7 Best Horse Saddle Bags: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

You’re out trailing on your horse and it has been quite a while on the horseback, you wonder to yourself ‘I wish I had something for my water can among other stuff to put in’. But all you have is just your pockets which offer very little accommodation. Alleviating you from this very frustrating trouble, horse saddle bags come to the rescue!

In this article, we discover some top-tier and high-end saddle bags for horses, well suited according to the way you like.

Quick Picks

Best Overall: A wide range of saddle bags is available on the web but this one surely tops them all. Talk about versatility, multi-carrying capacity, lightweight, and (wait for it) super-rich look – this saddle bag has it all. The Weaver Leather Chap may sound expensive but is certainly worth the penny.

Best Budget Option: If you wanna go coin-friendly and also enjoy the perks of a fine saddle bag, then Tough 1 Nylon Gear Carrier Saddle bag should fulfill your urge. Apart from being pocket-friendly, this saddle bag provides unparalleled comfort and ease of access. Combine this with the tough build that makes it everlasting and reliable.

Best Horse Saddle Bags

Now it’s time for the sweet list. Providing just two options for saddle bag seems kinda boring, and apart from that, we have a lot of choosy customers. So to make things easier, smoother, and eye-friendly, we dash out some seven of the most trending high-end saddle bags you’d wish to buy;

1. TrailMax Original Pommel Pocket Saddle bag

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We begin with this slightly tinier version of the usual saddle bags, which is exquisitely featherweight and less exhausting for your horse to carry. All in all, don’t let the small size compel you to think it may compromise storage. This pocket saddle bag can bear in itself a lot of commodities including water cans, first-aid kits, and phones, etc. Another interesting add-on is that the saddle bag can be mounted right in front of the pommel of your saddle, thus giving you an ease of access. Apart from that, it is composed of washable polymer so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the dirt it catches on the trail.

Tough buildYes
WashableDelicate Wash
Multiple color optionsAvailable in black, brown, and grey

2. Weaver Leather Trail Gear Saddle bag

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Looks like we’re gonna have a lot of Weavers (no pun intended). This is one of the most premium saddle bags you can find. The best feature about this saddle bag is that it can accommodate a lot of items as it has multiple compartments within it. Besides, the saddle bag is made of rich 600D polyester which is not only weather-resistant on the exterior, but also provides an optimum environment for food and drinks kept inside. Its mounting pillars are made of nickel which gives a luxurious overall look as well. If you are a bit picky about the color of the item you purchase, this may sound a bit off to you; the Weaver leather trail gear saddle bag does not come with multiple colors. Add another con to this saddle bag, having a heavy-duty storage compromises its portability and quick accessibility.

WashableDelicate wash
Heavy-duty storageYes
Multiple colorsNot available in multi colors
Adjustable strapsYes

3. Starkenburg Company Horse Saddle bag

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Next, we have an exquisitely stylish and exotic-looking saddle bag that gives a high-blending texture to the saddle itself. The Starkenburg saddle bag is easy-access, waterproof, and magnetic. It is comparatively smaller in size, however, capable of accommodating cell phones and small casings. The smaller size also means added comfort and less bearing on the horse, which means it is less bouncy. On the contrary to the former saddle bag discussed, this saddle bag is not as heavy-duty yet it offers portability and accessibility instead.

WashableNot washable
Heavy-dutyCannot be used as heavy-duty
Multiple colorsAvailable
High quality100% reliable quality
Comfort and ease of accessYes

4. Cashel Quality Deluxe Medium Horse Saddle

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The Texan-made heavy-duty pommel double-strap saddle bag features an outer cell phone pocket, a removable insulated padded compartment, and a pocket-hold for water bottles. This saddle bag is the best buy for long horse trail journeys and marathons. The saddle bag apart from offering multiple storage zones also gives a fine look to the spectator’s eye. If you are a high-end trail marathon rider, this saddle bag is your best friend. Don’t forget to equip your horse with a suitable saddle to have this saddle bag attached with. With bigger things come bigger responsibilities.

