5 Best Magnetic Therapy Boots for Horses: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

The equestrians employ magnetic therapy techniques to relieve the horses of their exhausted hooves and debilitating lower legs. Not just this, magnetic therapy has also proven successful in enhancing the performance of the horse while running. If your horse has any sort of skeletal deficiency or if it suffers from hoof conditions, then surely magnetic boot therapy will do the trick.

Magnetic boots can completely change the lifestyle of your horse. In the following section, we shall discover some of the best magnetic therapy boots that fulfill the purpose.

Quick Picks

The products listed in this section will help you make quick selection of the best magnetic therapy boots for your horses.

Best Overall: The Veredus Magnetic Evo Stable Boots, due to their exquisite look and elegance, are the most popular and expensive ones. I mean just take a look at the way these boots fit and enhance the look on the horse. These boots are rightly high-rated, and rightly so. Manufactured out of nylon with soft cotton lining, the boots give the horse a feeling of comfort as well as a sleek look. Treatment and style combined.

Best Budget Option: Looking at the budget side, the Tough 1 Magnetic Tendon Boots are a top selection if you are opting for both, therapy and comfort. If your horse has tendon conditions or collagen defects, these boots provide good treatment and prognosis.

Best Horse Magnetic Therapy Boots

Below we present you the 5 best magnetic therapy boots for your ease of shopping.

1. Veredus Magnetic Evo Stable Boots

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With 2400G power of magnetic conduction and breathable HCl foam fabric, the Veredus magnetic Evo boots feature added comfort along with therapy. These boots in particular have an ideal fit for all horse types and come in pairs. They keep the horse legs warm and facilitate even circulation of blood. Due to super soft texture and a good prognosis rate, these magnetic boots are a must if you’re aiming for sustained recovery.


  • Rebuilds collagen and elastin fibers of the damaged/debilitating tissue
  • Provides warmth and breathable environment both at the same time for the legs
  • Can be worn for a maximum of 24 to 48 hours


  • The size and fit may not match ideally with that of your horse
  • Prolonged recovery rate

2. Tough 1 Magnetic Tendon Boots

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These are tendon boots, specially designed to alleviate tendon soreness and inflammation. Though 1 Tendon boots help in treating splints, bowed tendons, suspensory ligament injuries, and lower leg abnormalities. Another fact worth mentioning about these tendon boots is that they allow increased blood flow to the site of inflammation which causes the abnormality to subside quickly.


  • Reduces the risk of injury as these boots are more compatible for workout
  • The size and fit is adjustable depending on the size of the horse
  • Ideal for reducing inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis and splints


  • Frequently putting on and removing the boots becomes hectic
  • The boots come in pairs
  • Less suitable for regular trail riding

3. LeMieux Conductive Magnetic Boots

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These are powerful magnetic cover boots possessing an interwoven steel fiber network laced with 18 powerful 2600G magnets. The steel fibers provide an even distribution of magnetic field lines which penetrate through the leg equally from all directions. This explains the conductive nature of these magnetic boots. All this engineering is designed to provide quick recovery of the lower limb anomalies.


  • Regeneration of lost collagen tissue within bone or tendon
  • Specially designed to heal traumatic effects of hard or extreme exercise


  • Maximum 4 hours daily usage is possible

4. Bioflow Magnetic Therapy Horse Boots

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The UK-made Bio flow magnetic therapy boots employ dual reverse pole magnets with neoprene-lined fabric. Particularly important is the fact that these boots are designed to help in healing joint abnormalities such as arthritis and synovitis. The additional pads offer maximum protection and safety. This guarantees your horse added stability and therapy.


  • The boots are equipped with neoprene type of breathable fabric
  • Boots are installed with extra hooks to provide added security


  • Not recommended for constant use and require proper cleaning and dust removing

5. Equilibrium Standard Magnetic Chap Boots

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Last on the list we have the Equilibrium standard magnetic chap boots which confer mobility and alleviate tendon problems. These come with 4 movable magnets. Thus, according to the site of inflammation, it is possible to adjust the whole boot apparatus. Ideal for ridden horses, veterans, and on box rest/standing in for long periods of time.


  • Come with hot and cold packs both
  • Can be used as an alternative to bandages (minus the magnetic apparatus)


  • Magnetic pack cannot be applied directly on open wounds soon after injury or inflammation

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Horse Therapy Boots?

