Best muscle building supplements for horses

Horses are naturally muscular, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be given horse muscle-building supplements. Since you have decided on buying some, you already know that the muscle support supplements for horses are actually essential to help the equine perform its best.

This article highlights the importance of building muscles in horses along with mentioning the best horse feed and exercises to serve the purpose. Moreover, it also contains brief reviews of the top five muscle-building supplements for horses that you can easily get your hands on.

Keep reading to flaunt the strongest steed in the field while other equestrians look up in awe!

Top Muscle Building Supplements For Horses

With so many options prevailing in the market, selecting the right muscle booster may feel daunting at times. However, the product can’t be overlooked as muscle support is vital in determining your equine buddy’s health.

To facilitate you in the best possible manner, we have picked out five great choices of horse muscle supplements. Besides, each of the following suggestions has been put together on the basis of the scrutiny of ingredients, effectiveness, possible side effects, certification, and price.

Product NameBest forWhere to buy
Formula 707 MUSCLEMX Equine Supplement·         Boosts metabolism


·         Improves muscle mass and weight



AniMed MuscleUp Powder·         Suitable for all age groups


·         Provides muscle support through essential ingredients



Manna Pro Cool Omega 40+·         Facilitates excellent performance in the field


·         Develops nervous system

·         Enhanceshorse coat condition

AniMed L-Lysine for Horses·         Increases weight


·         Improves immune system

·         Accelerates muscle healing

The Equine Nutrition Specialists Muscle Builder·         Supports muscle growth in underweight horses

·         Aids in maintaining mental fitness


Best Muscle Building Supplements for Horses

Without further ado, here are the best horse muscle building supplements:

1.   Formula 707 MUSCLEMX Equine Supplement

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MuscleMx Equine Supplement tops the chart when we talk about the best horse muscle-building supplements. It is manufactured in the USA and contains six organic ingredients that are responsible for boosting metabolic reactions in a horse’s body. In addition to this, these ingredients play a strong role in the development and growth of the muscles.

Moreover, gamma oryzanol and lysine are present in MuscleMX, and aid in protein formation for muscle growth. These ingredients also help in weight gain. Furthermore, Creatine is another important component that boosts energy by increasing ATP production.

2.  AniMed MuscleUp Powder

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If you are looking for an all-rounder muscle builder for horses, then AniMed MuscleUp Powder is the right choice. This horse muscle builder is a fast-absorbing formula, which is suitable for horses of all age groups.

Moreover, AniMed MuscleUp aims to enhance muscular function and the overall health of equines. It includes all those essential ingredients – including L-carnitine, CQ10, and taurine, that ensure the right intake of electrolytes, lactic acid levels, and body fluids. Packed with potassium and magnesium; this product is bound to provide all the important nutrients to your racehorse in one go.

3. Manna Pro Cool Omega 40+ 

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Manna Pro Cool is a powerful formula that is beneficial for a horse in many ways. It has high vegetable fat content for weight gain and provides the required calories for a horse to excel in performance.

Nonetheless, this bodybuilder horse supplement is enriched with fiber, protein, Omega 3 & 6 through flaxseed. All these ingredients aim to improve not only overall body health but also the steed’s outer coat condition. Apart from Omega 3, 6 Fatty acids in this supplement also help in developing and improving the nervous system.

4. AniMed L-Lysine for Horses

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Are you worried about your horse not gaining weight? Do you find him comparatively weak among other horses? If yes, then AniMed L-Lysine is a muscle support supplement that you should definitely opt for.

This supplement is great for those horses who don’t consume enough clover, alfalfa, and soy. AniMed L-Lysine works along with other amino acids to increase weight and protein content in the animal’s body. The main aim of this booster is to improve the immune system. It is the most recommended muscle recovery supplement as it helps in recovery, in case of any injury or damage, by accelerating the process of muscle healing.

5. The Equine Nutrition Specialists Muscle Builder

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Just like other products in the list, the Equine Nutrition Muscle Builder also supports muscle growth. This makes it ideal for horses that are underweight. Furthermore, its organic ingredients make this supplement stand out in the crowd, with mild to zero side effects. Moreover, the product is scientifically proven to help in muscular repair and reduce muscle breakdown.

In addition to this, Leucine is also there in its composition which is an important amino acid. The Equine Nutrition Specialist also aids in maintaining the mental fitness of a horse and promoting lean muscle growth.

Horse Feed To Help Build Muscle

Has your horse’s rib cage appeared to be somewhat noticeable lately? Is your beloved equine sporting an undesirable topline? If you are nodding your head as a yes to these questions, then it is high time to be serious about your champ’s overall health and body. How to do it? The answer is simple. Just ensure that it consumes proper food and extra nourishment through horse topline supplements.

Here are a few important nutrients that need to be incorporated into the animal’s feed:

  • Carbohydrates – for improved digestion and overall health
  • Proteins – boosts muscle development
  • Amino Acids – horses should take in at least nine essential amino acids through their diet as these contribute towards basic muscle building.
  • Fat – for weight gain, muscle building, and energy

Although it is imperative for an athletic horse to have the appropriate muscle mass to protect its joints and keep up with the rider’s weight, excessive protein intake is unfavorable.  Doing so is likely to do more harm than good to its digestive system. Besides, according to the National Research Council, an equine’s daily intake of protein should be at least 10.6%.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to evaluate your horse on the body condition score to see where it stands health-wise. Ideally, this should fall between 4 and 6.