Weather resistant100%
WashableDelicate wash
Portable/light weightNot portable
Heavy duty storageYes
Multiple colorsAvailable in multi colors
Adjustable straps100% adjustable straps

5. Tough-1 Soft LTH T1 Saddle bag

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Just like its name suggests, Tough 1 is a tough saddle bag made exquisitely of leather. Also, it is a soft, easy to carry, and multi-pocket saddle bag providing you with first access to necessities on your daily horsing tours. This might not be a delicious-looking bag but it surely is one of the most multi-purpose saddle bags on the list. Of course, it can’t carry a whole refrigerator in it but it can carry water bottles and other drinkables while also keeping them cold at the same time. Apart from an insulated inner, the saddle bag also comes with many pockets for your cell phone, camera, and even your GPS device. Looking at the less bright side, the saddle bag due to its leather composition is not washable and for the same reason, does not come with additional colors.

WashableCannot be washed
Heavy duty storageYes
Insulated interior100%
Multiple colorsOnly in Dark Brown
PortableNot portable
Comfort and ease of accessYes
Durable build100% Durable

6. Tough-1 Canvas Saddle bag

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This is a handy canvas saddle bag, due to its lightweight, easy access to items, and reliability has made its way to the top horse saddle bags list. It is made of nylon which means it can not only insulate the inside but is also washable and weather-resistant. The saddle bag comes with a dual mount side strap containing pockets on each side. The size of the pockets is such that they can hold a book or a manuscript. If you’re a nerd and an equestrian, this saddle bag can be of good use to you. This bag, however, is not as portable as the others.

Large storageModerate to large storage
Comfort and ease of accessYes
Washable and weather resistantDelicate wash, resistant to different weathers
Multiple colorsYes
PortableNot portable
Suitable for nerds100% nerds friendly

7. TrailMax English Pommel Horse Saddle bags

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For professional trail riders, this pommel horse saddle bag is a great option as it comes with 6 zipper compartments and 2 water bottle holders. Made of both polyester and nylon double-stitched, the TrailMax pommel horse saddle bag is a sure guarantee of durable build and reliability. You might go on a war with this saddle bag and it may never need replenishing. However, with all these perks comes a compromising factor; the accessibility is reduced and portability is almost none. Still, this saddle bag can be your lifesaver.

Heavy duty storageYes
Washable/weather resistant100%
Portable/ease of accessNot much portable
LightweightHeavy-duty means it is not lightweight
Can store full medical kitsMore than just medical kits

Choosing the Best Horse Saddle bags

Strictly speaking, this section is going to lessen your hectic pursuit of finding the perfect saddle bag. Just don’t bother about keeping a whole bunch of things in mind; there are only a few and simple ones.

Quality of the Saddle bag

The most urgent prerequisite of buying a product is to assess its build quality. The higher the quality, the more likely it’s going to last long, and give you the feel of premium use.

How can we know if the saddle bag is of a good quality? Well, looks are deceiving as you should thoroughly assess all its pigeonholes. A simple trick is to repeatedly zip and unzip (or strap and unstrap). If there is a jerk in doing so, the saddle bag is of mediocre quality.

Apart from that, the saddle bag, if made of leather, must not be preferred over polyester/nylon made. One reason for this is that leather tends to deteriorate faster while the polymer is entitled to last longer. In addition, you may opt for saddle bags from branded outlets such as the TrailMax, Tough-1, and Beaver. A slightly higher price certainly guarantees better craftsmanship.

Types of Saddle bags

Before we dive into a handful of types of saddle bags, there is a need to vivid-ify some aspects. You must know the reason why you are buying a saddle bag and what type would suit you the best.

Pommel Saddle bag

Pommel saddle bags, as the name suggests, are mounted on the pommel of the saddle. This gives relatively easier access to reach out to the saddle bag while maintaining your gaze right ahead. Apart from that, the pommel saddle bag bears down on the front legs of the horse and adds to the center of gravity.

Pocket Saddle bag

This variety of saddle bag also offers ease of access and can be mounted both on the pommel and the side pocket of the primary saddle bag. Yep, that’s right this is a saddle bag for a saddle bag. People opting for additional storage can latch on a few extra pocket saddle bags to the main saddle bag and worry not about the horsing venture.