Magnetic boots work wonders in restoring the health of the horse or may further enhance its performance. However, it is important that you know what you’re looking for in magnetic boots to suit your horse.

Fit and Size

A good fit can increase the recovery rate by many folds and a bad fit may actually worsen the condition of your horse. It is therefore imperative to select the perfect size of magnetic boots.

Heat Exchange and Breathability

Massive magnetic boots tend to bear on the legs of the horse and cause excessive heat loss from its legs. This also may lead to additional inflammation and discomfort for your horse. Only if your horse demands extensive therapy, should you opt for high-strength magnetic boots. Benign conditions demand lighter magnetic boots for faster recovery.

As far as breathability is concerned, magnetic boots made of nylon, neoprene, or HCl foam polymer tend to reduce congestion at the site of inflammation where the boots are attached. This feature ensures good recovery and reduces horse movements due to less agitation.

Quality and Durability

The boots are only as good as their quality allows them to be. Substandard magnetic boots, made of cheaper material and low-grade fabric won’t last long, no matter how good they look. Always select boots made of the finest quality fabric, preferably of nylon, and the magnets are functional. You don’t have to compromise your horses’ health over cheap magnetic boots.

FAQs Regarding Best Magnetic Therapy Boots for Horses

This short FAQ section will help clear quickly, some of the common doubts and dilemmas regarding the best magnetic therapy boots for horses.

What are magnetic boots for horses?

Ailing conditions of a horse which particularly affect its limbs tissue and collagenopathies are a true pain. Thanks to the discovery of magnetic boots, such conditions are treatable and give very fine results through magnetic therapy. These boots are specifically designed, by virtue of their magnetic conductivity to pass their waves into the inflamed part of the tissue. By doing this, there is also an increased flow to the site, and the spread of infection (if any) is lowered. All these phenomena add to the stability and overall recovery of the horse, thus improving its stepping trot and gait.

Do magnetic boots work on horses?

Magnetic boots have caused a revolution in the equine industry. These boots provide minimal invasive therapy for the ailing horse conditions such as joint abnormalities, tendon conditions, bone pain, inflammation of lower legs, and bowed legs. Magnetic boots, as their name suggests, contain magnets that attach to the outer aspect of the hooves. The magnetic conductivity provides optimum heat and approximation to the site of inflammation which results in quick healing of the wound or chronic condition.

How do horses use magnetic boots?

The ideal way to use magnetic boots on horses is to apply 30 minutes before taking your horse for a workout to warm up. However, take them off during the workout and once the workout is complete, put them back on for 30 minutes until the horse cools down. Certain magnetic boots can be used during riding while others can be used only while working out, based on results you’re seeking, be it recovery or improved performance.

Are magnetic boots good for splints?

Magnetic therapy is ideal in splints recovery of the ailing horse. Once the horse develops inflammation and is given analgesics, magnetic boots come into play. Depending on the exact site of splint and severity, hot or cold magnetic boot therapy is advised, under the directives of the vet. The splints can rapidly deteriorate the bone and tendons and therefore, you have to act fast.

Do magnetic boots help windgalls?

Swellings including windgalls that mainly result from inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis, Tendonitis, and Synovitis, are alleviated following proper magnetic boot therapy. Reduced strength magnetic boots with even conductivity can be used for as long as 24 hours and this greatly enhances recovery.

Can you ride in magnetic boots?

As regards riding in magnetic boots, there are several classes of magnetic boots which offer the window. However, if the magnetic boots are employed for the purpose of recovery from chronic conditions, it is advised against riding while wearing the magnetic boots. On the other hand, performance-enhancing boots can be worn pre and post-workout only, while others can be worn during trail riding.

Can you put magnetic boots on wet legs?

Magnetic boots are recommended to be used after towel drying the horse legs. It is however advised to wash the legs before putting the boots on. The boots are usually made of washable polymer and thus are water-resistant. It is quite possible the legs, subject to inflammation, get worse if not dried before putting on the magnetic boots.

Boots and Magnets…

So far we have acknowledged the minimally invasive therapy treatment of horses courtesy of magnetic boots. With the help of these boots, it becomes easy to deal with conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and tissue damage. They give your horse a new life.

Make sure you have the best of these boots to ensure maximum horse performance and quick recovery from limb ailments.