Best Muscle Building Exercises For Horses

Remember, you can’t only rely on horse feed and muscle support supplements to boost the animal’s overall energy and performance. Mild exercises should be made a part of their routine as well. However, it is important to ensure that the equine is pain-free, and hence taking a holistic approach is the best.

The key is to start with mild exercises and warm-ups initially and gradually increase the timing and intensity of the workout. If you notice your horse showing any symptoms of pain during the session, stop right away and take it slower.

Here are a few great exercises that can help with building horse muscle.

Lunging With Side Reins

This is one of the best exercises for horses to develop topline. For this, you would need side reins, surcingle, lunge line, snaffle bridle, and lunge whip.

Attach one end of side reins with the surcingle rings and the other end should be connected to the bit. If this exercise is new to your horse, then loosely attach the side reins on a low-level ring. Lunge your horse as you would do normally.

Riding Uphill

Uphill riding is a great exercise to develop the muscles of your horse. For this, you need to ensure that the area is bumpy enough, a local trial would work for you. Moreover, make sure to stand out of the saddle, according to the steepness of the hill.

Regular Riding (With Proper Posture)

In order to maintain and develop muscles and topline, you would require to encourage your horse to make use of his body in a proper way.

Always ensure softness in the bridle, in which you make your horse lift his back, drop his nose and work through the hind.

Consistency Is The Key

Consistency is the key to desired results. Topline development is a time-seeking process. You need to patiently perform the given exercises on a regular basis to see the awaited outcome.

FAQs Related To Horse Muscle Supplements

It’s natural to worry for your steed if it has a less than desirable topline. Distinguishing between the best and less effective horse muscle-building supplements available online is yet another challenge. The following FAQs may help you narrow down your search.

What should I feed my horse to gain muscle?

Protein is the most important nutrient in an equine’s diet that functions as a building block for developing muscle in the animal. Horses can easily obtain this from their regular diet that includes hay, forage, grass as well as bucket feed. Ingredients like Alfalfa are also rich in protein and should be occasionally added to horse feed.

How can I help my horse gain muscle?

To help your horse build adequate muscle and perform at its peak, you cannot rely on its regular diet alone. Instead, you can improve the equine’s metabolic rate by chalking out a mild exercise regime for it. This may include easy stunts like trotting around trees, galloping downhill, walking over small logs, lunging with side reins and carrying extra weight on the saddle, etc. Apart from this, bodybuilder horse supplements can also serve the purpose.

What is the strongest supplement for muscle building?

One of the most effective ways to build muscle on your horse is to feed it muscle support supplements right after a workout. The best ones are made up of important ingredients like Creatine, protein, beta-alanine, HMB, and BCAAs. Besides, AniMed MuscleUp Powder seems to be the strongest for building horse muscle.

What is the best supplement to put weight on horses?

If you want to add weight to your horse, Alfalfa is what you need to add to its diet. With calories and protein levels much higher than that found in grass, horse muscle-building supplements consisting of Alfafa can help build muscle mass along with adding weight to the thinning body of your steed.

How do I build my horse’s topline?

Apart from feeding your horse a balanced diet to help build muscle, there are a few other proven methods that can enhance its topline. These include using top-up feeds such as Pryde’s Rebuild and KER Equi-Jewel that are made mainly of rice bran that provides extra calories and protein.
You also need to ensure that your horse isn’t sporting a sore back or back muscle as this may hinder the process of reviving lost muscle.  Also, design a workout that your steed can follow consistently and gradually strengthen its topline.

Why is my horse losing topline?

Horses usually tend to lose topline after an injury or continuously performing with a sore back. Moreover, topline loss is more common in older equines, regardless of the exercises they do or the feed they intake. Still, they need to be given a decent-quality source of protein to maintain their current condition.

How do you build muscle in a horse’s hind end?

An excellent way to build muscle in the hind end of any horse is to work up the animal, up and down a hill regularly.  This will activate the muscles in all the target areas naturally. Moreover, following the regime consistently will also lead to better muscle retention and improved stamina.


Horses are not less than any athlete! Their body requires as many important nutrients as any other living being. It is a fact that horses can live on water and grass alone, but this diet is not enough for these muscular animals. Regardless of the horse’s age, you need to make sure that you keep it strong and fit rather than spending huge amounts of money on its deteriorating health.

A racehorse specifically needs strong muscles and some extra nourishment. This is when muscle-building supplements for horses comes into play. Moreover, ensuring a nutritious diet and including mild muscle-building exercises in the equine’s daily routine is a plus factor to maintain its overall body structure, weight, and health.

Although this article highlights five of the best horse pills for muscle gain, our top favorite is the Formula 707 MUSCLEMX Equine Supplement. Not only does this body-building supplement for horses improve body mass and weight, but it contains six organic ingredients that boost the horse’s metabolism too.

Nonetheless, it is best to consult a vet before introducing a muscle builder for horses or altering their diet in any way.