Gear and Canvas Saddle bag

These are the full-size big boys which offer adequate space and not just space, but also specific compartments for particular items such as electronic devices, hydration bottles, health kits, and even auxiliary clothing sets. Furthermore, canvas saddle bags are designed to provide added comfort plus accommodation for your stuff.

Weather Resistance

The trail you’re going to have with your horse depends on the route, climate, and duration. Of these three factors, the climate factor is the most impactful and needs to be assessed. During rain, for example, you would not want your saddle bag and its contents to get wet while you’re riding. To save you from this misery, saddle bags come with weather-resistant polymers and are not just water-resistant, but also heat-resistant and shockproof. Leather saddle bags would be a bad choice on a rainy day.


What use is a saddle bag if it doesn’t guarantee the security of items contained in it? You should have a proper go-through the security protocols and safety features of the saddle bag. This also means that the saddle bag you’re looking for shouldn’t have malfunctioning zips and straps. In addition, you may purchase mini locks for the side pockets to avoid misadventure or theft.

Storage Volume

One of the most important factors that most trail riding enthusiasts take into account when looking for a saddle bag is the volume of space it provides. Depending on the type of journey and transit duration, make sure you have enough provisions that can last. This would mean that longer trips would require heftier storage and consequently a larger saddle bag should be preferred.

Fit and Size

Last but importantly, the saddle bag you choose for your horse should be a good fit relative to the size of the saddle mount. Riding a large-sized horse would require a proportionately large saddle which would require you to buy a heavier saddle bag to maintain equal distribution of weight and center of gravity.

FAQs Related to Best Horse Saddle bags

What should I put in my horse saddle bag?

Out on a trail, even if you’re a regular trail rider or a beginner, there may arise misadventures during the trip no matter the length of transit. Being cunning beforehand and keeping the right stuff in your saddle bag may even save your life. Below are some items that are a must have in your saddle bag;
– Fully charged cell phone and a functional power bank
– GPS device
– Water bottles and other liquids depending on whether it is hot or cold season
– Medicines, in case you are allergic or prescribed by a physician
– Working watch
– A flashlight
– Bug spray
– Pocket knife
– Toilet paper or wipes
– Rain gear including umbrella
– Food, which can include snacks, protein bars, etc.

What is a horse saddle bag?

A horse saddle bag, like any saddle bag, is a complementary baggage option that can be mounted with the saddle. The horse saddle bag can be mounted in the back, on the sides, and on the front. Different varieties of saddle bags attach on different sides. The portable or mini saddle bags can be mounted on the front pommel while the usual medium and heavy or gear saddle bags have side and rear mount capacities.

Which is the best horse saddle bag?

To give a single best horse saddle bag would be quite an understatement because different saddle bags are well suited for different occurrences. If you are a beginner horse rider and your trail journey is not hectic, then Weaver Leather Chap Leather Saddle bag is suitable. However, for professional trail riders and regular equestrians, TrailMax English Pommel Horse Saddle bag would best suit.

How many saddle bags can you put on a horse?

Depending on the volume of your horse and where you attach your saddle bag, a horse can at maximum accommodate only 2 saddle bags. Having said this, 2 saddle bags can be mounted only if they are attached on the sides to the saddle. Only one saddle bag can be attached on the rear or front pommel.

How much can saddle bags carry?

A saddle bag is actually quite small however it is made of tough knitting and this toughness adds to the weight of the saddle bag. A regular-sized saddle bag has a curb weight of about 15 lbs. Further adding commodities into the saddle bag would add to the 15 lbs. and most usually, the maximum a saddle bag can bear is almost the same or twice its own weight. Thus, a rough figure of 40 to 50 lbs. can be carried by saddle bags.

 The Best Saddle bags…

To make your trailing adventure simpler and less troublesome, saddle bags come in really handy.

For an equestrian, the best saddle bag is only as good as the perks it can offer. Some of the top-notch and user recommended saddle bags of the finest quality have been elaborated. In addition, what makes a saddle bag good or average is its build quality, spaciousness, durability and accessibility.