thermal pants, a fitted waterproof coat, gloves, socks, and one of the best pairs of winter horse riding boots. This will ensure that you have ample protection from the cold.

How do I choose winter horse riding boots?

Besides keeping your budget in mind when scouring the web for warm winter horse riding shoes, it is also imperative to ponder a few other factors like material, comfort, style, durability, and the level of safety the boots promise to provide you with. Shortlist and compare a couple of winter riding boots accordingly before making your final selection. 


Apparently, regular riding boots are good enough for horseback riding during winters. However, if you are planning to trot through colder climates and snow-covered terrains, it is better to try on some best winter horseback riding boots. Such boots are specifically designed to keep your feet snug even in the frostiest weather.

Moreover, a few such options have been mentioned in this guide, along with tips on how you can find a pair that suits your requirement perfectly. Thermal winter riding boots typically have a waterproof exterior with a fleece lining for enhanced warmth and comfort. Thus, they naturally offer more protection through snow and chilly weather.

Nonetheless, cold climates shouldn’t be an excuse to stop you from horseback riding. So weigh your options in terms of the price, material, durability, style preference, and overall comfort of the warmest horse riding boots available. Safe riding!